Growing up as a child, I soon grew fond of shoes. Collecting sneakers soon became an obsession. I used to surf online, looking for the most comfortable sneakers.

I remember walking around stores, looking for the newest launches and searching them online for retail prices.

Recently I’ve been looking at the most comfortable sneakers in 2020.

Introduction – Most Comfortable Sneakers.

Earlier it was all about the looks and style of the shoes. However, these days with recent technology there are sneakers launching that not only provide looks but comfort as well.

With new foam and cushion technology, there are many sneakers that are super comfortable.

I have compiled a list of the top 5 most comfortable sneakers. I have tried some of these sneakers and the comfort they provide is stunning.

There are many contenders for the list. If I had to include all of them, the list would be never-ending.

The sneakers which I have not tried but listed are the ones my friends have worn and used. Based on their feedback as well I have compiled this list. I have also applied their Amazon links where you can go and check them out.

So let’s begin with the top 5 most comfortable sneakers.

Nike Pegasus Turbo 2. (Most Comfortable Sneakers)

Most Comfortable Sneakers

This is the updated version of Nike Pegasus. When these sneakers were launched, I wasn’t really fond of the looks of it. Granted the fact that I prefer streetwear shoes more while these shoes were known for its performance.

It was when I tried these sneakers I understood the hype and talk for the sneaker. It doesn’t look that impressive, to be honest, but the comfort it provides is impeccable.

These shoes are really soft for your heels. The fit is a bit tight around the midsole and comfortable at the toe area.

These shoes are ideal for running jogging or outdoor activities They do have a good bouncy feel to them thus making it ideal to walk with.

Adidas Ultra Boost 19

Most Comfortable Sneakers

 Adidas has always been famous for their sneakers. My initial judgement was “these are dad shoes, I am not going to wear them.”

I still remember it was my friend who asked me to try them once before I spread hate for the shoes just by their looks.

It was then I decided to try these pairs and I must say my thoughts on the shoes have changed ever since.

In the start, you may find the shoes tight. They will loosen up after wearing them multiple times. These shoes are perfect for jogging, running and outdoor activities.

Ever since I got these pairs, I’ve been using these pairs in the gym. 

These shoes are more performance-oriented compared to the initial pairs of ultra boost which turned out to be a lifestyle type of sneaker.

Although the look of the shoe is not favourable. When it comes to comfort and performance in the gym or running, these sneakers truly match up to every level.

Nike Epic React 1. (Most Comfortable Sneakers)

I need to make a confession here. I am biased towards this shoe and I have valid reasons to be as well. Ever since I’ve purchased these shoes I have been wearing them everywhere.

They provide comfort and have a street sneaker look to them as well.

If you are looking for a sneaker which can be used for multiple purposes, this will be a good fit for you.

I have included the version 1 of the Epic React since I haven’t found much difference between the two.

These sneakers provide a good soft cushy layer at the heels. The fit is not that tight. The tongue of the shoe is attached which makes it easier to slip into. These shoes take the shape of your feet well.

The more you wear them the better the fits get.

Although this is a comfortable sneaker, I prefer using these sneakers as lifestyle sneakers than for running and jogging because the traction of these shoes isn’t that good, to be honest.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

New Balance is known for their performance shoes. They are highly underestimated but the quality they provide is a total bang for your buck.

They provide a good casual look to it. Apart from the looks that the shoe comes with, they have a softer feel to them. This shoe is a bit stiff which makes the shoe more stable for running.

If you are a running or jogging freak then you can possibly avoid these. However, for the price they come for, we really can’t say much. The shoes are comfortable and stretchy.

If you are an elite jogger, then you may not like these shoes in terms of functionality.

It provides decent traction while running.

Now keep in mind these shoes are good for the average person who has a moderate amount of physical activities.

They are worth the price and are comfortable sneakers. However, if you have high-performance activities or if you’re an athlete then there are better options although the price would be more.

Nike React Element 87

These shoes come with a translucent mesh which enables you to change the colour by wearing different socks. Granted that these were highly-priced hence, Nike did launch the React element 55 which is a budget pair.

However, the 55 versions are not transparent and your feet can get really hot. These sneakers really grab attention due to their look. It comes with a polarizing look.

If you plan to purchase these shoes it is advisable to buy the right fit and this shoe attracts creases quickly.

The insole of the shoe is perforated for performance and durability.

Although the shoe is comfortable they do look more of a lifestyle sneaker. These sneakers go well with casual and streetwear clothes.

These can be expensive however you can look for retail. Alternatively, you can go for the React 55s.

Conclusion – Most Comfortable Sneakers.

So these were the 5 most comfortable sneakers. A point to note here is that there were many options out of which I had to choose these shoes.

If you have a different pair in your mind when you think of most comfortable sneakers, let me know in the comments.

Let me know your favourite sneakers or the ones you own in the comments as well. To view some of our latest content, click here.