Going to the office every day can be boring at times but that doesn’t need to be the case with shoes.  With the different types of shoes that are available, every day could be interesting. These are the best business casual shoes for men that will garner you, admirers, for your shoes.


There’s a saying, you don’t dress for the job you have but for the job you want. Knowing this, it’s essential that you start with the basic things. 

Shoes, yes that’s right.

Before we begin with shirts and trousers, shoes need to be handled first. Luckily there are many options and styles available unlike the typical black shoes that the average Joe at your office wears.

In this post you will know the 7 best business causal shoes you can add to your closet which will help you look stunning for any formal or semi-formal attire. Even if your office has a casual wear theme going on, you might change your mind after reading this post.

Although, wearing casual shoes can be fun and stylish. However, if you wear beat down sneakers to office, people will never take you seriously.

These formal and semi-formal shoes indicate business. When you walk in wearing them, people will know that you are someone to be taken seriously. Apart from that it is vital to wear the shoe according to the event.

Let’s begin with the 7 best business casual shoes for men, you should consider having in your closet.

Oxford Shoes

Business Casual Shoes

1st on the list for best business casual shoes are Oxfords. Oxford shoes are the shoes you typically wear with suits. They are extremely formal.

However, they can be worn on as casuals as well.

If you want to wear these as casual shoes, it is advisable you go for a more dull look of oxford shoes. 

The key difference between oxfords and other formal shoes is oxford shoes have a closed lacing system. This gives a formal appearance.

Generally, oxford shoes have a bright shine and they are the perfect pairs for suits.

Oxford shoes go well with chinos as well apart from the formal trousers. They can be worn on any formal attire. The go-to colours are black, coffee brown and tan brown.

Chelsea Boots

Best Business Casual Shoes for men

These shoes were initially worn by soldiers during the war. The style and durability it offered thus made it a hot selling pair.

These shoes offer flexibility. They can be worn on formal as well as casual wear. From office meetings to evening dates these can be your regular pairs.

They cover your feet up to the ankle thus protecting your feet from dust and mud if you travel often.

These shoes can be used more roughly than oxford shoes.  Hot selling colours in these shoes are coffee brown, tan brown and grey.

The key to wearing this is getting the fit of the trousers right. While wearing Chelsea boots it is advisable to wear slim fit trousers as baggy trousers will ruin the look of it.

These shoes provide an aesthetic sharp refined look.

A small tip while buying shoes is to buy an exact fit as these shoes attract creases if the shoes are loose.

Chelsea boots come in some amazing suede boots. Make sure you give them a look before purchasing one.

Brogues (Best Business Casual Shoes For Men)

Best Business Casual Shoes for men

The word brogue was anciently known as walking shoes. Brogues were not necessarily considered formal. The holes in the shoe were designed so that water could pass out in case a person was walking in a wet terrain.

If you have an event or office party and want to stand out from the crown, then this is the shoe for you.

The detailing and class that these shoes offer are unmatched.

The go-to colours here would be tan brown. They go well with a navy blue or a black suit. While wearing shoes try to get a similar colour belt. This will complete the outfit.

Although these shoes have a formal look they can be worn as semi-formal and casual wear as well.

As a general rule of thumb, these shoes are casual formal wear due to the design that they come with. Although if you prefer to wear them on suits and formal wear, you should look for the brogues with less detailing.

These shoes are perfect for events such as weddings, parties and celebrations due to the fancy designs it offers.

However, you can still pull them off for casual business meetings.

Loafers (Best Business Casual Shoes)

best business casual shoes for men

Loafers have recently changed the way people dress formally.

Due to the look and style it offers, they basically have become the staple to stylish business casual shoes. They provide a better fit and are comfortable to wear.

The trick to getting it right with loafers is to make sure your shirt is tucked in. Apart from that, try wearing a belt of a similar colour.

Loafers look good only when worn in a particular way. The fit of the trouser needs to be right. The trouser should be somewhere around the ankle enabling some leg space between the trouser and the loafer.

best business casual shoes for men

Once you get this right you are ready to rock the streets with these loafers. 

While wearing loafer it is advisable to go with no show socks. These socks are hugely worn on sneakers.

They are not visible once you wear these loafers thus achieving the perfect look. Loafers can be worn on jeans trousers and chinos.

Loafers look remarkable with suits. However, its best to wear loafers with suits when the event is semi-formal since loafers add a semi-formal vibe. If it’s a formal event avoid wearing them unless you don’t have formal shoes.

They are available in leather and suede material. 

Derby Shoes (Business Casual Shoes)

If you don’t want to wear the oxford and still want a formal shoe, then this is the shoe for you. While oxfords are extremely formal and loafers are a bit casual, this shoe is the perfect blend between formal and casual.

These shoes are available in suede material as well.

With the different trendy colours available here, you can experiment and see which colours and type of derby suit you best.

These shoes are essentials which every man should own. If you don’t have these, you should consider adding them to your closet.

While buying these shoes look for comfort and fit.

While buying leather shoes it is advisable to buy shoes that fit you well. In case the size is big it leads creases which eventually damages the shoe faster.

Sneakers (Best Business Casual Shoes)

I know this sounds absurd but yes there are certain sneakers that are worn as formal attire. I know addressing sneakers as business casual shoes sound weird.

However, these days sneakers especially white are largely worn with suits.

Wearing sneakers on semi-formal attire can be tricky. Hence, it is advisable to wear them only when you are sure of what you are doing.

Sneakers which can be worn on formal or business attires are usually minimalistic sneakers which have less or no designs. They usually come in plain colours.

The way to get this right is by wearing trousers that fit you properly. While wearing sneakers it is vital to get the right type of trousers and ensure they fit properly as well.

A small mistake while wearing sneakers on formal attire can hijack the entire look.

Double Monk Strap Shoes

The monk strap shoes were initially worn by monks in Europe. Although they wore it for work purposes, these shoes soon became famous because of the comfort they provided.

Apart from that, these shoes didn’t have laces which reduced the hassle of tieing and untying them from time to time.

These shoes portray elegance. The design and appearance that comes with it is off the charts. This is one business casual shoe which majority of the people don’t wear.

Simply wearing these shoes sets you apart from the rest.

These shoes portray a rich feel of class and royalty. They can be worn on casual and formal wear. The shoes have 2 straps which you can adjust.

In case you are not a big fan of the double straps, you can opt for the single monk strap as well. The single strap shoes can be worn for meetings and formal events.

The double strap monk shoes can be worn for parties thus allowing you to make a statement.

Final Thoughts

These were the 7 best business casual shoes that you should have in your closet. If you would like to know how to take care of your shoes and clean them click here.

These are the best business casual shoes which can be worn for any event. Learning how to wear them with the right clothes can take some time. 

However, as a simple way to sum it up if you are still unsure as to what to wear, keep the oxfords for extremely formal events and the brogues for party events. 

The other shoes that I have mentioned can be worn for any event.  As you know pairing the right shoe with the right outfit is more of an art than science. There are no strict rules to fashion that you must follow.

It all comes down to how formal or casual you want to look and the type of shoes you wear. 

It would be advisable to look at your closet and see which shoes you already have and which need to be added.

Now that you know the best business casual shoes for men, make sure to check your wardrobe to see where you can add these to your collection.

Shoes are essentials while building a wardrobe or perfecting a particular look.

While it would be favorable to have all these, ensure that you have at least two or three of them. These two or three pairs will help you appear like a gentlemen while help you maintain the semi-formal dress code as well.

In case you are wondering which business casual shoes to start off with, look for the ones you are comfortable wearing.

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