Looking for cross training shoes. Don’t worry we have all your needs. This post will help you with the best cross training shoes in 2020. Before you buy your next cross trainers make sure that you go through this entire post.

We will not only be sharing the best cross training shoes but we will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to consider before buying your next cross training shoes. Before we dive into this subject let’s look at what is cross training and what needs to be considered while looking for the best cross training shoes.

What is cross training


Cross training is mixing different exercises to get the maximum output while training. When we train in a particular format, the body eventually gets used to this type of training regime. What cross training or crossfit training does is that it includes different variations.

Apart from the variations it also targets different muscles and provides an insane pump. Jogging for 15 minutes a day at 5kmph can burn 145 calories whereas 15 minutes of cross training can burn roughly upto 270 calories. Due to these reasons most athletes opt for cross training.

Granted that cross training is so effective the training can get rigiours and hence it is vital to wear shoes that keep you well supported and balanced. Let’s look at the best cross training shoes in 2020.

Reebok Nano 9 –  best men’s cross training shoes


If there’s one shoe you would ask me to select as the best cross training shoes for men then I would pick the Reebok Nano 9. You must be thinking why ? let me explain, these shoes are designed solely for the cross training community.

The shoes are designed to ensure support and comfort out of the gym or any training box. The shoes come with a wide toe box which makes lifting and any other power movements smooth.

Apart from that the outsole of the shoe is split design which makes it easy to perform cross training exercises easily. Due to the split design on the outsole, stepping on your toes or skipping on your toes makes it relaxed, there by providing secure footing.

For women these shoes generally run a size down. Basically go for 1.5 size down for the perfect fit.

The additional foamish midsole provides added cushioning to support your feet during short sprints or high intensity interval training.
With regard to performance, these shoes provide stability and comfort. What I mean here is, although the shoes are geared towards enhancing performance, the company has still ensured that the comfort of the shoe is not compromised.

This means that these shoes not only can be worn for training but for daily wear as lifestyle sneakers as well.

The laces of these shoes are a little long and while performing cross training exercises it would be advisable to double knot them so that they don’t hinder your training.


Nike Metcon 5 – best nike cross training shoes


I have to confess by far Nike makes some of the best shoes. These Nike Metcon 5 are by far one of the best cross training shoes available. The foam midsole provides a comfortable cushioning underfoot.

The smooth heel clip included in it reduces any drag that is caused during workouts. Nike takes their customer feedback seriously. This is because they improvise with every new launch.

These Metcon shoes have a rubber outsole that make these shoes durable for rigorous workouts. The shoes feature a wide flat heel which is designed specifically to provide added stability and grip while doing floor exercises, climb rope high resistance training or functional movements.

It would be recommended to double knot these shoes while working out as the laces come out from time to time.

If you prefer a snug fit then you should opt for your regular. In case you prefer your training shoes a bit loose, it is advisable to go half inch up.

The new midsole is durable, comfortable and plush on the forefoot. The shoes are highly flexible due to which they are a bit less responsive. These shoes are your go-tos for running, jogging and walking.

For lifting weights, the nike metcon 4 would be ideal. However for a better ground feel and stability, this by far is the best cross training shoes you can get after the reebok nano 9.

Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 – best crossfit shoes


This is the shoe that is by far the best shoe when it comes to natural movement. The company Inov-8 is a footwear, clothing and equipment brand which is primarily committed to provide premium experience to athletes and runners who seek to stretch limits and push boundaries.

What makes this shoe different to its counterparts is that the outsole technology in the forefoot makes sure that the foot has flexibility and freedom while performing cross training exercises. In addition the wide toe box ensures that the toes spread naturally which help to promote a stable base for lifting or any cross training exercises.

The shoes consist of protective overlays with a durable upper which makes it one of the most comfortable training shoes. The elastic mesh is added to hug the foot for added support and comfort during workouts.

The graphene grip provides an increased traction to ensure a good grip during rigorous workouts.

The shoes are engineered in a way that make them an ideal training shoe for cross training.

The shoes have a perfect heel to toe drop and promotes a natural feel which makes it most preferable for functional movements, weight lifting and cross training

The shoes are light and fast due to the secret material the company claims to use that is graphene in sports footwear. With the number of innovative technologies and features to offer, this shoe makes it to the 3rd on the list for the best cross training shoes.


Under Armour Project Rock 2 – best crossfit shoes for men


These shoes are the best shoes released by Under Armour till date. The design and appearance of the shoes look high quality.

The upper of the shoe is knit material that provides a good stretch while performing exercises. The toe box is a nylon mesh which looks heavy duty and has a snug fit.

The hovr cushion provides a soft cushioning effect which makes it responsive while training.
There is a flexible part in the shoe which allows you to make movements smoothly. The mid foot of the shoe is more stable which ensures that your feet get enough balance and stability.

The heel portion of the shoe provides more ground traction and bounce while you perform various movements and cross training movements.

The midsole of the shoe is dense. It includes the UA Hover technology which absorbs any impact which is created during resistance training.

The shoes are lightweight and ideally it’s advisable to opt for a half size higher than the normal shoes for the perfect fit. The shoes are ideal for gym, exercises that demand lateral stability or resistance oriented activities.

The durable outer construction makes the shoes sturdy and overall durable shoes. The Under Armour tri base outsole makes the shoe provide added comfort and bounce to the shoes.

The shoes are priced at a premium due to the superior build quality and afterall its a Rock flagship.

There are 5 colour variants available however the orange and grey colours are their signature colours, although all the colours look good honestly.


Nike Metcon 4 – best cross training shoes


These are one of the best training shoes when it comes to cross training and performance. What makes this shoe so special is that Nike is using the sandwich mesh which provides a more soft and comfortable upper. The company claims that this material will help while performing activities such as rope climbing skipping and so on.

The tongue of the shoe has an added cushioning which helps to keep the heel inside the shoe and prevents it from coming out while performing heavy duty exercises.

What makes this shoe to number 5 for best cross training shoes and not number 1 is because they are not ideal distance running. Since cross training exercises include many exercises that have running involved as well.

The stability of the shoes are stunning. If you plan to use these shoes for lifting then these shoes are great due to various features it offers.

The midsole on the heel feels sturdy and includes a TPU layer which includes a variety of properties making the shoes compress while performing exercises such as deadlifts, power lifts and so on. This absorbs any impact caused while performing these movements.

The shoes do take some time to break in. The shoes have a narrow fit on the forefoot which makes them appear sleek but can be a problem for people who prefer a wide toe box.

The shoes look aesthetically pleasing and can be worn as lifestyle sneakers for regular use. These cross training shoes are priced between $100 to $250 depending upon where you buy them from. Nike metcon 4 are here to stay and make it to number 4 for the best cross training shoes for men.

NOBULL Men’s Training Shoes


These Nobul shoes are highly underrated. NOBULL is a footwear, apparel and accessory brand which is driven by manufacturing shoes to improve performance and workouts.The company aims at helping athletes by providing quality shoes at a decent price.

If you run, jump, climb or lift, these shoes have all your needs covered.

The shoes are lightweight, flexible and breathable that provides support, comfort and protection with every stride you take. These cross trainers can be used for heavy duty workouts and the shoes perform well.

The upper of these cross trainers have a one-piece construction of fabric which is extremely durable, abrasion resistant material and breathable.

The shoes can be used for rough use due to the way it is built.

With regard to the fabric, the flexible mesh base layers contain guard plates which support while doing rope climbs resistance training and functional movements.

The outsole lug pattern is designed in such a way that it can be transitioned from cross training to regular use as well due to the optimal blend of support traction and support that it provides.

Although these shoes may not be famous compared to its counterpart giants these shoes are a bang for your buck thus making it to number 6 for the best cross training shoes for men.

These shoes run true to size. In case you order between sizes its better to opt for 0.5 inches higher.

The shoes were designed to provide a minimalistic appearance and are available in 13 colours.

The company aims to maximize performance for your workouts and resistance training.


New Balance Men’s Prevail V1 Minimus – best cross trainer shoe


These new balance shoes are stunning when it comes to crossfit or resistance training. WIth the name Minimus, the shoes offer a simple minimalist design. The shoes may not be the best choice for running however they by far one of the most comfortable shoes for lifting weights.

These upper area of the shoes are lightweight. However the cushion of the shoes are adequate, not as much as the ones mentioned above. The upper of the shoes allow air circulation which make it easy to workout.

The company claims that the upper are made of TPU fibres which make the fibres resilient.The midsole is made of premium quality and provides adequate support.

The shoes are named minimus since the shoes are lightweight. The shoe weighs around 11 ounces. The shoes are designed more as an indoor resistance training or gym wear. The shoes have a narrow front feet design and provide a snug fit.

It includes an Asym Collar designed with molded foam which provides a relaxed and comfortable heel fit.

If you are on a budget and still want amazing cross training shoes, this would be the ideal shoe for you. Ranging in 3 minimalist colours, these shoes are hard to ignore making them which makes them rank number 7 for the best cross training shoes.

Mizuno TC-01 – best running cross training shoes


This is one of the shoes you never hear of but when you do, you just can’t get your hands off. When I first wore these shoes, my initial reaction was that these shoes are very flexible.

From agility to lifting to training these shoes are comfortable. The midsole technology is developed to increase awareness while performing different exercises, which in turns improves balance during cross training.

The shoes come with a complete solid rubber outsole to render a 360- degree grip while workouts.

The bootie collar construction is like a sock like fit to the foot fit for better stability and grip while wearing these shoes.

The shoes are perfect for lifting weights, squatting and deadlifts. The shoes are great to wear for day to day use. The build of the shoe is optimal for high intensity interval training or short spurts of sprints.

The shoes do provide air circulation which helps to avoid any sweating. The midsole is highly responsive and comfortable which works well during endurance training.

These are one unique pair I have come across so far and are definitely worth considering. These cross training shoes are available in 3 colours. The shoes are priced at a premium granted the features they offer.

If you perform short interval training or high intensity interval training then these cross training shoes are a good option thus making it to number 8 for the best cross training shoes.


Under Armour HOVR Rise – best hiit shoes


These Under Armour shoes come with an impressive imported rubber sole. It comes with the UA HOVR technology that provides immense comfort during sprinting or cross fit exercises which eliminate any impact which is caused with every stride.

The shoes include a compression mesh energy web feature molds and contains the UA HOVR foam to provide a bounce while running which eradicates any pressure on the foot.

The upper mesh along with the 3d print of the shoes are lightweight and abrasion-resistant which makes it extremely durable and enables air circulation to prevent any sweating, to withstand any high intensity workout.

The laces are a bit long due to which you may have to double knot them to avoid any obstructions while working out.

The shoes include dual external heel counter and overlapping films which provide added comfort and stability to the feet.

The HOVR cushioning technology offers high responsiveness and bounce while doing burpees, box jumps and cross fit exercises in the gym.

The build quality of these shoes are plush and they are decently priced as well. They are available in three colour variants.

The downside of these shoes is that they are a bit narrow which can be a huge let down to people who are used to wide toe feet.

Under Armour’s Rise Technology makes these shoes lightweight, optimal for training and highly responsive for every set, rep and cross training workout. With all these advanced features these shoes make it to number 9 for the best cross training shoes.


Reebok Nano 8 – top crossfit shoes


Reebok manufactures shoes with the sole purpose to deliver shoes to athletes to help them run faster.

The company has been making performance oriented shoes since the 1890s. The company is known for making shoes for athletes and sprinters.

When these Reebok nano 8 were initially launched they were a big hit. Although the Nano 9 are better, these are still one the best cross training shoes.

Reebok Men’s Cross Training Nano 8.0 joggers are designed with Flexweave upper to render durability, stability and breathability.

In addition, the forefoot of the shoes are comfortable due to the added cushioning which makes the shoes optimal for training.

These shoes are definitely a step up for Reebok in terms of performance fit and agility. The forefoot flex provides flexibility while the outsole provides durability due to its high abrasion rubber.

The heel is designed to provide comfort during performance and absorbs any pressure or impact caused while training. The toe section provides toe protection to keep your toes safe while weight lifting.

These cross training shoes come with an outsole that provides grip in the box which enable you to hit your PRs, making it ideal for high intensity workouts and sprints.

The shoes are manufactured with imported plush rubber soles. The shoes are decently priced for the features they have to offer, thus making them number 10 for the best cross training shoes for men in 2020.

These shoes are available in 20 colour variants, however, black colour is ideal incase you want to go all in with your workouts without being bothered about the shoes getting dirty.


Adidas Men’s Powerlift.3.1 – weight training shoes


Jump, walk, run or deadlift, these men’s cross training shoes are made for weight lifting and regular resistance training.

The shoes allow your foot to spread due to the extra-wide design it comes with. The shoes are lightweight and the resilient upper with a wide midfoot strap provides a lockdown fit.

These shoes keep your feet stable due to the high-density die cut wedge. These lightweight shoes consist of synthetic leather upper which provides durability and ankle support while performing exercises.

The upper leather is not stiff and allows mobility during workouts.

The air mesh collar, lining and tongue are designed to provide maximum air circulation while performing various exercises and workouts.

The shoe is designed with a flexible toe and open fore foot structure to render breathability and added levels of comfort.

The shoes have been built to lift weights, the lace closure is designed with a wider strap to provide a firm fit. The high density die-cut misole wedge renders lightweight stability while performing exercises.

The outsole Adiwear is engineered to offer maximum durability to endure tough workouts.

The heel is a high density Eva foam heel. The material used in heels these days is a Tpu layer which is a plastic build that is more sturdy. Nevertheless this Eva foam heel is sturdy however it can feel soft which is good for running.

Overall the shoes are affordable and are available in 11 colours.

Puma Tazon 6 Fm – best all around training shoes


Puma is one brand that is known for the shoes they manufacture. From football shoes to regular shoes they have it all. Pumas tazon may look like dad shoes but when we talk about comfort and support, these shoes don’t go unnoticed.

These shoes can not only be worn in the gym but for everyday use as well. The shoe is designed for indoor workout or training. The Soft foam insole of the shoes provide support comfort and bounce.

The shoes are stiff which make them ideal for cross training, high intensity workouts and lifting weights.

The Eva heel technology is designed to provide support and absorb any impact which is caused while performing exercises which will protect the knee and joints while performing compound movements.

The shoes were designed for running but the built in features and design make it optimal for weight lifting and cross training due to the stability this shoes offer.

It really comes down to the types of activities you would be performing before you buy these shoes.. If you perform exercises that could potentially cause pressure to your knees or joints, then these shoes are a great fit for you.

These shoes are usually available on discount and you can get these shoes for a low price as much as $40 which is worth every dollar for the features the shoes offer.

However if you have a higher budget simply go for the metcon 5 or the reebok nano 9 as they would be the ultimate cross training shoes.


Adidas Athletics 24/7 – adidas cross training shoes


To begin with these shoes are super light and flexible. Apart from the gym these shoes can be used for daily use as well due to the design and appearance of it. The tongue is extremely breathable mesh material which makes it ideal for running and exercising.

With regard to the breathability it’s mostly at the front of the shoes. The tongue comes with a split tongue technology to provide a better fit and keeps your feet stable during workouts.

The Eva midsole is lightweight supportive and provides boost which makes it preferable for cross training.

The inner sock liner is ortholite and keeps your feet fresh and clean. The company provides additional sock liners which helps increase your sock liners get dirty.

.The recovery sock liners provide added comfort and massage to your feet which helps in blood circulation for your feet. This is one feature of this shoe that really stands out granted the shoes price point.

The shoes are flexible at the toe box which makes it easier to perform resistance or high intensity workouts. These shoes provide a good grip which makes it easier to run.

The shoes are available in two colours and for what it’s priced at, the shoes make it to number 13 for the best cross training shoes in 2020.


Reebok Speed Tr Flexweave – lightweight training shoes


Reebok is known for the shoes they design for cross fit training. These shoes are another fine example of their designs and performance.

The heel of the shoe is soft and it includes a heel clip that is designed to provide stability to the heel. The shoes are low cut which provide mobility while working out.

The heel includes a Tpu layer which works great to reduce any compression that could happen while deadlifting or weight lifting in general.

The outsole layer is thin and provides a natural feel to the toes.

There is a soft Eva material on the midsole to provide stability. Another noteworthy feature is that the shoes are extremely light weight. The shoes weigh roughly 8 ounces which is considerably less compared to its counterparts.

The tongue includes added amounts of mesh and padding material makes the shoes stable and stiff which are ideal for cross training, high intensity training and weight lifting.

The flexweave technology is added to improve the overall fit of the shoe and to increase the durability of the shoes. The shoes provide a snug fit to improve the stability.

The toe of the shoes are wide which provide a little extra room. However if you want a tight fit it is ideal to go for 0.5 inches down.

The shoes are available in 16 colour variants and are priced at a decent price for the features they have to offer. Needless to say these shoes can be available for a dirt cheap price during discounts.


Nike Train Speed 4 – nike cross training shoes


If you are still not satisfied with the list shared above then this just may be the best cross training shoes for you. It comes with a synthetic upper with the Flywire technology and a breathable mesh.

The flywire technology ensures that when the shoes are laced up, the flywires ensure that you have a good and tight fit. The shoes come with a thin tongue which provides added mobility.

The shoes have a soft midsole and feel comfortable while performing exercises or functional movements.
The Nike speed 4 Mens Trainers offer lightweight durability with a snug fit. The Flywire Technology is designed to support lateral movement. These shoes are optimal for meticulous workouts due to the traction and grip that these shoes offer.

The inner sleeves of the shoes are built with lightweight breathable mesh that provides air circulation and reduces sweating of the feet even during painstaking workouts which makes these shoes one of the best cross training shoes.

The injected unit soles is durable enough to double as an outsole drastically which reduces the overall weight making it ideal for cross training exercises.

Overall this shoe is affordable and the price is less compared to the others. If you are on a budget then you can consider these cross trainers. These shoes are available in four colours, white looking the best among them all. In addition, these cross trainers can be worn as regular sneakers as well.


How are cross training shoes different than regular shoes


Cross training shoes are designed to provide flexibility, stability and comfort. These shoes are engineered to absorb high impacts caused during workouts. Cross training shoes are geared towards providing high amounts of traction and grip while exercising.

The shoes are designed to support you during your workouts and keep you protected while you exercise. Cross shoes have better heel cups to provide support for performing high intensity workouts.

The shoes are built keeping performance and comfort in mind unlike regular sneakers which are engineered towards design and comfort for the most parts. Due to these added benefits cross trainers could be expensive compared to regular shoes.

As a general rule of thumb cross training shoes can be worn for regular wear however it is advisable to avoid regular shoes for cross training.

Cross trainers have a soft cushioning effect in the forefoot, this is since most cross training activities demand you to land on your toes while performing these types of workouts.

Cross training shoes are built for wide range movements and usually tend to have a flat and flexible sole.

Cross trainers do not have a definite build type since the exercise and type of activity can depend from person to person. Hence it is ideal to first recognize the type of physical activity and workout, once you know this, choosing the right shoes would be much less complicated.

Cross training shoes vs regular shoes while cross training


The most common question that revolves amongst people who begin cross training is can i wear my regular shoes instead of cross training shoes. The answer wouldnt be yes or no but purely subjective here.

What most people are not aware of is that cross training workout involves high intensity workouts and compound movements which can burn high amounts of calories. While this training strategy is effective, this type of training can cause damage as well.

Common injuries faced by people while doing cross training workouts are knee pain, foot pain, joint pain and so on.

These shoes are designed or built in a way to provide maximum protection to your feet and joints without compromising on your workout. Normal sneakers or shoes aren’t necessarily designed for these kinds of high intensity workouts.

Regular shoes have soft midsoles which could cause instability while performing deadlifts and squats.

Whether you should buy cross trainers, you should decide but in most cases buying cross training shoes and ensuring your protection is better than damaging your joints and getting injured.

What to consider while looking for the best cross training shoes


Generally while buying cross trainers, it is recommended to buy cross training shoes that have Tpu and foam-rubber based outsoles.

While buying cross training shoes look for the fit of the shoes. Preferable avoid wearing too tight shoes as they could cause blisters during extended periods of training.

The shoes should provide a stable support system and shouldnt be too flexible as these shoes can damage your feet while performing cross fit exercises.

Consult the sales person and explain your needs to him. Preferably wear the shoes and walk around in them. This will help you understand the fit and you will get a good feel of the shoes.

Generally for weightlifting or powerlifting it is ideal to opt for shoes that are more rigid and stiff. If you perform activities such as running and endurance training it is advisable to opt for shoes that are highly flexible and soft.

In case you want shoes wherein you can perform running activities and weightlifting, you should then look for shoes that have rubber based midsoles and have a Tpu layer as well. This would provide a reactive forefoot and a stable heel.

While buying shoes look for shoes that have high breathability as this will ensure that there is air circulation and will avoid sweating or fungal infection.

Thicker textures and Tpu materials are highly durable. In case you perform outdoor resistance training or cross training you can opt for Tpu materials and thick textures.

If you need stability for your shoes and you lift weights, it is advisable to look for shoes with heel cups or heel clips. On the contrary if you perform running exercises and need comfort then you can look for thicker heel and booty design.

In case you are confused whether a shoe is ideal for the type of workout you perform,its best to check the reviews of the shoes you particularly fancy or plan on buying.

Avoid wearing your cross training shoes as daily casual shoes. The bounce, stability, comfort can get damaged before the shoes appear ragged. If you feel pain in your hips, knees, feet or back then it is recommended to buy new shoes.


Maintain your cross training shoes while purchasing these best cross training shoes since it will increase the lifespan of the shoes.

Washing and cleaning your shoes from time to time is essential to increase the lifespan of the shoes.

Avoid washing the shoes with hot water or drying the shoes with a dryer as the heat would damage the glue present in the shoes

If you notice that your cross trainers are smelling or dirty, put a green tea bag in each of them. The antioxidants will clear any smell present in the shoes.

Avoid keeping your socks in your shoes after your workouts as this could lead to the shoes stinking. Ensure that you keep them in open air after workouts so that the shoes dry out.

In case you perform exercises indoors it is ideal to avoid washing the shoes regularly. Instead use an old brush and clean any dirt accumulated on it. Washing shoes regularly can damage the glue of the shoe and could possibly fade the colour of the shoes as well.

While removing the shoes, ensure that you untie the laces and remove the shoes. Removing the shoes with force or with the other shoes by rubbing them downwards can reduce the fit and durability of the shoes.


This was an in depth guide on the best cross training shoes for men. There were many other contenders however keeping various factors such as stability, traction, durability, fit, price and comfort, these listed by far were the best cross training shoes in 2020.

Finding the perfect cross training shoes can seem daunting. However if you know the type of workout you conduct this can get easy for you. It can be time consuming but you will notice the benefits of this effort during your workouts.

Before buying on impulse it would be preferable to spend some time doing research. These by far are the best cross training shoes in 2020. Let me know your best cross training shoes in the comment section.

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