In 2020 with the types of food and lifestyle available it also adds up stress. One of the common problems that men face is acne. Acne can affect your self-esteem and confidence due to the mess it creates on your face. This can keep you from talking to women as well. Wondering which is the best face wash for men with acne? Don’t worry, in this list, you will know the best face wash for men with acne in 2020.

Before I tell you about the best face wash for men with acne, here are some interesting facts.

While most people claim that acne occurs only during teens, this is not true. Acne can happen during adulthood. 

Between 40-50 million people are affected by acne in the United States alone. There was a study which also stated that acne continued for 54% of women and 45% of men who were older than 25 years.

This clearly states that acne is not caused only during adolescence. Acne can also continue until the late 30s and 40s.


Acne is caused when your hair follicles are clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne now is the eight most common disease globally. 

Although genes, hormones, diet do play a role in this. However, avoiding cleaning your face from time to time can also lead to acne. Avoiding simple sugars is a good way to begin along with a skincare routine to treat acne.

While there are many face washes available for men with acne, we will look at some of the natural face washes to treat acne.

A face wash with a mix of natural ingredients and a balanced diet should solve your acne problem majorly. Although we would not be looking at the diet part in this post but the best face washes for men with acne.

 Let’s look at the 9 Best Face wash for men with acne

9.Pure Biology 

best face wash for men with acne

9 on the list for the best face wash for men with acne, pure biology is known for its natural ingredients it provides to the skin. Apart from that it also thoroughly cleans the pores without eliminating any natural moisture that could affect the natural balance of the skin. 

It helps in reducing inflammation with its blends of natural essential oils.

In addition, it also prevents acne breakouts due to the rich source of antioxidants present in it.

This face wash penetrates deeply in the skin, helps repair damaged skin and moisturises it. This exfoliating cleanser can be used by men and women. It is a good cleanser to treat acne and paraben-free.

A good cleanser which will gently deep clean your skin. 

8.Dr Song Face Wash – (Acne breakouts)

best face wash for men with acne

This made in USA face wash deep cleans and exfoliates oils impurities dead skin and dirt from your pores with a blend of natural ingredients which helps in cleaning the pores of your skin while maintaining the natural skin balance and hydration.

This natural cleanser by Dr Song helps reduce acne breakouts by tightening and toning the pores.

It reduces blackheads and whiteheads and helps in restoring natural healthy skin due to which it is included in this list for the best face wash for men with acne.

Its blend of natural antioxidants helps to reduce any irritation or redness. Apart from that it also reduces dark circles and reduces discolouration.

This natural cleanser helps in maintaining the ph balance of your skin while restoring the natural balance of essential oils of your face.

7.Youth To The People Kale Superfood Cleanser 

7th on the list for the best face wash for men with acne. Gentle yet powerful, this cleanser is packed with antioxidants helps with non-drying and maintains the Ph balance of the skin.

It contains a blend of natural foods like green tea, alfalfa, spinach, kale, vitamin C vitamin E and vitamin K which help in reducing acne breakouts.

Although it deeply cleans the skin of any dirt dust or germs however it does not strip the natural moisture and balance of the skin. This face wash does not contain any harmful chemicals such as paraben phthalates and so on.

This vegan gel formula provides a refreshing feeling which helps in maintaining a clean face.

6. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash

best face wash for men with acne

Himalaya neem face wash is known for its neem property which helps in clearing acne scars and pigmentation.

In ancient days neem was boiled in water till the water turned green. Then this water was applied on the face to heal wounds, reduce scars and acne.

This neem face wash is a facial cleanser that removes dirt dust or impurities and reduces acne as well. The face wash provides a healthy skin complexion without stripping the face of any moisture.

As this face wash does not contain any parabens or sulfate, it is an ideal face wash to maintain good healthy skin.

Apart from that the face wash also does not test its products on animals but users who willingly opt to try it. The natural combination of neem and turmeric is perfect to purify your skin.

Granted the price it comes for, it is worth every penny. Hence this face wash makes to the 6th for the best face wash for men with acne

5.Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Daily Acne Face Wash 

best face wash for men with acne

5th on the list for the best face wash for men with acne. Neutrogena is known for the quality of products they manufacture.

This facewash along with its salicylic acid acne treatment is an ideal combination to prevent acne breakouts. It contains 2% of the salicylic acid which reduces acne in one step.

It not only treats existing acne breakouts but prevents any forming of acne.

It is preferable to mix the face wash with your hands and gently massage your face, covering every area and then washing your face thoroughly.

This face wash reduces any clogging of dirt or oil on your pores and clears the build-up of any dirt dead skin cells or dust on the face while improving the overall skin clarity.

4.La Roche-Posay Acne Face Wash

best face wash for men with acne

La Roche-Posay claims to have its face wash developed by dermatologists.

It contains Salicylic Acid which works well to treat acne breakouts. Apart from that it also contains Lipo Hydroxy Acid which helps to treat the oily areas on the skin by removing dirt.

It is paraben-free, allergy tested and oil-free which makes it a natural face wash ideal to treat acne and acne breakouts.

It contains menthol which provides a cooling effect after washing your face which provides a refreshing feeling. 

This face wash is ideal for men with oily skin who have acne and is rated on number 4th for the list of the best face wash for men with acne.

3.Differin Daily Deep Cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide

best face wash for men with acne

This face wash is designed to treat acne due to its benzoyl peroxide content which reduces the bacteria that causes acne.

Benzoyl peroxide plays an important role in unclogging the pores which help in reducing acne. It is the most common acne treatment available.

This face wash clears the pores and fills it with a gentle moisturiser that reduces pores from getting clogged. Although it treats acne and acne breakouts, however, it does not cause any dryness or irritation while doing so.

If you have moderate amounts of acne then this face wash will get the job done for you.

2. X Out Deluxe Wash-In Treatment with bonus Spot Corrector Acne Treatment

This face wash is designed to treat acne. This product contains a higher amount of microcrystal benzoyl peroxide around 8.5%. Ideally, if you have heavy amounts of acne then this face wash should help you treat acne.

This acne face wash not only clears the pores but kills the breakout-causing bacteria even after you wash it.

However, it is advisable not to use this product more than 3 times a day as mentioned by the makers.

While using this acne face wash it is advisable to read the instructions carefully before using it as overdoing it can cause chemical burns. 

1.Bioré Men’s Charcoal Acne Clearing Scrub 

1st on the list for the best face wash for men with acne. Biore Men’s charcoal acne cleanser contains charcoal which is known for its antibacterial properties. 

These antibacterial properties lift up the acne-causing bacterias from the pores of the skin. This not only helps reduce acne but improves the overall quality of the face.

Charcoal also helps in removing the scars and the dead skin over the scars which helps in revealing the new skin underneath. Thus this face wash helps in removing deeply trapped dirt dust and dead skin from your face.

This face wash is ideal for men with oily skin who have acne. 

This Charcoal acne cleanser is also made up of salicylic acid that helps to treat acne and reduces future breakouts as well.

This face cleanser is not only dermatologist-tested but vegan free paraben-free and cruelty-free as well.

Some handy tips to reduce acne

It is advisable to prevent acne than treat it. Wash your face at least twice a day. Use an acne cleanser and warm water and clean your face. Use any of the cleaners or face wash mentioned in the list for the best face wash for men with acne.

While most acne cleansers can cause dryness and skin peeling, hence use a moisturiser. When buying a moisturizer ensure it is a non-comedogenic moisturiser that does not cause acne.

Use products which contain benzoyl acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid as these reduce or fight acne and acne breakouts. Initially use small amounts to check how these react to your skin.

If you have an acne problem it is advisable to avoid using hair gels, pomades or hair wax as they can block the skin pores which can increase acne. If you use hair products its ideal to wash your hair often and keep the hair away from your face.

Avoid touching your face excessively as this can spread bacteria and irritate the inflamed areas of the skin. Apart from that never break your pimples as it leads to spread infection and cause scarring as well.

Avoid exposing your skin to the sun especially between 10 am to 4 pm as the ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause inflammation and redness. Acne products make your skin sensitive and exposing your skin to the sun can cause hyperpigmentation or dark discolouration. If you plan to go out, it is advisable to wear full sleeve clothes covering yourself as much as possible. Use a Non-comedogenic sunscreen 20 mins prior to leaving the house.

Ensure that you have a balanced diet as simple sugars may trigger acne.

Exercise regularly as this can help indirectly to reduce acne. After exercising ensure you shower daily.

Try reducing stress as there are studies that indicate that stress can cause acne and acne breakouts. Meditate at least for 10 minutes daily to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation adds oxygen to your skin which in turn rejuvenates your cells. This will provide your skin with a glowing look.


These were the 9 best face wash for men with acne. Although there were many contenders for this list, considering acne, these face washes made it to the list for the best face wash for men with acne.

In general these face wash can be used by men and women. These face washes mentioned are natural cleansers with lower amounts of chemical which not only reduce acne but also provide healthy skin.

However, to ensure that you are using the right face wash to treat acne, it is advisable to consult a doctor or at least show the face wash to a doctor before you apply it.

The face wash for men with acne mentioned is specifically designed to treat and prevent acne breakouts. While they were other acne face washes as well, these acne face washes or cleanser were not only recommended by most of its users but were all dermatologically tested.

They can be used on sensitive skin as well. It is advisable to wash your face not more than twice a day as washing more than twice can do more harm than good.

Although you want to get rid of acne, it is advisable to not strip off the natural oils or disrupt the pH balance of your skin by washing it excessively.

Let me know your preference for the best face wash for men with acne in the comment section.

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