Before we begin on the best walking shoes for men with flat feet. Here is why you should opt for shoes designed specifically for flat feet.

Probably 30% of the people have flat feet. Flat feet can be painful while walking especially if you’re wearing the wrong shoes. Previously, most brands did not cater towards flat feet and thus there werent much options for flat feet.

Most of the pain you experience due to flat feet can be reduced just by choosing shoes which are designed for flat feet. Fortunately these days there are a variety of brands that cater towards flat feet and manufacture comfortable yet stylish shoes.

Apart from knowing the best walking shoes for men with flat feet we will also look at how does flat feet condition occurs which will help you understand how to reduce the pain and what to look for while buying shoes for flat feet.

What is flat feet and how does it occur


Fleet feet occur due to a bone present in the foot. This bone is hypermobile or in simple terms they can be extended or bent painlessly beyond the regular range of motion. This bone present inside the foot comes out of alignment. This bone is known as the talus bone.

This talus bone is the bridge or connects the ankle bone to the feet. What happens with people with flat feet is that when they step on their feet, their talus bone moves forward which causes flat feet.

Flat feet occur because the tendons holding the joints together are loose.

Flat feet can cause ankle pain, back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Since the base of the feet is not aligned can damage the other parts of the body.

Most times people experience pain on the inside of the foot and the arch. In severe cases people experience pain on the outside of the foot or the ankle.

Flat feet could happen due to various reasons, however let’s look at the most common causes of flat feet



This is the most common reason for flat feet. The early signs are visible in children.

However when checked with the family, there often is someone in the family with flat feet. Another factor is also overpronation however experts claim that this is a genetic factor as well.

It could happen due to both the parents or even if a single parent has it, the child could likely get flat feet. As per statistics 80% of the teenagers with flat feet got it genetically since their parents had flat feet as well.

Weak Muscle Tissue


Most children develop flat feet since their arches and tendons are not developed yet. Due to this the joint connecting the feet and ankle are not placed properly leading to flat feet. However in some cases this symptom continues in adults as well.

This can be painful, hence it is vital to choose the right footwear to support the feet. Apart from that doctors recommend exercises to strengthen the muscle tissues around that area. Extended amounts of walking or standing could also lead to weak arches. Hence it is essential to opt for shoes that provide support and comfort.

Now that we know how and why flat feet occur.

Let’s look at what all needs to be considered while buying the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.


Proper support and balance is vital for flat feet. If your shoes don’t provide a good heel and toe support it could lead to increase in pain due to flat feet. Flat feet people have weak muscle tissue and the support provided by the shoes is vital.

If the shoes don’t provide adequate support it could lead to knee pain, ankle pain, back pain and pain in the joints. It will worsen the situation and increase the pain. Ideally opt for shoes that provide a good arch support.

If you shoes do not provide adequate arch support it would increase pain with every step you take and wouldn’t be able to absorb the pressure.

Shoes Built Quality


It is essential to opt for shoes that are breathable. This will allow the air to pass in and out of the shoe which will reduce perspiration. If the shoes are not breathable it would lead to formation of fungal infection which would worsen the feet further.

Look for shoes which have a rigid build quality. RIgid shoes ensure that the placement and

Opt for the material that are breathable and has pores which allow breathability. Preferably look for shoes that can handle water as well. Most shoes get damaged with water. Hence look for shoes that can handle water and moisture. This way you can wear these shoes during monsoons as well.



If you stand for an extended period of time or walk excessively look for shoes that provide adequate support and protection. It is necessary to feel comfortable while walking with those shoes. Ensure that the shoes are not too tight nor too loose.

A simple way to check this is to walk some steps in the store with the shoes before you buy the shoes. This will help you decide the fit and comfort as well. Ensure that it absorbs the pressure of the heel well when you take a step and keeps your feet well balanced as well

Now that you are aware of what to look at before buying shoes, let look at the best walking shoes for men with flat feet

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 – best walking shoes for men with flat feet


This Japanese company was formed in 1977 and is known for the quality shoes they manufacture. Asics are known for their Synthetic quality and their Imported Rubber sole. The Shaft measures are approximately low-top from the arch which makes it ideal for your feet.

Apart from that it also includes a rearfoot gel cushioning system. The shoes absorb shock while walking and create a smooth transition while walking which make them one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The shoes are designed with a removable sockliner. This sockliner can be unattached to accommodate a medical orthotic.

In addition, the shoes include reversed lugs that enhance uphill and downhill traction while walking on multiple types of terrain.

The heel of the shoe includes a High Abrasion Rubber. This rubber is placed in critical areas of the outsole which provide exceptional durability and comfortable overall experience while walking.

These shoes are designed to handle rugged terrain.

Alternatively this shoe also includes a high-abrasion rubber and trail-specific outsole which makes it a perfect blend for any type. Rearfoot GEL cushioning that is included in this shoe which helps to absorb shock at the same time keep you comfortable as you walk along any terrain. Due to these features these shoes are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The removable sockliner in built allows you to insert custom orthotics which provides an even more enhanced fit and helps to customise it as per your feet. They come in a variety of colors and the prices could vary depending upon the colour you choose. Ideally their best selling color is the combination of black and blue.

Saucony Guide 10 – best walking shoes for flat feet


Saucony is among the most respected names in the shoe business. The company claims to have spent years studying the biomechanics of top athletes. The company aims to develop creatively engineered systems which maximize performance in any activity. It aims at allowing you to focus on the activity instead of facing any difficulty with the shoes..

The company has come up with many innovative Saucony concepts to maximise performance. With Advanced technologies-like Grid, this company is the first sole-based stability and cushioning system–provide an edge to its buyers.

These shoes are specially designed for flat shoes. WIth 100% upper mesh and Imported TRI-FLEX sole.The Shaft measures more or less from low-top from arch which make it ideal for flat feet. It comes with an Everun Topsole which provides continuous cushioning which is why these are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet

The Cushioning is distributed evenly between the forefoot and the heel in shoes with an 8mm offset which ensures that your feet remain in a balanced and comfortable position with every foot strike.

It comes with a feature named Everun which is a breakthrough in cushioning. The cushion is designed for agility and is responsive which enables smoother landings and stronger takeoff which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The Flexifilm built in the shoe is strong and consists of lightweight material that is melded to the upper. This enables for fewer layers in the shoe which provides an outcome that is a seamless, flexible feel.

The tri flex feature Increases force dispersion over a greater surface area which reduces the pressure on the heels. Apart from that it also delivers optimal flexibility and traction.

The cushion is designed to provide maximum protection against the impact caused. This is done by compressing the materials between the foot and running surface.

Brooks Mens Adrenaline GTS 19 – best budget walking shoes for flat feet


Brooks shoes can’t be ignored if you are in the market for shoes for flat feet. Not only do they come with Synthetic mesh and a Rubber sole but also Extra wide width for the feet which comforts flat feet.
The foot support these shoes provide is stunning which makes walking and running painless. The new Guide Rail Support System recently innovated focuses majorly to the most injury-prone part of a person that is the knees beyond the feet

These GuideRails keep your feet well placed effortlessly by keeping every impact caused by movement in check.

They are designed with a Soft and protective cushion. These shoes provide just the right amount of cushion and balance in each step which enables you to float through your walk and everyday activities.

Although the cushioning is designed to provide just-right softness underfoot however the responsiveness and durability yet feels light and compact.

In Spite of all the benefits and protection the company has not downplayed on the looks of the shoes. The shoes are designed in a way that is aesthetically and visually pleasing to everyone wearing the shoes.

This shoe is ideal for walking on a treadmill, running, jogging or any activity. If you face knee pain or pain due to flat feet, then this shoe will be a huge relief to you. The shoes are available in twelve different colours, from sober to flashy, they have all the combinations which makes it easier to choose.

Orthofeet – best comfortable shoes for flat feet


This company offers a 60 day free test.and if you are not satisfied with the shoes you can return them for a full refund. These shoes are known as the World’s Most Comfortable and stylish Orthopedic Shoes.

These are designed to treat flat feet pain. Heel pain, knee pain or joint pain these orthofeet orthotic shoes offer the best solution which will eliminate any pain.

The Lightweight ergonomic sole includes air cushioning together with premium orthotic insoles that are designed for Anatomical Arch Support and multiple cushioning layers render a pillow like soft support.

This works well to improve the overall comfort and eases any pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your lower back knees and hips which in most cases is caused by flat feet, overpronation, arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes.

These shoes include a wide width which makes it easier to walk.

The shoes are designed with soft, extra foam padding and pliable uppers with seam-free fabric lining that ensure maximum protection and comfort for your feet.

Apart from that these shoes are an excellent solution for hammer toes and bunions. The wide shoes design eases pressure on bunions, hammer toes and sensitive feet.

Apart from that these shoes soften the impact every step you take. Thus it reduces any pressure caused under the heel. It also helps to alleviate any heel pain or any plantar fasciitis. Due to the design and built it improves mobility and provides comfort to the joints in the feet.

The shoes come with a gel padding under the heel and air cushioning to avoid any stress on the joints. It also provides stability and improves mobility while walking.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 – best lifestyle shoes for flat feet



Another variant of Asics, nevertheless this shoe does make it to the list for the best walking shoes for men with flat feet. With superior fabric and Imported foam sole the shoe is premiumly built.

It comes with an Impact Guidance System Technology is designed to enhance the foot’s natural gait all the way from the heel strike to the toe-off. Thus reducing any pressure caused due to walking.

The SpevaFoam 45 Lasting Technology also employs 45 degree full length lasting material for an improved comfort.soft and platform feel.

The FlyteFoam Lyte Technology that is present in these shoes by far includes lightest weight midsole formulation which provides continuous support due to the cushion. This soft cushion effect is mainly possible due to the organic nanofibers.

Another noteworthy technology is the FlyteFoam Propel Technology which consists of an energetic foam formulation that renders supreme bounce. This is due to a unique elastomer compound that is present in it.

In addition to that it includes a dual density midsole system that is specifically positioned to enhance stability and overall support.

The shoes are available in 30 colour variants and some of the colours are stunning. They are available in subtle and fancy colors. The rubber sole is designed to increase the overall lifespan of the shoe and to avoid any wear and tear due to excessive usage. Overall this shoe has various walking benefits to offer but the shoes are priced at a premium as well.

New Balance MW877 – best everyday shoes for flat feet for men



6th on the list for the best walking shoes for men with flat feet are the New balance mw877. These shoes are made up of 100% Suede/mesh with a premium rubber sole.

It consists of classic synthetic and mesh which provides air circulation.

The shoes include an Abzorb midsole cushioning which absorbs any pressure or impact caused while running or walking in the shoes.This company also offers wide shoes which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Walking Strike Path technology enables stability through your natural gait while walking or running ensuring that your feet remain protected from time to time.

The Padded tongue and collar make it easier to wear the shoes and reduce any sweating to its built quality.

Although it does include the same sole as 577, the 877 the iconic favorite sneakers, this shoe is your go-too shoe when you want to walk or run comfortably for a long time.

These shoes combine the athletic design of New balance along with the heritage-influenced appearance.

These shoes are highly underrated and are a bang for your buck in terms of what all you get for the price you pay.The Walking Strike Path technology as previously mentioned provides stability and keeps your foot in place which reduces any kind of knee or flat feet pain.

Although the shoes look bulky however the fit comfort and support they offer by far is unmatched to other regular shoes. Apart from that these shoes are available in grey and black which look pleasing to the eye as well.

Skechers sport – best casual shoes for flat feet 


7th on the list for the best walking shoes for men with flat feet are these pair of Skechers.

Skechers has been recently awarded as well for their lifestyle footwear which appeal to trend-savvy men,and women..

The company majorly focuses on comfort and style delivering premium quality shoes. The company is manufacturing shoes that appeal to the youth men, women and kids.

WIth trendy savy collections and with most collections featuring Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam, a technology designed for the insoles for added comfort. Plus,

Skechers offers a range of slip-resistant work footwear for men and women, as well as cool, fun, playful and lighted styles that boys and girls love. Always ahead of the fashion curve, Skechers has made its sport, casual and dress casual shoes essential to every closet.

This shoe is 100% pure nubuck leather and the rubber sole included in it is imported.

The tongue and the padded collar enable air circulation which reduces any sweat or heat while wearing the shoes.This shoe can be considered a casual stylish shoe which you can wear from time to time.

The comfort this shoe offers is exceptional. The shoes provide a bouncy effect which means that any impact caused while walking, running or any physical activity is absorbed with their Air-Cooled Memory Foam technology.This technology is designed to provide support and stability to the heel and ensure that there is no damage caused to the feet.

There are 14 color variants available which include some trendy and subtle colors as well. This way it makes it easier to choose the shoes.


Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV – nike men’s walking shoes for flat feet


8th on the list for the best walking shoes for men with flat feet are these Nikes Trainers. Nike is known for the sneakers they manufacture. These shoes have been built with an imported synthetic sole.

The shoes are made of leather upper features to provide support and enhance air circulation to reduce sweating. The solid rubber outsole is designed to provide traction over any terrain and it can be considered heavy duty.

These Nike Air Monarch trainers are designed to provide maximum support with premium durable leather for best training experience.

These lightweight foam midsole are encapsulated with Air sole unit provide a cushioning effect with every stride you take in these shoes. These Air Monarch shoes are available in a variety of colours, although white by far still seems to be the most selling color for obvious reasons.

Apart from their white shoes their black shoes look equally good as well.

The shoes are designed to provide maximum support during any physical activity. The shoes ensure that your feet remain in place providing stability.
If you have any knee pain, hip pain, back pain or joint pain, then these shoes can be the best alternative due to the support and comfort they offer.

Avoid washing the shoes regularly as it could affect the glue of the shoes.

It is advisable to use sneaker cleaner or clean them with a damp cloth from time to time.These shoes are priced at a decent amount. Hence the features it provide makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Propét stability shoes – best budget shoes for men with flat feet


This company is heavily focused on designing the best walking shoes and are constantly striving to give you the best walking experience.

Although they are heavily invested in the experience the company has not cut corners with regard to the style and appearance of the shoes as well.
These shoes are crafted with a flexible construction.

The upper of the shoe is made of durable material. The shoes come with perforation that allow air circulation to reduce any sweating.

These shoes were designed to keep you comfortable while you walk. It ensures stability with every stride you take. It comes with a lightweight midsole that is shock absorbant to avoid any impact to the feet caused by walking or running.It has a wide toe which makes it a relaxed fit while wearing them which makes them one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Although the insoles provide a soft cushioning effect. Although the shoes are lightweight they ensure stability during natural gait. The laces are round heavy kind which stand up well to tugging on and can be used roughly as well.

These shoes are available in 8 colour variants with some trendy colours.


Rockport Eureka – best office wear shoes for men with flat feet


Rockport is famous for being one step ahead of other brands.

The company aims at manufacturing the perfect shoe that keeps upgrading them for them every year. This positive dissatisfaction motivates the company to constantly improve and innovate with their footwear.

Rockport was the first company to achieve lightweight comfort in casual shoes which no other company offered, with the use of advanced athletic technologies and the first company to engineer walking comfort in dress and casual shoes.The shoes look well built and are appropriate for casual wear as well.

These shoes can be worn as business casual wear as well which makes it possible to wear these at work and walks after work.

It comes with a removable insole, in case you find the shoes too tight, you can remove the insoles and still wear them. The insoles can be removed however they provide good comfort if you have flat feet.

The shoes get comfortable as you wear them and the dirt on them can be easily removed with a cloth.

In case you want better arch support you may have to add custom insoles. The laces tend to come out from time to time however if you tie a double knot on them you would be good to go.

The leather upper has good padding so when the shoes are laced it provides a good fit. The shoes are designed for moisture wicking to avoid any sweating.

Overall this shoes are worth the dollar however the arch support is decent compared to the others.

Adidas ultraboost 19 – best men’s shoes for flat feet standing all day


Well ultraboost is one of the famous pairs adidas has ever launched. Although this is the most comfortable shoes it is aesthetically designed as well. These shoes come with a Primeknit 360 technology. This technology Primeknit 360 upper renders a better fit that provides support as you take every step.

It also includes the Dual-density Boost Technology which is a cushioning under arch to provide an energized stability for a responsive and smooth stride which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The Lightweight 3D design for the heel frame provides a personalized fit. Apart from that it also includes a Stabilizing Torsion Spring for a better bounce while wearing them which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Since the ankle areas are stretchy it is easy to remove and put them. These boost features that these shoes come with provide a soft bouncy feeling.
The shoes are designed towards providing maximum performance.The shoes are firm which hold your feet well in place. These shoes can be used in the gym as well due to the way it has been designed.

Another interesting feature is the shoe thorsen spring. It helps with the shock absorption and bounce during any activities.

Although this shoe was designed majorly for performance, the design and appearance of the shoes are elegant as well.

The shoes are heavy which helps keep your feet stable and in place while running or walking. This is due to the boost technology that has been introduced. The shoes are priced at a premium however you can get them at a decent price on retail.


Drew force – best work shoes for men with flat feet


This shoe is a stunning shoe with additional therapeutic benefits as well.

Drew is famous for the comfort they offer. It is one of the well known performance oriented shoes with added depth and double added depth in one shoe. It contains antimicrobial insoles which primarily ensures to keep the foot cool and dry.

A built-in cushion pad designed for the heel and wide toe add to the shoe’s overall performance and comfort.

This shoe is made up of 100% Leather and it consists of synthetic sole. These shoes can be considered as athletic walking shoes that provide a comfortable fit as well.The shoes come with two removable insoles that are coated with antimicrobial protection and provide depth to the shoe.

In case you find the fit of the shoe tight, you can remove the insoles and you should be fine.

The shoes also come with a wide fit in case you don’t prefer narrow fit toe shoe type.These shoes will help if you have Ball-of-Foot Pain, Bunions, Calluses, Flat Feet, Hammertoes, Heel Pain & Heel Spurs due to the soft cushion it offers which is why these shoes are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Rocker bottom technology softens and supports each step you take which relaxes your arches which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The shoe is available in two solid colours that are white and black. The shoe has a simplistic look to it which appears sophisticated as well. The shoe is priced at a premium but the features that come along are worth the price as well.

This shoe is ideal for someone with flat feet who experiences constant pain.


New balance roav v1 – best men’s walking shoes for wide flat feet


These elegant New Balance fresh foam Roav shoes speak for themselves. These shoes are loaded with innovative technology to help you get through the day with ease.

The fresh foam cushioning of the midsole features a feeling of high quality comfort while remaining lightweight.

The shoe has a feature known as Ndurance technology that makes the rubber outsole more durable. Whether you’re strutting on the sidewalk or jogging off-road, you can wear these shoes.

The ultra heel is designed in a way to hug the back of your foot to ensure a better supportive fit.The neutral cushioned shoes are built in a way to hug your foot to its natural position to ensure a light supportive ride.Each element of the shoe was designed with the objective to ensure maximum performance comfort and support to the person wearing it which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

The shoes consist of a synthetic/mesh upper which makes it appear athletic and stylish as well. Not only for walks but these shoes can be worn for daily activities as well.

The stretch Webbing present renders a customized and comfortable fit.

These adaptive and agile shoes can support you through each squat, jog, stretch or lift. Whether you are going to the office or for a quick run, these shoes will ensure that your flat feet receive a smooth stride.

These New Balance fresh foam v1 are an ultimate lifestyle as well as athletic walking shoes. Pairing with a highly attractive and bold look with high quality comfort and fit, these premium cushioned shoes have set a particular standard in the shoe market.

The Fresh Foam midsole makes you feel like you’re running or walking on a soft ground since the pressure is absorbed.

The first of many noteworthy features of this shoe is the fresh Foam midsole cushioning precision that is designed to render an ultra soft and lightweight ride.Another innovative feature is the Endurance outsole.

This ensures that you get a high quality performance without any wear and tear to the shoe.

The Endurance rubber outsole technology ensures that the shoes superior Durability quality helps it remain intact even after rigorous use during workouts or activities.The Ultra Heel feature delivers an ultra cush cloud like ride to keep the pressure of the heels which will help you tremendously if you have flat feet. This ultra Heel design provides a snug fit by hugging the back of the foot.

This unique heel feature works all day to ensure that your flat feet remain comfortable throughout the day which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

Although it has a number of features these shoes yet remain lightweight. The shoes are worth every dollar you pay for the features that it offers. Apart from that, these shoes are available in twenty seven colour variants which include fancy and trendy colours to light and low key colours as well.

In spite of the fact that these shoes are under rated however these shoes cannot be ignored.

Brooks Mens Ravenna 10 – mens walking shoes for flat feet


These shoes are the sister shoes to the initial launch, due to this it works as a great shoe for long distance walking or jogging.

The shoes can be used for rigorous physical activities as well. These shoes come with an added support for non runners as well. It provides an energized feel which delivers a springy and a responsive ride to your jog or walk without any compromise on the support or speed of it.

It also includes a GuideRail Support System that also renders an overall support by stabilizing your feet into alignment. Hence, these shoes are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.

This way it also reduces heel and shin rotation which also keeps any excess knee motion in check.Another noteworthy feature Lightweight fit is that the one-piece mesh upper and internal bootie are so light and breezy that they feel like they are not even present.

The Ravenna 10 ensures the pep in your step and enables a comfortable stride. This is all possible due to the holistic GuideRails support combined with lightweight and responsive cushioning.

The Midfoot Transition Zone is designed to go from heel to toe instantly.

The midsole cushioning and rebounding rubber creates a springy feel underfoot while you walk and jog with these shoes.These shoes are available in five colours which look quite trendy. The shoes offers exceptional features which makes these shoes one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.


Adidas alphabounce – best walking shoes for flat feet men’s


These shoes are made of synthetic and imported rubber soles that make it a premium shoe.

The Shaft measures of these shoes are approximately low-top from arch. These shoes are recommended for dynamic movements, training movements and walking movements which makes it one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet. The arch type is normal.

It is designed with a seamless forged mesh upper that is engineered with areas of stretch and support to ensure a snug fit that adapts to every step, run or jog taken.The bounce cushioning technology provides flexibility and comfort while walking.

The Adiwear outsole is highly durable quality and designed to endure rigorous walks and jogs as well.The shoes are priced at a decent price with regard to the features it has to offer.

These shoes are available in four colour variants and in terms of what they offer, they are one of the best walking shoes for men with flat feet.


This was an in depth review on the best walking shoes for men with flat feet in 2020.

There were other contenders as well, however when we consider peoples suggestions and reviews these were the top listed best walking shoes for men with flat feet in 2020.

These shoes have helped people get rid of the pain and discomfort they experienced due to flat feet.

While tying the shoes ensure that you do not tie them to tight so as to provide some space to your feet which otherwise can cause pain or discomfort.
Orthopedic shoes can seem bulky and stiff but the design is made in that particular way to ensure maximum protection and comfort to your feet.

As a general rule of thumb it is advisable to consult an orthopedic doctor and then buy shoes so as to ensure that your feet pain does not worsen.

Let us know your view on the best walking shoes for men with flat feet in the comment section.

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