Back in the 80s if you would ask me the best white sneakers for men there would be 3-5 to list out. However, if you ask me the same question today, it’s tough to stop without listing at least 20 white sneakers. 

No outfit is complete without footwear and when we talk of footwear there are some remarkable sneakers that you just can’t resist from buying.

Clean white shoes are essentials since they go well with any outfit. Hence it was time to cover the best white sneakers for men.

IntroductionBest white sneakers for men

White sneakers are trendy, versatile with most of the outfits and can be worn throughout the year. 

The appearance and aesthetics of sneakers have evolved enormously in recent years. While compiling this list of best white sneakers it was difficult to list the top 15 best white sneakers for men, considering the options available.

Apart from that, I have also considered the adaptability of these sneakers, as in if they can be worn on the majority of outfits.

These are some of the best white sneakers for men.

Stan Smiths

Best white sneakers for men

1st up on the list for the best white sneakers for men are the Stan Smiths. Started out as tennis shoes these shoes soon became the trend of street style. The simplicity and elegance of this white sneaker were eye-catching. From casual wear to formal wear, these sneakers could be worn on the majority of outfits. 

Preferably, your go-to pairs if you have a casual chill day with your friends.  If you want to take it a notch up, change the colour of the laces to green.

Considering its price range and the looks that come with it, makes it ideal for anyone looking out to purchase white sneakers.

Apart from that, these sneakers are unisex which makes it even more popular. The minimalist design of the shoe provides an overall pleasing appeal.

Adidas Originals Superstar

Best white sneakers for men

The story of these shoes is before 2016. It was the first iconic shoe made for basketball which was low top leather. Due to its appearance and comfort, these shoes soon attained fame. From Nba players to street rappers these shoes got the spotlight they deserved.

Similar to the stan smiths, however, these sneakers come with some rough finish at the toe since it was made for sports.

Granted that these sneakers do pair up well with the majority of the outfits, they do come with some detailing.

The Golden Square at the tongue of the shoes is quite appealing.

Converse Chuck Taylor

Best white sneakers for men

Let’s agree that these pairs are probably most commonly seen on the streets. These white sneakers are low priced and it has a plain white finish with some red-lining at the bottom.

SInce it is made up of cloth, these sneakers are comfortable to wear yet stylish. They are often referred to as Chuck Taylor since the American basketball player Charles Chuck Taylor was sponsored by converse. 

From Beyonce to the kid in the hood, everyone was seen wearing these classics. They are versatile and can help you build up your outfit.

Considering the options and new designs launching from time to time it is difficult for a sneaker to remain relevant, however, these white sneakers are here to stay.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Best white sneakers for men

Yeezys are famous due to the iconic artist Kanye West. Granted the white sneakers are hyped up due to iconism and since Kanye is involved in the design process of the sneakers. Apart from that Yeezys are considered as limited editions since they have a limited number of them releasing every year.

Apart from the hype, after wearing these white sneakers it is safe to say they are comfortable. In addition, the appearance is aesthetically pleasing.

These white sneakers do fall in the premium sneakers.  These white sneakers look great with casual wear. Due to its clean white look, they can be paired with many outfits. 

Whether you’re a Kanye fan or not, these sneakers cannot be ignored.  Hence they make to the list of the best white sneakers for men.

Jordan Nike Men’s Air 

Best white sneakers for men

Well, who doesn’t like jordans? Similar to the Yeezy’s these shoes are priced at a premium. However, these high top sneakers do garner some attention. Wear these white sneakers with ripped jeans, black tees and your Ballin the streets.

Although these white sneakers are easily available compared to Yeezy’s. From celebrities to street rappers these sneakers have set their footprints in the sneaker game.

If you have the budget and find high tops comfortable, then these white sneakers are perfect to build your sneaker collection.

The build quality of these white sneakers are premium which makes it easier to clean when they get dirty.

Nike Men’s Epic React 

Best white sneakers for men

Talk about comfort and style? this is the first sneaker that comes to my mind. This lightweight sneaker combined with Nike’s “react technology” totally changes the sneaker game. The upside of owning these white sneakers is you can wear them at the gym and for casual outings.

The shoes that were initially designed for performance enhancement soon became a lifestyle sneaker granted the pleasing appearance that came along.

With a soft cushy layer and bounce at the heel, this white sneaker is hard to ignore. These white sneakers are preferable for casual wear.

Apart from that these sneakers are affordable for the average man.


Started off as skate shoes, these white sneakers were soon off the charts. The plain white sneakers were ideal to pair with regular casual wear. They started off with the initial variants which were named Authentic Vans and as the company evolved in recent years they are still relevant with added colours and designs.

All though you can’t ask more for the price they are available at. However, these can be used as regular casual wear. 

When these white sneakers were initially launched every pair of them were sold leaving the racks empty. Needless to say, these white sneakers are shoes you should consider.

If you have vans and you would like to know how to clean vans, make sure to check our guide.

Nike Men’s Air Force 1

Although bulky sneakers are trending. These white sneakers are the gap between bulky and street style sneakers. These white sneakers were named after the aircraft which carries the President. It was the first shoe for basketball players improving their overall performance. 

These shoes soon gained traction around the world from basketball fans to street hip hop culture.

The massive midsole, air cushioning and soft springy cushion provide overall comfort to the feet.

Due to its design, these sneakers can be clubbed with casual and semi-formal wear. I recommend buying the synthetic leather version as it is easier to clean them.

Adidas Men’s Ultraboost

Ultraboost was designed to enhance performance using their ultra boost technology. The dual-density cushions were designed to provide comfortable support for jogging.

Due to its pleasing design, this white sneaker thus became a lifestyle sneaker.

There is no complaining about the comfort aspect of the sneakers. These sneakers are decently priced. In the start, these white sneakers may appear tight but as you continue wearing them they eventually loosen out. The fit was designed to provide a good grip for outdoor activities.

If you plan to go out for a casual event and run around with your friends as well, this is your multi-purpose sneakers. 

New Balance 997H

Underrated from the others, however, these white sneakers are a bang for the buck. Created in 1997, the shoe style still remains relevant these days. The mesh panels allow the heat and moisture to escape keeping your feet cool and dry.

The underfoot cushioning technology was designed specifically to provide comfort to your feet. 

There are nearly 45 variants and colour options available making it ideal for the consumer to pick their favourite colours.

These casual white sneakers are ideal for your daily wear providing support and comfort while you walk the town.

Nike Cortez

These timeless classics are still prevalent on the streets. The simplistic design and leather finish are still available since launched in 1972. Black tees blue Jeans and a black leather jacket with these pairs, you have everyone’s eyes rolling.

Since the size runs small, buy a bigger size just to get the perfect fit. The aesthetic appearance, comfortable design and upgraded styling make it pairable with almost any outfit.

The Eva midsole, rubber outsole and nylon upper make it suitable for everyday wear. If you want to keep it subtle yet stylish then these white sneakers will get the job done.

Adidas Originals Men’s Tubular 

White sneakers can be difficult to buy when there are so many variants tossed out regularly. However, the tubular can be paired with most of the outfits.

If you cuff your jeans or trousers then these white sneakers are sneakers you should consider. Due to its sharp and edgy appearance, these sneakers garner attention. The construction of the sneakers is sock-like providing a good fit to the feet.

With the colour options and the price range, these white sneakers are worth the penny.  Due to its burrito tongue closure, these with sneakers provide a snug type of comfort.

Puma Men’s Basket Classic Lfs

Similar to the stan smiths these white sneakers are another hot selling pair. The clean and simple design of the looks provides a gentleman look to it. These basket classics are available in suede variants as well. However, cleaning suedes can get tedious.

These white sneakers are ideal for evening casual wear. However, it should be avoided as rough use.

The downside of this white sneaker is that the width is tight for people with wide feet.

Nonetheless, it’s quite decent for its price range. Pair these shoes with your casual wear and you are hitting the streets dapper.

Nike Men’s Air Max 90

I may get hate for adding this white sneaker on the list but these white sneakers are one of the most comfortable sneakers I have worn. Although they do appear bulky, they fit great. The comfort these white sneakers provide is unmatched.

Granted that they are performance-oriented but they can be used for multi-purposes. They come with an outstanding athletic sole providing a soft cushion effect to your feet with every step you take.

Nevertheless, these white sneakers can be worn only on casual wear due to the design and appearance of it.

Nike React Element 55 

Nike is known for its sneakers. At least looking at my list you must have guessed it. These white sneakers include “react technology” to enhance performance. Apart from the performance benefits, these white sneakers can be paired with most of your outfit.

However due to the mixture of colours it comes with, preferable advisable to wear this as casual wear. These white sneakers garner attention due to their iconic style and build.

Although these shoes are priced at a premium they have a unique design and appeal that is eye-catching.


There were many other sneakers that could be considered however all of them don’t offer white variants. These were the top 15 best white sneakers for men.

There were many other contenders as well but considering price, adaptability and other factors these were shortlisted for the best white sneakers for men.

Needless to say, you need to have at least one white sneakers since their a good investment that will last you long.

However, it’s important to clean and maintain your white sneakers. White sneakers when dirty can make you go from dapper to sloppy. Although there are many upsides to wearing white sneakers, maintaining them is a downside and needs to be done from time to time.

Preferably use a sneaker cleaner to ensure that your white sneakers are up to date.

If you have more than two white sneakers it is advisable to purchase different colour laces as they will enhance the look of the sneaker. 

Let me know your best white sneakers in the comment section. Let me know your views about this post on the best white sneakers for men.

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