If you are searching for the complete formal wear for men to add to your wardrobe, you have reached the right website.

Here I am going to tell you the best formal wear for men that you can add to your wardrobe and you can wear them not only as office wear but for parties as well.

Well, when we talk about formal wear there is a huge collection.

Hence I will be covering the must-haves or the essential formal wear clothing that you should consider.

To make this easier to understand I have divided it into three parts.

  1. Formal Wear
  2. Semi-Formal
  3. Party-wear

So Let’s begin with the latest trends for formal wear for men.

Formal Wear

In formal wear your go tos would be black and grey trousers and when it comes to shirts you can go with white and blue shirts.

You can mix and match these two up as they would go really well with each other.

In formal wear, you want to keep it more with plain shirts as it enhances the look.

The other colours in shirts which also go very well are black, navy blue, light pink.

When it comes to clothing, fit is the most important part of it. Make sure you get your clothes tailored to keep you sharp and dapper.

The Signature Look (1st Formal Wear For Men)

Formal Wear For Men

This outfit is the signature outfit for formal wear.

You can level it up by wearing the coat or else you can also wear a white shirt and tie. You can wear this outfit for weddings parties and office as well.

If you want to take this outfit a notch up, try using a coffee brown belt with coffee brown sneakers, just done wear a black tie while doing that.

You can wear black formal shoes or even white sneakers. While wearing sneakers just make sure the pants you are wearing are slim fit and well tapered.

The Royal Navy Army (2nd Formal Wear For Men)

Formal Wear For Men

This navy blue suit looks gorgeous

This is one of the essentials when it comes to formal wear for men that is a must-have. These suits were initially worn by the British Royal Navy in 1948.

Granted the looks and elegance that came along with it, soon it became a fashion statement.

This suit can be dressed up and down according to the event. Navy blue suits go well with coffee brown or tan brown loafers. Just make sure you wear the same colour belt.

If you want to wear this for a party simple wear a black turtle neck inside and you are good to go.

This suit will enhance your personality even more if worn as a 3 piece suit for an office event.

You can go for black red or maroon tie with this suit.

The Maroon Suit. (3rd The Most Stylish Formal Wear For Men)

Formal Wear For Men

This Maroon suit will take your formal game way up than most of the crowd. Most people do not wear this suit.

If you want to go for an event or party and want to stand out, then this is your go-to outfit.

You can also wear a black shirt instead of a white shirt and it would still look good. I would suggest, go with black shoes as they complement the suit well.

If you want to complete the whole look, you can go for a three-piece maroon suit with black shades.

The Formal Meeting Wear. (4th Formal Wear For Men

Formal Wear For Men

This is a classy suit. If you those long office meetings where you want to walk in sharp and sexy then this is the look you should go for.

This outfit can be dressed down as casual wear as well. Simply remove the vest and you are good to go.

You can also wear a white shirt instead of a pink shirt and a black tie alternatively.

The Semi-Formal Wear For Men

Semi-Formal outfits are nothing but a more relaxed version of formal wear. Here you can experiment with a lot of mixing and matching with your formal wear garments and your casual/streetwear garments.

The following are some tricks and tips on how you can enhance your semi-formal attire.

This is a clean and minimalistic attire consisting of a solid shirt and a  basic pair of shirt and trousers.

The fit of the shirt is the most essential part of this look. Pick your shirt according to your personal style. Colours like pastel blues, pinks and whites look neat and classy.

You can pair them up with trousers that have narrow bottoms chinos (solid or printed) in the shades of beige, white or black.

Pasten shirt with white trousers creates a very minimalistic and clean look. It’s a go-to if you’re looking for comfort with elegance.

Here you have a lot of scope in terms of exploring various shades of belts in the tan browns and black family of hues.

The Light Blue Blazer

The main essence of this look is the unconstructed blazer.

This pastel blazer is multi-purpose as you can utilize it for your formal, semi-formal, party wear as well as casual attires.

This entire look consists of all your comfort clothing like a basic white t-shirt and pants.

It also includes your white sneakers which compliments your white shirt.

The pastel unconstructed jacket adds just the right amount of formal touch to it.

Pastel coloured jackets are a must-have for a perfect and clean day look. The key to this look is the perfect coordination between the colours of your t-shirt and shoes.

However, try to keep them pastel or white.

You are free to experiment with the blazer of your choice which is a vital style statement in this attire.

The Relaxed Semi-Formal Look

This attire is the most trending and widely appreciated in the fashion market.

However, most people find it difficult to find the right pair of complementing garment to bring out the best in this look.

The shirt in this look has to be a slim fit or contoured to your body type to achieve the perfect fit required for this look.

The sleeveless vest here is the style statement of this look which creates nothing but perfection. A tailored fit would be a suggestion.

Also, you can experiment with textured fabrics or sustainable fabrics like khadi, pure linen etc to create a subtle and classy look.

The most important factor in terms of colour coordination is that the shirt and the vest colour need to be contrasting and well co-ordinated with the trousers.

If you are keeping the vest of solid colour you can pair it up with a printed trouser with large checks, stripes (vertical) or colour on colour print, and vice versa.

Pair it up with formal shoes and a classy watch and you’re good to go.

This three-piece look can be simple, ornate or leisure or luxury.

The Turtle Neck Look

This look can be a part of semi-formal as well as party wear attire.

The black turtle neck t-shirt just wins hearts and is the most flattering minimalistic style which creates the right amount of edge to your attire.

Pairing it up a pastel blazer (solid or printed ) or also of a textured fabric will definitely create the buzz in your attire.

It is a quick trick to achieving a luxurious and classy look with the most minimalistic outfits which you can use in your daily wardrobe.


Formal Wear For Men

Clothes are the most vocal expression of an individual’s personality, and party wear gives you a vast scope in expressing yourself.

I would suggest exploring different colours and textures and choosing the right party wear without following the stereotypes can lift your personal confidence and help you bring out the best in you.

Wearing print on print i.e Printed jacket or blazer with printed trousers is something most people tend to avoid due to lack of confidence to carry it.

However, the ones that do, surely are the ones that stand out.

The key element here is a choosing the correct print and colour that matches your personality and style, going with universal colours like beige, black, blue or white with subtle prints going in a single direction will make your outfit look expression as well as elegant at the same time.

Getting this set perfectly tailored for achieving the correct fit is highly recommended.

The Evening Party Wear

The above style is an extremely convenient trick to achieve the spotlight without risking your fashion game.

Here you’re going with the colour that rules the nightlight and the party wear outfits in the history of fashion, and would never lose its mark.

However, playing with a monochromatic print that is light on the eyes and yet detailed gives the perfect design element to your attire.

As we all know in the language of fashion, ‘less is always more’ and this printed shirt is the best way to be minimalistic in your dressing.

The Printed Look

Formal Wear For Men

This three-piece garment totally speaks for itself. It is a tricky but a top-notch in men’s fashion.

It covers most of the design elements such as printed details, a symphony of colours, earthy tones, textured weaved jacket, constructed tailoring, Vintage, utilitarian, modern, represents handlooms with a rich heritage, elegant details and a definition to cuts and fabrics.

The only key element in this attire is the texture and prints that compliment each other and they also stand by themselves as separate pieces which are again multi-purpose.

A white shirt would give a very elegant base for your trousers and blazer to stand out.

Achieving this look would require a little aesthetic sense in colours and that would be all for others to run out of compliments for your look this season.

The Sneaker Suit Look

Formal Wear For Men

This is a formal wear look for men which is multipurpose and would never go out of style. This is your quick fix to your fashion errands or last moment plans.

Going tone on tone with your trouser and blazer and keeping a subtle base like black or white as always been ‘in’ in the fashion industry.

I have mentioned limited styles since it would be difficult to cover every formal wear for men. Let me know in the comments your favourite formal, semi-formal or party wear.

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