If you’re a man or woman you can’t ignore the Converse Chuck Taylors. Why? Just because they are stylish and cheap. From teenagers to adults most people at least own a pair of converse. So let’s look at how to wear high top converse with jeans.

The white and black converse is pairable with most of your outfits. The rubber sole makes it one of the strongest shoes.

Apart from that, these converse can be considered as a staple to every man’s outfit. Learning how to wear high top converse with jeans can set you apart from the pack.


Converse initially sponsored a basketball player named Charles Chuck Taylor. The shoes were initially designed for basketball.

The popularity of the shoe grew amongst basketball players and soon it got traction globally. From Movie Stars to the average guy on the street, everyone was seen wearing them

The lightweight flexible sneakers were the go-too sneakers due to its popularity.

Granted the colour variants it came with, it was easy to style them on any outfit. The sleek and classic finish soon became one of the well-known sneakers in sneaker history globally.

Now that we know this let’s look at how to wear high top converse with jeans.

High top converse with jeans

White and black high top converse go with jeans well. While wearing high tops with jeans ensure that the length of the jeans fit you well.

If they are too long they will look too baggy and cover the ankle of the shoes.

High top converse with jeans goes well when you’re wearing skinny fit jeans or tapered fit jeans as they provide the space to the high tops making them more visible.

The black leather, blue, black and white is the most selling high top converse sneakers. These colours go well with most of your outfits.

If your jeans are long, simply pin roll them to the length you desire. With high-top converse try maintaining a gap between the sneakers and the trouser or ensure that the jeans touch the start of the high tops. 

Some outfit ideas

High top converse with jeans

Light blue jeans with a white tee shirt and a black leather jacket with white high tops converse and your Ballin. This outfit is perfect for party wear, evening outfit or clubbing.

Brown suede jacket with a white tee-shirt, navy blue jeans and white high top converse and you should be good to go. This subtle outfit can be worn for a casual date or evening functions.

Black Tee shirt or a black henley with black ripped jeans and white high top converse, pretty much can be a staple. This simple outfit can look great with high top converse which can be your staple regular wear.

Light blue denim jacket, black tee shirt, black jeans and white high top converse is an amazing way to style your outfit with high top converse with jeans for your office parties where you want to keep it casual yet stylish.

White shirt, light blue jeans, dark green jacket and white high top converse. This outfit looks amazing and stands out making it perfect for any casual event. Due to the colour combination you can get away wearing this at semi-formal events as well.

Oversized t-shirts as well go with high top converse.

High top converse with jeans goes well as long as you maintain the contrast in your outfit. These were some ways to show you how to wear high top converse with jeans. However, feel free to add in your unique touch and expression to it.


High top converse with jeans

These were the different ways to wear high top converse with jeans. These were some ideas for you to start off with. Once you get a feel of it, you can experiment with different styles and patterns.

Apart from that you can also switch laces and fold the high tops while wearing converse with jeans.

While pairing high top converse with jeans ensure there is a flow and choose pieces that complement each other.  Versatile, timeless and they look better as they age, these high top converse are essential to every man’s wardrobe.

While buying these shoes you can look for one size smaller to get the right fit. 

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