One of the most common questions about ties is, how long should a tie be? To keep it short and sweet, the tip of your tie should end or touch the middle waistband or belt of your trousers. That’s how long a tie should be.

Your suit or outfit can go from stylish to disorganised just with your tie. You don’t want the length of the tie too short nor too long.

However, it is difficult to say how long should a tie be since there are no strict rules here. In the olden days, ties were short and gradually the lengths of the tie increased. 

On the contrary, wearing a short tie today looks like you have borrowed your younger brothers tie. As fashion has evolved so have the ties and the lengths of them evolved as well.

Getting your tie length right is essential to putting an outfit together gracefully. There are various tips that can help you achieve this. 


How long should a tie be

Ties were initially introduced in the 17th century by the French King. The king had hired mercenaries who wore ties as part of their uniform during the war. These ties which were worn as part of uniform transformed into ties which we wear to events and office.

There are sayings that a tie is a sign of making the cross. Hence men used to wear a tie as a way of making the cross around them. The tie was a symbol of Christianity.

It was in the 50s where the trend of ties emerged. Ties were created to fit or complement the physique as custom suits. It was here that designers began experimenting with different types of cloth for a tie. 

It was here the Kipper tie emerged as a trend in Britain.

How Long Should A Tie Be?

How long should a tie be

A common question most men have about ties is, how long should a tie be? The length of the tie would differ from person to person. However, a rule of thumb here is the tip of the tie should touch the middle waist or the centre point of your belt.

Depending upon your height and body posture you can tie your tie accordingly.

A straightforward way to know your tie is short is if you can see the shirt between the tie and your waist or belt. Similarly, if your belt is covered completely by your tie, then the tie is long.

A long tie highlights the crotch, hence its best to tie the tie again. 

If you find the length too long or short, just tie the tie again. It could cost you an extra 5 minutes but it will save your outfit from getting hijacked due to laziness.

If you are wearing a waist that you don’t want to take off, then your tie knot is more important than the length of it.

Types of Ties and Their Length

How long should a tie be

Before you decide how long should a tie be? let’s look at some of the types of ties available. From diamond ties to square ties, their length should be the same.

Although square ties add a vintage look to your outfit. The length of the tie remains the same. 

For the diamond tie, it will be the tip of the tie that touches the centre of the waistband or belt. Similarly, the same applies to the square tie, where the flat edge bottom touches the centre of the waistband.

It is advisable to iron the tie before tying the knot. This will help you attain the right length of the tie.

Now that you know how long should a tie be, let’s look at some tricks to get the length right.

The Tie Clip


A tie clip is a great way to ensure that your tie does not swing. It ensures that the tie remains straight. What I mean here is, suppose you have an outdoor event, the tie clip ensures that your tie is not all over the place. 

Another advantage with the tie clip is if you are in a hurry and the length of your tie is long. You can simply clip the tip above the standard-fit achieving the right length.

Tie clips are made of metal, available from decorative patterns to fancy embellishments. Some tie clips also include membership or affiliation.

Apart from that, the tie clip also helps in keeping the back blade of your tie hidden.

This subtle accessory highlights your tie and keeps it organised for you.

Custom Ties For Tall Men

How long should a tie be

The length of standard ties ranges between 57-58 inches. If you are taller than 6ft, it is advisable to look for custom ties. Alternatively, you can also opt for ties with longer lengths.

Around 61-63 inches would be ideal for someone taller than 6ft. To a certain degree, it is true that buying ties could be difficult for tall men.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should discard all your ties. 

There are some good options for custom and long ties if you are patient to find them.

Be Realistic With Your Posture

While trying to get the length of your tie right, it is advisable to stand in a posture that you normally keep. Most men stand upright while tieing a tie. The downside of doing this is, the length of the tie remains right as long as you maintain the same posture.

However, it is not realistic to maintain the same posture throughout the event. It is recommended to maintain a posture you keep regularly. This will help you achieve the right length for your tie. Get this right and you’ve saved yourself the burden of redoing the tie.

In case the length is a bit long, you can adjust the length with a tie clip. The caveat of the tie clip is, avoid using this if the length is too long. In such cases, it’s best to tie the tie again.

However, if the length of the tie is long, its best to re-do it.

Double-check it In the mirror

Finally, once you have tied your tie, double-check it in the mirror.  This way you will know if you’re good to go or changes need to be made.

While checking the length of the tie in the mirror, maintain a posture you regularly keep. 

Hence you will be able to know if the length of the tie is right or not. 

If you feel its long or short its time to tie the tie again.

Some Handy Tips

Shorter ties make you appear short or provide a vintage look. 

It is advisable to keep both the blades of the same length. Shorter length for the back blade will work as well. However, it is advisable to avoid longer lengths for your back blade.

While starting out it is advisable to opt for a standard knot for all your ties to get the length of the tie right. Once you get the knack of doing it, you can experiment with different types of knots.

Apply the tie clip or the tie bar near your lower chest. Putting the tie clip too low or high can spoil the look of it.

While tying the tie make sure to make the tie knot tight. This will ensure that the tie dimple remains throughout the day, providing a stylish finish.

Use the tie bar or tie clip to create a lift on the tie. This provides a more aesthetic finish to the tie.

Look for ties that have a medium or thin look to them as they compliment your physique.

If you prefer using thick ties, look for uniformly thick ties.

Look for basic pocket squares if you plan to wear a tie along with it to avoid appearing flashy.


These were some of the answers on how long should a tie be. Although there are no strict rules to this per se. These are the commonly followed practises when it comes to wearing a tie. Let me know your views on how long should a tie be in the comment section.

At the end of the day, a tie is an expression of your style and feel free to experiment with the length of the tie.

There are quite a few who prefer the length of their ties just above the waistband as well. However, while selecting a tie make sure it compliments your outfit and pocket square.

These days you have many options and patterns to choose from. The knit ties are on the rise these days due to its royal appearance.

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