He enters the class with vans looking like they’ve just been taken out of the box. I couldn’t believe it. We had got our vans dirty the previous day. Cleaning them is fine but his vans looked knew. I knew it was time to ask him “how to clean white vans.”

He then whispers some things, he does, to keep them clean. I couldn’t believe it was so easy to remove the stains. Afterall every guy who wears white vans wants to know how to clean white vans.

I went home and did what he told me. The results were shocking. My vans looked new.

I didn’t know cleaning white vans would be so easy. Anyways I will be sharing in detail everything that my friend told me so that you too can learn the easy simple way to clean white vans.

I will also mention the quick way on how to clean white vans if you don’t have time and need to wear your vans in a few hours.


Vans are skate shoes. White vans became popular the moment they were released. These shoes had left most of the sneaker fans spellbound. 

Due to its versatility and casual look, these shoes were favoured by many.

However, the downside that comes with white vans is keeping them clean. White vans captivate anyone’s attention. However, once they get dirty they can look awful. Due to its light colour, white vans tend to get dirty quickly.

As a result, learning how to clean white vans is essential.

Before we begin, the tools needed for this are a piece of cloth, toothbrush and dishwasher soap

So how to clean white vans. It can be done in 4 simple steps.

  1. Remove the laces
  2. Wipe the shoes with a wet cloth
  3. Use dishwasher soap to clean the stains with a toothbrush
  4. Put the shoes in the washing machine to finish the cleaning
  5. Use baking soda for the bottom rubber area of the shoes.

Let’s look at each step in detail on how to clean white vans.

Remove the laces.

how to clean white vans

Remove the laces before you begin cleaning vans. This makes it easier to clean the shoes. Keeping the laces on can make it difficult to clean the areas of the tongue of the shoe. Take the laces and place them in a bowl of water and dishwasher soap. 

Let the lace remain in the bowl for while you begin cleaning the shoes.

The best way to clean laces is by rubbing them in water with both hands. However, do this after you have cleaned the white vans as this will allow the laces to soak in the soap.

This will make it easier to clean the laces. Now that you have left the laces in the bowl lets move to the next step.

Wipe the white vans with a wet cloth.

how to clean white vans

When you are washing your vans, chances are there is a lot of surface layer dirt which can easily be removed by wiping them with a wet cloth. Once you get rid of the surface layer dirt then it will be easier to remove the stubborn stains. 

These are stains that don’t go just by wiping them with water. It is necessary to first remove the surface layer by wiping them off the vans.

While doing this keep in mind to avoid wiping the cloth in circular motions or in a particular area. This will only spread the stain in that area more.

What you want to do here is to get the shoes damp and remove the surface layer dirt.

Once the vans are damp, it is easier to remove the stains. Now that you have removed the surface layer dirt by wiping the shoe with a wet cloth we go head on to remove those stubborn stains.

Use dishwasher soap to clean the stains with a toothbrush.

how to clean white vans

Many people use hydrogen peroxide to wash white vans however I refrain from using this chemical since it leaves a yellow stain on the vans. Hence it is preferable to use a toothbrush dipped in dishwasher soap.

Once you have the toothbrush dipped with soap, begin by cleaning in circular motions.

The trick here is once you have removed the stain, rinse that area with water. Rub the toothbrush around the stain.

Here what we are trying to do is remove those stains individually.

It is advisable to rub the toothbrush in circular motion only around the stains. If you rub the toothbrush covering every area, the dirt or the stain on that area will spread on new layers dirtying the shoe even more.

The right way to do it is, rub the toothbrush in a circular motion around a stain. Once you see the stain coming out, rinse that area with water so that the stain doesn’t spread.

Repeat this step depending upon how dirty the white vans are.

After you have done this step you will notice that most of the stain and dirt of the shoe will be gone.

Put the shoes in the washing machine to finish the cleaning.

how to clean white vans

Its time to add the final touches to the vans. Put the vans in the washing machine covering them in a cloth bag. 

Add a small amount of detergent and let the washing machine do the job.

If you want to wear the white vans in a few hours then you can let the washing machine dry them. If you are not in a haste then keep them out in the sun and let them dry naturally.

If your shoes are clean by using the toothbrush and dishwasher, then you can skip this step. If there are stains that are still visible then you can put them in the washing machine.

Before you put them in the washing machine make sure to cover them in a cloth bag to avoid any damage.

Use baking soda for the bottom rubber area of the vans.

After following all these steps you will notice that the vans are clean. However, if your shoes are heavily stained or grease some marks may still be visible.

Scrubbing them with the toothbrush again won’t help but damage the vans. The best way to tackle these stains is to use baking soda especially the bottom layer of the vans which gets stained easily.

Dip the toothbrush in water and apply baking soda at the areas covered with stained. If the stains are only at the bottom of the vans, then apply the baking soda to the bottom layer and let it dry.

Once it dries you will notice the stains covered with baking soda. Finally, you know how to clean white vans.

But wait, remember my friend? he shared a trick where he used to clean his shoes in a few hours.

I’m about to share that tip with you now. Honestly the steps above work but I don’t do it that way. Just because it’s time-consuming.

So what was his trick to make his white vans look new?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, this was the product my friend was using. What’s unique about this product it has a blend of chemicals that makes the whole cleaning process so effortless. After using this product I have been cleaning my white vans quickly. 

I’ve been able to wash them and wear the vans right after cleaning them. Simply get the foam of the product wet which gets the chemicals present in it activated. Once this is done simply rub the areas that are stained.

After you have done this put the shoes in the dryer and your good to go. This method saves time and can be used when you want to wear your white vans immediately.

If you do not wish to buy this product the alternate method with 5 steps works just fine.

Some Handy Tips.

If you notice that your vans or shoe smell, this is due to the moisture in them. Put a green tea bag in each shoe and all the stink will go away. It will leave the shoe with a fresh green tea fragrance.

Incase your vans get wet and you don’t have time to clean them, simply put newspapers inside the vans. This will absorb the moisture and make sure your shoes stay intact.

Sometimes the size of shoes can vary from brand to brand. If you have got vans one size bigger merely use an insole. The insole will elevate your feet, which will make them fit better. 

The bottom of the vans gets dirty easy. If you wear vans regularly, just take a candle and rub it on the bottom of the vans. Once you have rubbed the wax of the candle on the vans, use a blow dryer with high heat levels. Let the wax melt and settle on the vans or shoe. This will create a layer of protection for your vans. Congrats you now have waterproof vans.

Use shoe horns while putting your shoes. Shoe horns protect the shoe from the damage caused by slipping your shoes aggressively in the shoes. This could tear damage and spoil the shape of the shoe.

Alcohol wipes can help you to get rid of the daily stains that come with using them. Simply use the wipe and the newly acquired stains will vanish.

Once you have worn the shoes, put the shoe tree horn in them to absorb the moisture. Similarly, you can rotate the shoehorn every day according to the shoe worn that day.


Wearing white vans can take your outfit a notch up. However, keeping them clean from time to time is essential.

Hence, now that you have learnt how to clean white vans you should set up a time once in 15 days or a month depending upon how often you wear them.

 These were the tips and tricks on how to clean white vans the right way.

If I have missed out on something that you would like to mention, make sure to add them in the comment section.

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