How to cut your own hair? Well, I was least bothered to know this if you asked me this question previously. However, due to the lockdown because of COVID-19, my hair had grown long and it was time for me to cut it.

Since I didn’t have the option of going to Aaron, my local barber to cut my hair and that relaxing head massage post the haircut.

This left me wondering as to how to cut your own hair. I knew I was safe to experiment granted that this lockdown would stay for some time. Few mistakes committed by me would be forgiven.

As usual, I began by asking Google how to cut your own hair.

My initial reaction to the whole how to cut your own hair seemed like a math problem impossible to do.

However, it was time to get rid of the old messy hair and get a fresh sharp haircut. 

Nonetheless,  at least look human during this lockdown. I must say I was doing it slowly but I was able to get a good haircut although I had no prior experience.

In this post, I will share how you can cut your own hair in depth and how to get a proper fade haircut. 

Tools needed to cut your own hair

Before we begin on how to cut your own hair, the tools needed for this will be clippers, beard trimmer, comb and scissors.

In case you want to reduce the volume of your hair you can include thinning scissors as well.

In case you do not have these tools I have mentioned some quality trimmers and tools below. 

Let’s begin with How to cut your own hair for men.

Step 1 – Begin with the sides

How to cut your own hair for men

We will be starting from the sides first. Ensure that the trimmer is on the bald line and there is no guard on the clipper.

This will help to cut most of the hair from the sides and the backside of your head.

It is advisable to start the cut around the top portion of your eyebrows. While doing this ensure that you are not applying too much pressure on the clipper. Let the clipper do the job as too much pressure on the clipper could lead to cuts.

Be gentle while running the clipper back and forth on the side hair of your head. While doing this makes sure that there is no stray hair while doing so.

For this to happen it is vital that your clippers are clean from time to time.

If you are doing this for the first time it is recommended to keep a mirror behind you so that you can keep the cut as clean as possible.

Go slow while trimming the backside of your head. Once you have done this double-check the bald line in the mirror.

In order to learn how to cut your own hair, you need to get the bald line of the fade haircut right first. 

Once you’ve done this we can move to the next step.

Step 2 : Merge the bald line with the upper hair

In order to create the fade, it is vital that the hair on the sides and back of your head merge well or else it will look disproportionate. To merge the fade we will need the guards for the clippers.

You can use the number 1 guard with the lever closed. Move the clipper up from the bald line for about half an inch. 

Now do this all around the head by moving the clippers up from the bald line. 

In order to make this fade appear clean, you can move the clippers above by removing the guard and remove any unnecessary hair. 

After completing this step we can now move to the next step of merging them together.

Step 3 – Remove the bulky hair on the sides

Now that you have done this we are going to remove all the bulky hair on the sides. For this, it is advisable to use the number 2 guard closed with the clippers. 

Simply flick out the extra hair and it is easier than the earlier steps.

While doing this it is advisable to go about half an inch to three-quarters of an inch to give you that faded look. As you keep moving the clippers you will notice that there is still a visible separation between the hair below the bald line and hair above.

To merge it finish the fades on the side we will now move to step 4 to merge them properly.

Step 4 – Clean the bald line again

To complete the fade on the sides it is advisable to use the number one guard on the clipper with the lever open. 

Now move the clipper on the sides where you used the clippers with number two guard closed. Once you do this the fade will appear clean and crispy.

After doing this if there are still hard lines visible on the bald line  it is preferable to use the move the clippers up without any guards to get rid of any hard lines. 

Once you have done this we can move to the next step.

Step 5 – Part your hair to create the perfect fade

Now part your hair and straighten your hair. If you face difficulty parting your hair, then the corner of your eyebrow is a good place to start the parting of your hair. 

Use the number 5 guard lever open on the clipper to and remove any excess hair.

While doing this use your hand or clips to hold the other side of the hair to ensure you do not cut the other side other hair.

Keeping flicking your hair with the 5 guard on your clipper to get a clean fade.  As you keep doing this you will notice a clean merged fade will occur.

Step 6 Merge the upper sides with the lower sides

Now you will notice the middle line will be remaining on the sides. It is advisable to use a comb and scissors to cut this portion. While doing this ensure that you are not going very deep and just removing the bulky hair.

To ensure that you only remove the bulk and not the length, cut the hair with a comb. This will help achieve that faded look on the sides. 

Keep doing this around your head. While doing this, ensure you do two things.

While cutting your hair, start from the bald line to the bulk and after you have cut the bulk ensure you part the other side to avoid any additional bulk.

While doing this step, go slow so that you can get a clean finish.

If you want to fade the hard hair line around the back of your neck you can use a beard trimmer to get rid of it. 

Usually, clippers don’t cut deep enough so beard trimmers should do the job for you. 

Now that we have the sides completed we can move to the next step

Step 7 Cut the top hair on your head

After cutting the length on the sides of the head lets now cut the length on top of the head. To do this, first, get your hair wet completely.

Make sure there are no dry spots. Once completed just comb your hair to remove any excess water and dry your hair keeping it damp. First, comb your hair down and begin by cutting the front line of the hair.

Here you can shape the front line of your hair.

Most men cut their hair above the eyebrows. This is ideal unless you prefer long hair. 

While cutting the front portion of your hair, I usually prefer thinning the entire portion with thinning scissors. This is because I have thick hair growth.

If you plan on keeping a puff or pompadour I would suggest keeping the front layers of hair length long. This will enable the hair to set well and will be able to provide the volume that you would be looking for.

Finishing Touches

It is advisable to cut the back layers of the front portion of your hair short.

Otherwise, your hair will appear long and disproportionate. There is no set rule here as to how much you should cut.

In case you want a regular hair cut, use your fingers to pull layers of hair above and cut the extra growth with scissors. This method is also known as point cutting.

The objective here is to soften the ends without reducing the length and it adds texture to the cut as well.

Keep doing this from the back hair of your head to the front hair. 

As you continue you will notice that your haircut will appear sharp and neat.

Blend the fade at the back and top of your head by using your fingers and scissors. Lift the extra hair with your fingers and cut the extra growth.

Once the back portion of the middle portion of your head is complete then move to the middle section. This was a detailed method on how to cut your own hair. You now know the complete guide on how to cut your own hair.


Here is a video demonstrating the exact steps mentioned above.

In case you do not have the tools mentioned. Here are some professional tools that I have used and are ideal for cutting your hair.

Wahl Hair Clipper

This trimmer is an all-in-one grooming essential which will help you to cut your own hair. You can use this trimmer to cut your hair, trim your nose hair and trim your beard as well.  

It is a complete hair cutting and personal grooming tool. 

They come with 4 trimming guards making it ideal to provide the fade haircut appearance. A full charge would provide you with a run time of two to three hours.

A one-minute charge would provide you with a three-minute run time. 

There are many other clippers as well however this would be the best among them as it would enable you to get a clean finish.

Bevel clipper

This professional hair clipper is a professional clipper which provides precision and prevents bumps or irritation.

The blades are easy to clean and repeal oil dirt and any build-up. The trimmer does not heat up while using it for long hours.

It comes with a premium build quality and sleek appearance. This clipper can be used to maintain your beard as well. 

It provides an 8-hour run time cordless. This clipper can be used with the chord as well which is ideal in case your clipper runs out of charge. 

The clipper is priced at a premium but it provides features worth considering as well.

Philips Norelco

This all-in-one Philips clipper is built with dual cut technology that is designed to offer maximum precision and includes blades sharper than most clippers.

The company claims that the blades can last up to 5 years.

The clipper has a 5-hour run time which is enough to help you cut your own hair. Apart from that, the clipper can be used while charging it as well.

The clipper can be completely washed under a faucet. 

The trimmer comes with 14 reinforced trimming guards and the built quality of the guards are premium as well.

It can be used to trim your beard and nose hair as well. 

Although the blades are sharp you can trim the sensitive areas of your skin such as armpits as well easily 

Scissors Kit

These professional scissors are ideal to get a clean haircut. The stainless steel build quality resists any rust or tarnish.

It comes with a kit which makes it easier to store the scissors, combs and clips.

The kit includes a regular scissor and a thinning scissor. Apart from that it also includes a plastic comb and some clips.

Hence, this entire kit is ideal and cost-efficient as well.

This kit and the clipper included are ideal tools to cut your own hair.

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer isn’t essential however if you want a clean fade it would help. Regular trimmers and clippers don’t cut deep. 

Beard trimmers will enable you to achieve a refined and clean fade.

Although the clipper would suffice here, however beard trimmers would not harm either. This trimmer will ensure that precision and detail to your haircut.

This trimmer can be easily rinsed under a faucet. Not only will it help you cut your own hair but keep your beard and nose hair maintained as well.

The trimmer provides built-in settings which enables you to select your preferred trim by adjusting the zoom wheel accordingly. 

This trimmer will help you achieve a sharp look while you cut your own hair.

Some Handy Tips On How To Cut Your Own Hair

Before you start cutting your own hair it is ideal to decide the look or the hairstyle that you want. This is will help you decide how to go about trimming your hair.

Opt for haircuts that suit your face structure. There is no specific way on how to cut your own hair. The steps would vary depending on the hairstyle you prefer.

Prepare the work area before you begin cutting your own hair. Apart from that ensure that the floor surface is easy to clean as there would be hair and dirt falling off.

Before you begin cutting your own hair, it is ideal to wash your hair. This will strip the excessive oil and any build-up. Thus, it will make the haircutting process easier.

Invest in a quality clipper and ensure that you regularly oil your clippers. It is vital to keep them clean to reduce the wear and tear of the clippers.

Use a Dual mirror to set avoid any damage. This will ensure that you are aware of the length of the hair and will help you understand whether you need to proceed further or you’ve already achieved the length you desired.

It is recommended to cut your hair in the bathroom so that you can wash off the fallen hair on your face or grab a napkin to clean your face. It makes it easier to clean your face while cutting your hair.

If are don’t know how to cut your own hair and it’s the first time you plan to do it, ensure you do it slowly to avoid any mess-ups.

While using clippers avoid applying pressure as it could lead to cuts. Ensure that you dust off the hair on the clippers while you trim your hair.

Be careful while cutting hair near the ears as this area is a sensitive area and gets cut easily if you use clippers roughly on it. 

As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to use the clippers against the direction of the hair growth.

Sideburns and necklines are the initial indicators of messy hair. In case you do not know how to cut your own hair, just clean up the sideburns and necklines with a clipper.

Wash your hair after the haircut if you’re not sure about the length as it will help you determine the proper length of your hair by getting rid of the loose hair.

In case you plan to blow dry your hair, it is advisable that you use some heat resistant product. Overusing your curling iron, flat iron, blow-dryer, curler or other products can cause dry, frizzy hair. 

The first few times when you cut your own hair avoid cutting it too short as if you make a mistake it will become difficult to correct it. However, if there is a mistake you can always go to the salon to correct.

After you finish cutting your own hair if you notice any uneven areas you can trim them again accordingly. 


This was a detailed guide on how to cut your own hair for men.

Although this can seem burdensome, however, once you learn how to cut your own hair it will save you time and money.

Cutting your own hair can allow you to experiment with new hairstyles and choose hairstyles which suit your face. A task which would take an hour to complete by a barber considering the time spent in travel as well, you can do the same in 20 to 30 minutes.

Cutting your own hair gives you control to look sharp at all times.

If there are last-minute parties or events, you can simply get your hair trimmed quickly.

When it comes to fashion and grooming everything under our control except haircuts. Thus, it is advisable to cut your own hair as it will provide you control over your hair as well.

Learning the proper techniques to trim your hair can save hundreds of dollars a year.

Hopefully, this article helps you to cut your own hair. If I have missed out on anything, do let me know in the comment section.

Do let me know your views about this post on how to cut your own hair for men in the comment section.

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