Let’s face it biker boys are stylish. Not because they wear something unique but bikers have a raw fashion style. The clothes they wear makes them appear as bad boys. No wonder why these bikers never fail to impress girls. So how to dress like a biker? Keep reading you will know the detailed way to dress like a biker.

Bikes provide the luxury to explore with two wheels. Who can avoid the adrenaline that fast bikes provide? From the loud-bass exhaust sounds to the sporty looks of it, bikes are not only admired by men but women as well.  Before we look at how to dress like a biker, let’s look at its initial beginning.


How to dress like a biker

In the 70s 80s, there were biker gangs and people used to wear their biker gang outfits. It wasn’t just about the bike or clothes, it was about the group. A cult of people ready to break rules and explore new places.

As this group grew there was a different way of dressing which emerged. The bikers clothing. 

Well, bikers have a rugged fashion appearance due to their adventurous nature. It could feel different at the start especially if you’re not used to this kind of dressing.

However, once you get used to this kind of dressing it is addicting, due to its bad boy looks. So how to dress like a biker but yet look stylish?

In order to learn how to dress like a biker lets look at each clothing in detail that comprises the biker outfit.


How to dress like a biker

You must have guessed this by now but no biker outfit is complete without a leather jacket. In fact, there are jackets made for biking solely. 

Preferably a clean black jacket is your go-to option here. If you don’t want to wear a classic black jacket, you can alternatively opt for coffee brown or tan leather jackets.

Jackets were worn to protect the bikers from the weather and the dust that could dirt your tee shirt or shirt while riding. Leather jackets are an investment and they will last long provided you maintain them from time to time.

Leather jackets can be expensive but the time duration they last are incomparable to the price you pay. A good leather jacket should last you anywhere between 5-10 years depending on how you maintain it. Without doing this it will be difficult to know how to dress like a biker. 

While buying leather jackets opt for timeless classics rather than trending jackets. This is because once the trend fades the leather jacket will go out of style.

Leather jackets can range from $500 to $5000.  Some good brands for leather jackets are Diesel, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Coach and All saints.


How to dress like a biker

While buying jeans to dress like a biker, look for jeans more rugged ripped and raw. 

If you ride regularly it is preferably to opt for dark texture jeans. However, if you ride occasionally then any texture jeans should work. 

This is because if you ride regularly and wear light blue or light-textured jeans, you will have to wash them after every ride. Light textured jeans get dirty quickly or the dirt is quite noticeable.

It is advisable to look for jeans that fit you well while still maintaining the rough look.

If you would like to know a detailed guide on different types of jean and how to buy then check out this post – Types of jeans.

Tee shirts

Bikers usually go for plain colours. While choosing your tee shirt, ensure that it coordinates with the overall outfit or look.

Usually, white and black tee shirts are preferable since you can build any outfit with these colours. These colours are pairable with most colours. In Case you’re confused stick to these and you will be fine.

When it comes to dressing like a biker choosing the right tee shirt is key.

If the tee-shirt does not coordinate with the jeans and jacket the whole outfit gets hijacked. Depending on the weather you can choose if you want to wear a full sleeve henley or arm length scoop neck t-shirt.


When it comes to choosing shoes while dressing like a biker there are many options available. However, the essentials here are boots. 

They go well while you plan to wear the biker outfit. Boots are rugged and apt for rough use. Due to the adventure and rough nature of bikers, boots are a suitable choice.

Although you can wear sneakers as well. Preferably white sneakers however they get dirty quick. If you want to dress like a biker without worrying about your shoes then boots are your go-to. 

However, if it’s a short ride to get somewhere sneakers will be just fine. You should choose the shoes depending upon the type of event.


Biker men wear accessories. Although they are subtle, they are eye-catchy. Bracelets chains and rings are accessories which you should consider. While doing this ensure that you use only two accessories at most. 

While wearing accessories keep in mind the less the better.

You can go from sexy to try hard just by adding extra accessories. A good way to start is a bracelet or a band and a signet ring along with it.

This will ensure that you remain stylish while dressing like a biker without going overboard with the accessories.


Shades were worn by bikers to protect their eyes from the rays of the sun.

Although this started with something to protect your eyes from, soon is a fashion statement. With the types of shades available, avoiding them makes it difficult.

They come in all types and colours. While buying shades ensure you buy them as per your face shape. Shades which suit your face structure will take your biker outfit a notch up while protecting your eyes as well.

Some Handy Tips

Riding gears- Always ensure that you are safe before you ride. Hence riding gears are a must. There are some stunning riding gears available and they are decently priced.

Opt for dry-fit t-shirts which will keep you sweat-free and stylish. If you have the budget you can opt for Nike’s Dri-fit t-shirts. Alternatively, any good dry-fit t-shirt should do the job for you. 

Use unique accessories and helmet sprays to keep you fresh and stylish.

Sunscreen to protect yourself from getting tanned. Preferably look for higher Spf to protect your face from tanning.

Use a helmet spray to protect your hair from any bad odour. In addition to that, wear a bandanna which will ensure that your scalp remains sweat-free and dry.

While riding your face can get dirty. To ensure you have a clean face, opt for a waterless face wash and wipe them with tissues to ensure your face is clean and dirt free.

Digital watches are your go-to if you want a quick sneak peek to look at your notifications without checking your phone. Preferably the Iwatch is your best bet.


So these were the tips on how to dress like a biker. Dressing like a biker can seem difficult if you have a subtle dressing sense. However, biker outfits are here to stay and they do symbolise high-status alpha men. 

Women love the bad boy appearance that bikers have due to the rugged and raw type of dressing they opt for.

It symbolises high self-esteem and confidence. If you have not tried these outfit ideas, it’s time you should give it a shot.

While looking stylish ensure you are safe while riding and make sure you are wearing a helmet for your protection.

Let me know in the comment section your views about how to dress like a biker.

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