There comes a thought to you, how to dress well. Searching and hopping from different websites finding that one tip you’ve come here.Well, strap on your seat belts because we are going on this fashion drive of how to dress well for men.

Once we are back your queries on how to dress well for men will be solved. At least, I’ll try my best.

Introduction – How To Dress Well For Men

During my college days, there were some guys who necessarily didn’t look that good but people perceived them or treated them a different way. It was later I realized that it was the way they dressed.

I always remember my mentors say, You Only Get One Chance To Make An Impression.

When we meet someone for the first time we make initial judgements about them. They may not be necessarily true. When we see someone well-dressed we make a positive judgement about them. It is called the halo effect.

Now you must have heard of traditional advice on how to dress well for men, buy an expensive Gucci jacket or probably you need to wear a 3 piece custom-made Tom Ford suit like James Bond.

But is that true?

Wait a minute, I want you to stop and think of the guys you know who dress well. Do all of them wear expensive stuff?

Light bulb ticking 1.2.3…

Probably not all of them.  Currently, as you are aware that it’s not, let deconstruct or learn how to dress well for men, holding every eyeball in the room with these 21 secrets.


It All Starts From Down. 


When it comes to fashion, shoes are first noticed. There is a saying ladies are noticed top to down while men bottom to top. You got me right here, shoes get noticed first.

I recommend investing in shoes first. Now before we talk about all the fancy brands…. trust me I love them (kidding) let’s look at the basics or the must-haves. Classic black oxford (formal dress shoes), Chelsea boots, Sneakers, Brogues and Boots.

If you have one of these each, we can tick mark on the shoes part of it. I have written an in-depth article covering each one of them. You can check it out here.



Invest in Suits.


When I say invest in suits, I mean don’t just buy off the rack suits. The secret to looking dapper in suits is the fit.

Get a good tailor. Get your suits stitched, however, if you buy suits off the rack you can still get them altered according to your body proportions.

While buying the suit, ensure that they fit your shoulders well.

This is the make it or break it while buying suits. The suit should complement your body and physique. I have covered an in-depth article on the different types of formal wear. You can check them out here. 


Find Your Signature Perfume.


Perfumes can be really tricky at the start. From heavy fragrances to light and long-lasting.They all have different scents to them.

It may take time to select the one you prefer at the get go. You will find your signature perfume with trial and error. This will take time but you need to be open to experimenting what suits your body best.

I recommend parfum or extrait as these are the much more pure forms of perfumes.




Invest in a good watch. There are many out there. You can experiment with them.

The key thing with watches is that you want to go for a minimalist one which will go on the majority of your clothes rather than buying multiple, leaving a dent in your pockets. 

Apart from watches, you can also add rings and hand bracelets.  





Wearing shades may feel uncomfortable at first, but it gets addicting once you’re used to it. Look at all the actors or models you follow-on Instagram. They wear shades.

Wearing shades is a subtle signal of status.  While picking shades make sure they go well with the structure of your face.

I suggest don’t go to just one store and buy them. You need to go to different stores and see what compliments your face.

Once you get used to them you won’t step out without them.

Add Layers.


This is an advance trick but if you get this right, you are stealing everyones attention.

Denim shirts denim jackets, leather jackets cardigans are examples of layers. When you are using layers, you want to do it in smartly.

When you are starting out I recommend looking at what’s working and modelling the same. You can simply follow the models you admire on Instagram Facebook and see the clothes they wear.

The moment you like an outfit, buy the same colour patterns and try them out.

Once you get a feel of it, you will be able to mix and match pulling every look off.


Contrast Is Key.



Basic key of fashion which is so underrated. The more contrast you add the better your outfit will look.

A simple way to describe this is, if you are wearing a dark shirt or t-shirt then try wearing a light colour trouser or jeans and vice versa. This will help you to match the top wear with the bottom wear well.

Simple advice if taken can solve a lot of your fashion problems.


Groom Your Beard.


If you have a beard then you should learn to maintain it. Keeping it clean and washing it every day will help you keep your skin clean.

There are different beard styles. From stubble to french beards there are various styles. You can try whatever suits you as long as you keep them clean and maintained.

If you don’t plan to grow a beard then I recommend shaving from time to time.


Dress For The Event.


Dressing well is good. However, overdressing can spoil it all.

You don’t want to be wearing a business suit for casual meetups and similarly, you don’t want to be wearing shorts to work.

I know that is a bit absurd but what I’m trying to convey is, dressing according to the event is what makes the difference.

When you are able to master this, it will always garner you the attention you deserve. On the contrary, by overdressing you would make a fool of yourself.




This is one thing the majority of the men forget to do. Accessories are those subtle things that make a huge difference.

Rings and bracelet enhance your outfit. By accessorizing yourself you subtly signal that you do take care of yourself thus demonstrating confidence and self-esteem.

In ancient days rings and bracelets were a sign of power and status.It can also help you start a conversation.


White Sneakers.


White sneakers in recent years have become popular. From casual street style to suits, they literally can be worn on any outfit.

The look and attractive design of it cannot get unnoticed. There are different brands of white sneakers.

However, I recommend checking out Nike and Adidas white sneakers as they have some mind-blowing pairs releasing every season.

If you don’t have them in your closet, you should consider them.


A Hairstyle That Compliments Your Face Structure.


This could be difficult at the start. I recommend going to a barber who will give you a haircut according to your face structure.

This can take some trial and errors but you find the right barber, you’re good to go. Most people opt for hairstyles of their favorite actors and so on.

However, that isn’t the optimal way to go about it, since face structure is a vital part while getting a haircut.


Get Your Clothes Tailored (How to Dress Well For Men)

When you buy clothes off the rack, high chances are they may not be the fit you are looking for.

Nonetheless, getting them tailored and adjusting the fit according to your physique can make a big difference.

Find a barber who understands your needs and once he gets your measurements right, you will not have to explain your requirements every time.

Simply give the clothes together and the tailor will handle the rest.


Stick To Basic Colours When It Comes To Shirts.


If you are starting out with the whole fashion thing, I recommend sticking to basic plain shirts when it comes to formal wear.

Once you have a hang of it, you can slowly try wearing different patterns. The essential shirts here would be white, black, light blue olive green and dark blue.

Later you can experiment with checks and different patterns.


Maintain Your Face And Hygiene.

Imagine wearing the best clothes and all of them have a good fit. Now imagine the persons face filled with pimples and hair full of dandruff with a bad body odour.

People will only notice that person till he gets near.

Exactly my point, while spending all this time energy and money on dressing well, don’t forget the essence of it. It’s about you not about the clothes you wear.

Clothes, shoes, accessories only enhance your personality and subtly reveal things about you. So take care of yourself.

I suggest have a good skincare routine and workout as well to keep you fresh.


Exercise Regularly. (How to Dress Well For Men)

I know you have heard all the traditional health advises. But what I’m trying to convey here is, clothes highlight or enhance your personality.

If you don’t take care of your health no matter what clothes you wear they won’t look good. Imagine an obese guy wearing amazing clothes and now imagine a ripped guy wearing good clothes.

Not even great just basic stuff. You tell me who will look better?

Most probably the healthy guy right. Wearing clothes that fit you well is a part of dressing well and that also means your physique gets all the more highlighted.

That’s why most of the obese people prefer wearing loose clothes.


Listen to what people say.

The best part about fashion is when you get it right, people will start complimenting you. Take that feedback.

This simply means you are doing something right and it is also complementing your personality. 

From there all you need to do is double down on what’s working, discard what’s not and try new things.


Be open to change. (How to Dress Well For Men)


When it comes to fashion, there are trends and styles. They change every season.

The more you are open to change, the faster you will learn. There are however some basics but If you are reading till here, I guess you don’t want basic.

Initially there are going to be haters who will put you down or pass jabs at you for no reason.

Just know this thing, fashion is about garnering attention and the fact that you are doing that, makes them envious.

So when this happens, just know you are doing something right. After all, fashion is a non-verbal statement about yourself.


Practice makes you perfect. (How to Dress Well For Men)

We all believe that people dressing well is natural. It’s not, it happens from practising and keeping an eye to look at the trends you like.

Initially, there may be some bumps but if you stick to it, eventually you will come out as a new person. Whenever you feel intimidated or nervous, switch to your power pose.

Power Pose is a more open and expansive body language. You can read more about it here.


Joggers as Jeans. (How to Dress Well For Men)

Jeans that fit you well can be uncomfortable and for a long time, I looked for alternatives. No more of that trouble.

These days you can avail for joggers which are super comfy and look the same as jeans. They have a stretchable fit which makes them favourable for regular wear. They come with different fits. 

I personally use joggers from Zara. I find their fit good and super comfy. These can be worn only on casual wear.

How to dress well for men can be addressed in different ways, however the points Ive mentioned in this post, How to dress well for men are all practical and can be implemented by anyone.


Scarf. (How to Dress Well For Men)

Scarfs keep you warm and stylish. They come in handy when you are wearing something simple.

They take the outfit a notch up. Scarfs go well on simplistic clothes. However, they can be worn on a suit as well. This is an advance fashion trick.

Nonetheless, I recommend trying this once you have knocked all the other tips of the ballpark.

These were the 21 secrets on how to dress well for men. Well if you implement all the tips mentioned in this post on how to dress well for men, your results will skyrocket.

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