So you’ve gone out and got sunburn? Chances are you’re looking at the redness and wondering how to heal a sunburn overnight. Searching various sites you’ve landed here looking, how to heal a sunburn overnight.

Probably it was intentional or maybe not, whatever the reason is, in this post, you will know how to heal sunburn overnight. Like most people, the assumption that you won’t get a sunburn probably went wrong. So let’s look at how sunburn occurs and how to heal a sunburn overnight.


Sunburn occurs when the body’s defenses are unable to cope up with the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

That is when the suntan then turns into a sunburn. When this occurs a toxic reaction takes place which then leads to a sunburn which can appear as red or even purple at times.

The so-called defence mechanism pigment is called melanin which colour of the skin.

This pigment is produced by cells present in the skin named as melanocytes. Melanin also works as a natural sunscreen for the body. Hence, people who have a dark colour have more melanin in their body and vice versa.

The number of melanocytes remains the same however the colour and how much varies from person to person. Before we look at how to heal a sunburn overnight, lets look at how does sunburn occur.

How does sunburn occur

First of all, many people don’t think they will get a sunburn when they are out in the sun. This is because they don’t understand how it occurs. It is possible to get a sunburn from even a very little amount of exposure to the sun.

When the heat from the sun is exposed on the skin, the body then sends these melanin cells to protect the skin against the damage caused by the heat of the sun.

When these cells cannot cope up with the heat of the sun, that’s when the toxic reaction or sunburn occurs.

Although people wear artificial creams such as sunscreen however the heat of the sun still penetrates the skin. Hence, people who get four or five sunburns are likely to contract skin cancer which is also known as melanoma. 

How to heal a sunburn overnight with these 8 different ways. In the world of sunburns, there are a few things that people should know about how to heal a sunburn overnight. These are the same tips you need to know if you happen to catch a blister or a sunburn.

Use Ice Cubes – How to heal a sunburn overnight

1st on the list on how to heal a sunburn overnight. The first thing you should do when you get a sunburn is to wash it with water to remove any dirt or dust on it. Once you have done this, use ice cubes.  They will help calm the irritate sunburns and reduce the redness.

Apart from that, it will help constrict the blood vessels which expand due to the inflammation.

Apply the ice cubes using a napkin so that you don’t freeze yourself. Applying ice cubes to sunburn will provide a cooling effect reducing any itchiness.

Take a cold water bath

Cold water will cool your body, soothing the inflammation and redness. It acts like an astringent and causes the blood vessels to contract. It also reduces the temperature of the tissue which reduces the swelling, redness and also numbs the nerve endings which provide immediate relief.

Simply turn on the shower and let your body soak some of that cold water. Once you have finished taking a shower, apply a moisturizer to further soothe the inflammation.

Don’t go out in the sun

While it may seem obvious not to go out in the sun. However, it is noteworthy mentioning you should avoid going in the sun. Additional heat on inflamed areas can aggravate the inflammation.

It is ideal to stay away from the sun at least for a week so that the body can recover from the damage caused. 

Use Milk

How to heal a sunburn overnight

Take a sponge and put it in a bowl of milk and keep it in the fridge. After some time you can apply the sponge to the inflamed areas of the skin.

The cooling effect from the milk will extract the heat out of the sunburn. Milk contains lactic acid which will remove the top layers of the skin.

In case you get blistering, milk will help remove the sunburnt areas allowing the skin to heal faster. Milk contains vitamin A and D which are antioxidants that help to heal from sunburn. A cold milk compress is your best bet the next time you get a sunburn.

Apply Aloe Vera

 Aloe vera is a natural remedy for sunburn.

There is research which proves that aloe vera accelerates the healing from sunburns and inflammation. Aloe vera moisturises the skin which helps you avoid peeling the skin damaged due to the sunburn.

Take the aloe vera gel and keep in the refrigerator for some time before applying it. This will provide a cooling effect. Let it dry on the skin for some time. 

Some people are allergic to aloe vera, hence before applying it completely, ensure you apply it to a small area and look how you feel. If it feels relaxing and soothing, you can apply it on the rest of the inflamed areas.

If you’re allergic to aloe vera, avoid using it as it can increase the damage.

Drink Cold Water

How to heal a sunburn overnight

When you get a sunburn, ideally the moisture of your skin has dried up due to the heat of the sun.

Due to this, the skin can itchy, red and inflamed. It is advisable to drink cold water to hydrate your skin.

This will not only cool your body down but constrict the blood vessels which will reduce the redness.

Water also helps to regulate your body’s pH level. pH balance is also known as the acid-base balance which helps to maintain the balance of acidity and alkalinity of your body. Basically pH balance is essential for the healthy functioning of your body.

Coconut Oil

There is research which proves that coconut oil soothes and nourishes damaged skin. This is because they contain saturated fats which act as natural moisturisers for your skin. 

Do not apply coconut oil directly on a sunburn skin.

The right way to do it is, first use a cold wet cloth or sponge to damp the sunburned skin. Once you have done this for 10 to 15 minutes, you can then apply coconut oil to soothe and moisturise the sunburn.

Coconut oil can also be used as sunscreen before going out in the sun. Although it won’t be able to fully protect your skin from the heat but its some protection than none.


Wondering how tea bags can help you? Well, Simple put two to three tea bags in a cup of water for 2 to 3 minutes and then apply the tea bags on the sunburn. This will help reduce the itchiness and inflammation. You can pour the tea as well.

The tannins present in tea reduce inflammation. This is an old trick which was used by generations to get rid of sunburn. You can apply as many bags you want however do not wash them off, let them do their thing and heal the sunburn overnight.

Use an inflammatory: USe an over the counter medicine such as aspirin or paracetamol to reduce the pain. While doing this look for non-steroid medicines which are safe to use. IF you are confused here, it is ideal to visit a doctor before popping a pill.

These medicines may help in the recovery and expedite the healing of the sunburn. Once the swelling begins to subside, your skin will begin repairing the damage and will generate new skin as well

Some Handy Tips  to Prevent a sunburn


There are a few steps you can take to prevent sunburn. First of all, you should wear sunscreen daily. By doing this, you can help avoid getting a sunburn.

The first and most important tip when it comes to how to heal a sunburn overnight is to never touch your skin or your body with bare hands.

When you touch your skin, you will likely put in too much sun on it. Your skin could then begin to burn and turn red, leading to a more serious burn.

You should also pay attention to the part of your body where the sun burns usually happens. If the part of your body where you got the sunburn looks swollen, it could be because those areas of your skin are particularly sensitive areas.

Always cover the affected area if you have a sunburn. You should also stay away from the sun if you have a sunburn.

One way you can protect yourself from sunburn is by covering your body from head to toe, including the part of your body where the sunburn is occurring.

Your skin should always be washed regularly to prevent sunburns. When washing your skin, use an alcohol-free cleanser to help prevent your skin from being sensitive to the sun.

Always keep your arms, legs, and the parts of your body that you are covered up. You should also avoid wearing clothing that is made of synthetic fibres. Even cotton clothes may cause your skin to become irritated with sunburns.

Protect yourself from the wind and sunlight. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water, especially when you are out in the sun. Drinking water will help you flush out any toxins you have in your body.


These were the different ways on how to heal sunburn overnight. Some sunburns may heal overnight while some may not. It all depends on whether it is a mild sunburn or a harsh sunburn.

If you follow these steps mentioned on how to heal sunburn overnight, you should be able to see stunning recovery the next day. However, if the sunburn does not heal, it is ideal to visit a doctor to check the damage caused by the sunburn.

In your quest on how to heal sunburn overnight try to opt for natural products as chemical products will do more harm in the long run.  There are many other ways on how to heal a sunburn overnight however these are some of the natural ways.

Let me know your views on how to heal sunburn overnight. If I have missed out on anything with regard to how to heal sunburn overnight, let me know in the comment section.

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