I had a party at 8 and it was 7:30. Only 30 minutes to get ready. I then realize my shirt is not ironed. Crumpled and wrinkled was the state of it and guess what? I didn’t even know how to iron a shirt.

In the next few minutes, I looked all over youtube on how to iron a shirt.

Nevertheless, I did manage to iron my shirt and look sexy for that event. But that day I realised something, wearing a crumpled or wrinkled shirt can spoil an amazing look.

It is so terrible that even a person who is wearing basic clothes but has them ironed will look way better than someone who is wearing stylish clothes but crumpled.

It kills the look. I decided it was time for me to learn how to iron a shirt so that in case I have last-minute plans, I can still iron my clothes and pull it off with a touch of class.

At this moment maybe you may also have come here searching so that you can iron your shirt.

Maybe you haven’t been in a situation where you have no help but to do it yourself.

Why is this important

Wearing crumpled clothes sub communicates no attention to details. 

You don’t want to sub communicate this as it could lead to loss of potential opportunities.

Whether we like it or not but people do make judgements on first impressions. Wearing ironed and clean clothes communicate basic hygiene which is vital for a first impression.

After all, you only get one chance to make an impression.

So let’s look at how to iron a shirt well and in a short time possible. At the end of this article, you will realise how easy it is to iron a shirt and why you don’t need to be tensed about this anymore.

How To Iron A Shirt Under 5 Minutes.

Ironing your own shirts will also increase the durability of your shirt and reduce the wear and tear of it compared to giving it for dry cleaning.

Before you begin ironing, first check the type of fabric you are ironing and accordingly set the temperature of the iron. 

Invest In A Good Iron.

How To Iron A Shirt

There are many types of iron out there in the market. I recommend doing some research before buying them.

They come with different sole plates such as ceramic, stainless and titanium.

When it comes to buying an iron it would be advisable to visit a store and explain your requirements and see what fits your requirements best.

It would be advisable to purchase an Iron from a store than to purchase it online. However, if you prefer purchasing an iron online you can check it here.

Before you begin ironing, make sure the shirt has no stains. If you iron a shirt which has stains, this would make it more difficult to remove the stain of the shirt.

Moisten The Shirt First- How To Iron A Dress Shirt.

How To Iron A Shirt

Dried clothes do not reshape easily. Hence, making the shirt slightly damp makes it easier to iron.

If you have just washed the shirt, let the shirt be moist.

Avoid drying it completely. In case the shirt is dry and you want to iron it, spray water on it with a spray bottle. It is much easier to get rid of the creases when the shirt is moist.

Check The Iron Temperature.

Set the Iron temperature to the level you want it to heat up. It may take a few seconds for the iron to heat up. 

Once it is heated up spray some water on the iron. If the iron emits fumes that means the iron is good to go. Set the temperature of the iron according to the type of fabric or cloth you are ironing.

The heat levels for different fabric or cloth vary. Now that we have the iron temperature ready we can move ahead.

Place A Towel Or Cloth.

How To Iron A Shirt

It is advisable to place a towel or cloth below your shirt as this will help you iron better.

It will allow you to move the iron on the shirt comfortably so that you can get all the creases right. However, this depends on the surface you are ironing on.

If the surface you are ironing on is comfortable then you can do without this as well.

Iron The Collar Of The Shirt First.

How To Iron A Shirt

Start ironing the collar first. When ironing first do it on the inside of the shirt collar.

Once done, then you can do it on the outside by folding the collar. While ironing the collar you may have to put some effort as that portion of the shirt gets the most attention.

Hence, make sure the collar looks crisp.

Iron The Cuffs Of The Shirt.

How To Iron A Shirt

Once you have the collar ironed, start ironing the cuffs.

While ironing the cuffs, iron them from the inside and avoid ironing on the outside. Ironing the cuff on the outside will make it look to stiff.

However, if the cuffs still look crumpled, you can gently iron the top of it.

Iron The Sides Of The Shirt.

Once you have completed the cuffs, you can begin with side.

While ironing the sides of the shirt avoid ironing the buttons as this would spoil the shirt.

Iron the sides of the shirt and move the iron over the shirt until the area looks crisp. While ironing the shirt make sure to spray water so that the shirt does not get damaged.

Iron The Back Portion Of The Shirt.

How To Iron A Shirt

Now that you have finished the major portion, you can move to the back portion of the shirt.

If your shirt has pleats then start below them first. Once you have that done you can iron over the pleats. Be careful while ironing the pleats or else you will end up adding new creases.

Iron the back area of the shirt from inside as this will avoid new creases on the front side.

Starch Spray For Stubborn Creases While Ironing A Shirt.

How To Iron A Shirt

Majority of the fabric or clothes will get ironed well once they are made slightly damp.

However, if the creases still remain, try using starch sprays. Starch sprays are traditional ways of ironing. The fabric will be stiff for a longer time depending on the amount of starch applied.

An increase in quantity will increase the duration of its stiffness.

Some Handy Tips.

Iron Your Shirts Together For The Week.

How To Iron A Shirt

Ironing does not take much time but the preparation time can be time-consuming.

Hence, it is advisable to iron the shirts for the week once. This will save time. You can put them in hangers thus leaving them clean and crisp for the week.

Iron Fabric Which Requires Less Heat First:

 If you are ironing clothes for the week, it would be advisable to iron clothes which require less heat first.

When you switch on the iron, it takes time to heat up. Hence, ironing these clothes first would make it easier. It would also avoid damaging the shirt if the heat levels are above the required limit.

Look for Automatic Irons: 

How To Iron A Shirt

These days there a variety of irons that are there.

However, look at the automatic irons so that the iron turns off instead of lighting up a fire if you forget to turn off the switch

Remove The Water From The Iron. 

This will ensure that there is no moisture in the iron. 

This will ensure that the internal parts of the iron are not damaged due to leakage and it could also discolour the seal plate. By doing this it will also ensure that you will remove the iron from the socket.

Keep All Your Shirts In A Hanger: 

Shirts get crumpled majorly because of the way they are kept after they are washed.

If you keep the shirt in a hanger after washing it will ensure that the shirt doesn’t get wrinkled or crumpled heavily, thus allowing you to iron the shirt in less time.

The more the shirt is wrinkled the more the ironing will be needed.

Use Starch Sprays On Your Shirt If They Are Usually Crumpled. 

There are certain fabrics or cloth that get easily crumpled.

In such cases, you can starch the shirt. This will ensure that the shirt loos crisp and will save the time and effort of ironing the shirt.

Keep Moving The Iron:  

Keep moving the iron and remove the creases.

While doing so make sure you are not adding new ones. Once you have completed an area, slowly begin pulling off the shirt. Well, this will come with practice.

Collar Cuffs And Front : 

If you are in a hurry then just iron the collar cuffs and the front side of the shirt. Once you have ironed these areas you can wear a jacket on the shirt.

Although you would not be able to take off the jacket then.


Finally, you have learnt how to iron a shirt. This will help you dress sharp for any last-minute plans or occasions, giving you the ability to control the outcome.

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