Get out of the class and kneel down. Put your hands up for the entire class. Learn how to shine your shoes.

Yes, that was me in 9th standard thrown out of class since I came to school with dirty shoes. As I knelt my knees hurt my face dropped and every teacher who passed by gave me the look as if I had committed a crime.

I didn’t want to kneel down for my shoes again. I went home and decided to start shining my shoes.

At the time I abused and hated my teacher for doing that to me. Although today when I look in retrospect I learnt to polish and shine my shoes because of that incident.

Shoes get noticed and dirty shoes will not only kill your attire but lower your self-esteem.

It communicates a lack of self-respect and hygiene. Apart from that, it makes you look awful. So let’s see how you can shine your shoes and walk with a boost of confidence wherever you go.

Imagine wearing a 3 piece custom suit and then walking with dirty shoes. It spoils all the time and effort you have taken to groom and dress.

Tools Needed To Shine Your Shoes

How To Shine Shoes

The tools you will require here are a piece of cloth (any old cloth will do as long as it is clean), cream polish, shoe brush, wax polish and linen cloth.

There are different types of shoe polish brands. There are some which are widely used such as Shinola, Cherry blossom, Allen Edmonds, Kiwi and many more. However, these are some of the preferred ones.

You will need a cream shoe polish and another shoe polish of the colour of your shoes. This is optional and you can do without them as well. Although this does provide an additional layer of shine.

If you don’t have these tools, you can buy a shoe kit shine. Buying the kit will make sure you have everything needed.  If you have certain tools, you can shop for it as ala carte.

Step 1 Wipe the shoes with a dry cloth. (How to shine shoes)

Start by wiping the shoes with a dry cloth. Here we are just trying to get the dust off the shoes so that we can apply the polish.

Avoid applying polish on dirty shoes as this would get the shoe mixed with a pile of dirt and polish.

To begin with the polish, the shoe needs to be clean so that the leather can be moisturised. Once you have completed we can move to the next step.

Step 2 Brush Of The Remaining Dirt.

How To Shine Shoes

After you have wiped the shoe, there may still be deposits of dirt on the shoe. Start off by brushing the shoe and try to get in the shoe creases. Most of the dirt gets accumulated here.

Be gentle while brushing the shoe so that you don’t end up damaging the shoe.

Be careful while brushing the areas of the stitching of the shoe. Brushing these areas roughly can affect the stitching thereby damaging the shoe.

After you have completed this step you can now move to the polishing part.

Step 3 Apply Cream Polish.

Now that you have cleaned the dirt we have a clean slate to work upon. Apply polish generously to cover the shoe. Begin brushing the shoe in circular motion so that the shoe can absorbs the polish. The leather of the shoe is similar to a tree which has been dry. Once you pour water and provide sunlight, the plant looks fresh. In the same way polish is water and sunlight to the leather. The polish reduces the wear and tear of the shoe.

Gently move in circular motion covering every area of the shoe. When you keep doing this, you will notice the leather getting moist.

Step 4 Add Some Colour Polish.

How To Shine Shoes

Add some colour polish to the shoe now. If you have a black shoe use black polish. Apply the polish on the shoe and start brushing the shoe. You will notice the shoe will slowly shine.

Keep moving the brush around the areas where the shoe appears dry.

Repeat this for some time till you notice that the shoe begins to shine. The main area is the front portion of the shoe as this portion gets noticed first.

While doing this step make sure to use the same colour as the shoe. Once a cobbler totally ruined my shoes. I had recently purchased tan brown boots.

These were my favourite pairs at the time and I had hardly worn them. I was running late due to which I ran to a cobbler to polish my shoes.

While I was booking my ride he was polishing my shoes. It was later I realised that he used a coffee brown polish on my tan brown shoes.

The colour of the shoes changed instantly.

It completely changed the appearance of the shoe. I am sharing this with you so that you don’t land up spoiling your shoes while trying to shine your shoes.

Step 5 Protect It From Any Dirt.

Now that you have polished the shoe, use wax polish to protect the shoe from water dirt or scratches. This is done to ensure that the shoe remains protected throughout. Adding wax polish creates a layer which protects your shoe.

While applying wax polish, be careful that you don’t overdo it as this could cause white breakups later while walking.

Just make sure to add a light layer just enough to protect the shoe. Once you have done this, lightly buff or brush to shine your shoe.

Step 6 Shine Your Shoes.

We are almost done and there are some final touches that needed to be added here. Take a linen cloth. Before doing this make sure the cloth is clean. Hold both the ends of the cloth and place the centre portion of the cloth on the shoe.

Now move the cloth quickly by moving your hands from right to left. This may be difficult at the start but once you get a hang of it, it leaves a bright shine on your shoes.

Move it majorly on the front portion of the shoe and then move to the sides and back of the shoe.

You can repeat this step if until you are satisfied with the level of shine.

Congrats, you have just learnt how to polish and shine your shoes the right way. Shoes are essential to any man’s wardrobe and taking care of them is the right way to build a long-lasting wardrobe.

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