Getting ready for office, going through your regular grooming and shaving routine. Later you notice there are razor cuts and burns. With the burning sensation and blood drops on your collar, wondering how to stop bleeding after shaving?

Not only can they ruin your face with the scars and blood stains but they can ruin your office presentations, meetings and dates as well.  It’s vital to know how to stop bleeding after shaving and how to avoid bleeding after shaving as well. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure.

If you shave often or seldom, razor burns or razor cuts is something you must have experienced. A razor burn or razor cut can lead to marks, pimples and bloodstains. Let’s look at how to stop bleeding after shaving.


One of the most common problems men face while shaving is razor burns and razor cuts. This occurs when the blades age due to the water and pressure, the edge of the finely designed blade or the placement of them get uneven and blunt. 

Rather than spreading the pressure uniformly, these tiny grooves and rags on the razor function as serrated knives on your skin.

In many cases, razor cuts can occur since men try to get the cleanest shave possible.

While doing so they apply too much pressure or press the razors to close to their skin with the belief that more amounts of pressure will lead to a cleaner look.

In addition to this, shaving against the grain can also lead to razor cuts. Generally shaving against the grain should be avoided.  Before we look at how to stop bleeding after shaving let’s look at how does bleeding occur.

How does bleeding occur

During your daily shaving routine, you are bound to run into razor blades. While shaving, you are opening the skin and you are also cutting off the blood supply. This can cause you to bleed. 

One very common cause of this problem is from the inability to remove the razor blade.

The knowledge of what causes shaving blisters and how to stop bleeding after shaving can save you from a lot of embarrassment and pain.

Many men who shave regularly find themselves in a predicament where they either cut themselves or accidentally leave the blade in their skin for too long before they finish.

Not all blades have a protective coating that will protect the blade against abrasion. This means the blade is exposed to dirt, oils, bacteria, and other irritants before it ever touches your skin.

These irritants combine with the razor blade to cause a chemical reaction which then causes a chemical reaction that also causes skin irritation. 

There are many types of irritants on the skin.

They may be dust, sweat, skin, hair, dirt, etc. The number one trigger for this irritation is blood flow.

The major muscle in the skin, the epidermis, contains fibres that are densely packed and the thickness of these fibres determines how much blood will flow to the area. 

So let’s look at items that will help to stop bleeding after shaving

How to stop bleeding after shaving – 5 items to stop bleeding

1 Glydor 

This Styptic Balm stops bleeding from shaving cuts and burns. Not only does the styptic balm stop bleeding but the blend of argan oil, Vitamin E,  aloe vera. Tea tree oil and jojoba nourish your skin which promotes healing of the skin. 

How does it stop bleeding after shaving?

The styptic balm delivers a calming effect to the skin and stops the bleeding. It contains anti-hemorrhagic properties that reduce bleeding.

Apart from that due to its natural ingredients it heals the skin faster.

It is simple to use it as well. Rinse your face with water to remove any excess blood. Dab the surface of the stick with little water. 

Apply the styptic balm to the cuts and nicks. It may burn initially but that’s tolerable. The bleeding will stop in a few minutes.

2 Styptic Pencil


A styptic pencil is made of a wax binder and powdered crystal from an alum block which is pressed together as a lipstick shape and size.

A Styptic Pencil is ideal to get rid of the nicks and cuts caused during shaving.

How does it stop bleeding after shaving?

Consisting of a specific type of antihemorrhagic agent, it works by contracting the tissue to seal blood vessels that are injured. They contain astringents which promote platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction 

3 Alum block 

Alum block can be used to stop bleeding after shaving. Alum blocks are available at any drugstore or supermarket.

How does it stop bleeding after shaving?

The Allum block to reduce bleeding after shaving can also help to improve your overall skin condition and reduce the appearance of discolouration. It also helps in tightening the pores of the skin. The downside of alum is that it reduces the moisture of the skin.

It can cause a strong sting but it gets the job done fast and it’s cheap.

4 Chapstick

So you’ve just applied some Chapstick to your face because a man should always look his best.

But how does it stop bleeding after shaving? If a man uses Chapstick after a shave to clean up all of the dead skin cells from his face he will experience one of two things. 

One, the areas around the area of the face that have been shaved will heal faster than other areas of the face. Two, it will take longer for the bleeding to stop if the man has cut himself shaving somewhere. 

After doing some investigation we found that it’s a combination of both factors.

In general, an area where the skin has been cut will heal faster than any other area.

When applying Chapstick it will stop the blood from reaching the hair follicles and is good for your skin. 

The reason why the skin will take longer to heal if the shaving cuts are shallow is that the skin will stop taking blood from the hair follicles in those areas, even though the blood from the cut is still flowing to those areas. 

By applying Chapstick to the nicked area it helps to stop the blood from flowing to the follicles, therefore it will make it easier for the bleeding to stop. 

5 Listerine

If you have had a rash or bleeding of the area after shaving recently, Listerine is a good option. Listerine is effective because it has a pH level that helps heal it. It is also effective because it is alcohol-free.

Listerine to reduce bleeding after shaving is also effective in the treatment of cuts and burns.

This is due to the fact that it helps reduce swelling of the skin. It does this by creating a barrier between the bacteria and the skin’s surface, which then allows the area to heal. The bacteria get stuck on the barrier, but they do not cause an infection. 

In fact, this type of solution has been known to speed up the healing process.

Bacteria cannot grow fast enough, and the area will heal faster and it will no longer be red or inflamed. So, Listerine to reduce bleeding after shaving is an excellent idea.

These were the different ways on how to stop bleeding after shaving.

Handy Tips on How to avoid bleeding after shaving

How to stop bleeding after shaving

Instead of using a cartridge, use a double-edged blade. The reason for this is because the blade is much closer to the skin’s surface.

This means the skin is less susceptible to abrasion. If you already have a cartridge, now is the time to replace it with a good double-edged blade to ensure maximum protection against irritation.

The second trigger is the type of blade you are using.

Many people use razors that are not designed for sensitive skin. As a result, the skin can become more irritated which makes it more difficult to remove the razor blade.

The third cause of irritation is not keeping the skin healthy enough. Apply a moisturizer every day to help keep the skin moist.

Also, shave with the grain, which will eliminate a lot of friction which also helps keep the skin healthy.

Most importantly, take care when shaving. The best way to keep skin smooth and moist is to only use a moisturizer after you shave. Using a shaving cream after shaving the skin can lead to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can develop in the skin and can leave a red mark.

Some blades can also cause a ring of red tissue to form on the side of the blade.

So if you notice the blood clotting on the blade, stop shaving until it is cleared up. Do not press down on the side of the blade to clear it up because this could cause an infection.

Instead, move your hand slightly away from the blade and shave against the grain. As soon as you feel the blood break, move your hand in a short circular motion to push off the bottom of the blade. This will open up the blade to allow more blood to flow through.

It is also important to lubricate the skin after shaving.

Moisturizers work to soften the skin and reduce dryness. After shaving you want to clean the skin with warm water and mild soap. Be sure to use an exfoliating soap as well so the skin will be soft and flexible afterwards.

What are the things you can do to stop razor cuts?

Razor burn is another thing that you can do to prevent bleeding. When you have a razor burn, the burn is on the top of the skin, right where it touches the hair follicle. You can’t make it stop. However, it’s a good idea to stop using your razor after the burn. 

Just continue shaving with the flat head and don’t put any pressure on the area as you are shaving.

After you’ve gotten your blood moving, it’s time to make sure you get your scalp moving, too. Take some baby oil and some olive oil and apply them evenly to your face. This will help keep your scalp moist and allow your blood flow to move freely.

Since the blood flow isn’t working properly, you’re going to have a problem with blood clots. When you get a clotted blood clot, you’ll end up with a lot of pain, if not a lot of bleeding.

In order to stop a blood clot from forming, you need to use an anti-clotting agent. Some of the good ones that you can find are Magnesium chloride and lidocaine.

When you’re getting ready to shave with the razor blade, you want to put on moisturizer and lip balm.

Not only will these things help keep your skin feeling fresh, but they will help you with the cuts you’re going to get. Also, you want to clean your skin out after shaving, but when you take your post-shave moisturizer, just put it in a drawer and use it later.

You want to use products that are all-natural because the chemicals that are found in razor blades can irritate your skin. Also, be sure that you use natural soap. Your skin will thank you later.

Final Thoughts

For those of you that are learning how to stop bleeding after shaving, you can make the cuts small and easy.

If you do this, you won’t have to make a lot of cuts to get the blood flowing. With that being said, try to avoid making any cuts to the face that aren’t done very neatly.

Along with this, make sure you take a healthy amount of water with you on the shave.

You want to do this to help the blood flow, but you also want to flush out any bacteria that might be in your pores.

There are many ways to learn how to stop bleeding after shaving for men. It’s just a matter of finding the best way for you.

I hope this post taught you how to stop bleeding after shaving.

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