Congratulations, you have got selected for the job. But before you go, make sure you come tomorrow with a maintained beard. I would suggest, learn how to straighten beard. These were the words I heard from the interviewer.

I was happy that I got the job. I wanted this job since they paid well and I was unemployed since quiet some time. However, I was nervous since I didn’t want to get rid of that luscious beard of mine. I knew It was time to learn how to straighten my beard.

After doing some research, trial and errors and years of maintaining my beard I finally learnt how to straighten my beard easily and it looked way better than before. There was more volume in the appearance of my beard. 


Beard is a sign of masculinity. In ancient times every ruler, priest or warrior had a beard. However, in modern days apart from growing a beard, you can style it as well.

A beard maintained the right way, garners attention. However, when a beard is not maintained it can make you look unhygienic and gross.

Beards have become famous in the recent years due to the recognition of No shave November.

The motive behind no shave November was to embrace body hair. Cancer patients tend to lose hair. The aim of this awareness campaign was to save the money spent on shaving and to donate that money to cancer patients.

This movement encouraged men to grow their beards and contribute to society. When men began growing their beards some had straight beards some had curly beards and some a mix of both.

A common difficulty that men faced was maintaining a curly beard. Maybe you too are dealing with this problem. In this post, you will know how to straighten a beard quickly and effortlessly.

Before you learn how to straighten or maintain a beard, let’s look at the different types of beard.

Why Most Men Prefer To Straighten Their Beards.

How to straighten beard

Curly beards can look thicker than straight beards. However, most men with curly beard straighten their beard due to the elegance and appearance that straight beards provide. Most of the times, curly beards lead to split ends, hygiene issues and look messy.

Curly beards can often look patchy because of the way it grows. Due to the tangles, it is difficult to spread the beard oil evenly. Curly beards grow three times slower than straight beards.

Curly beards require more care and maintenance than straight beards. 

If they are not kept clean the dirt accumulated on them reach the surface of the skin easily since the hairs are close to the skin. In short, it could lead to pimples and acne.

However, if taken care properly, curly beards exhibit a raw luxurious natural look. 

How does beard hair get curly

Back in college, I remember guys say, keep combing your beard and it will get straight. However, if it was only that simple.

Most of the time, beard growth happens according to the hair follicles. If the hair follicles are asymmetrical then the beard grows curly. It grows as an oval-shaped hair shaft that will increase the curl the longer it gets.

Accordingly, if the hair follicles are symmetrical the beard growth is straight. In some cases even though the follicles of the hair are symmetrical they still curl since the hair shaft consists of uneven distribution of a certain type of keratin.

This happens due to genetics. Beard hair can also curl if the beard is not hydrated enough.

The dryness of the beard causes the beard to curl. To avoid this from happening, it is advisable to apply generous amounts of beard oils every day. Even if the beard is washed excessively it can cause dryness.

It is recommended to use beard shampoo no more than 3 to 4 times a week. This is because every time you wash your beard, you are stripping the beard of its natural oils.

However, you can wash your beard with plain water every day.

While washing your beard it is advisable to use a specialized beard shampoo. After you have washed your beard, apply beard oil to moisturize it. The best time to apply beard oil is after taking a bath.

When you take a bath, the natural oils of your beard are depleted. Adding beard oil at this time restores the balance and moisturises it.

For this reason, it is recommended to use specialised beard shampoos that don’t damage the natural oils of the beard. It is easy to grow a beard but it is vital to maintain it with hygiene. Most men keep fidgeting with their beards.

However, doing this only causes damage and dryness to the beard. If you plan to keep the curly beard, avoid using plastic combs or regular brushes as they damage the beard and leave you with an itchy feeling.

Curly beards go out of control easily if not maintained. Trimming it once every three weeks will reduce the number of splits-ends and maintain the shape.

It is quite obvious that curly hair requires more effort and time to maintain them. Due to this, most men prefer to straighten their beard to avoid trouble. Straightening the beard if done right can be the perfect fix for the curly beard. However, if done the wrong way, your beard will get damaged completely.

So make sure you follow the steps on how to straighten your beard the right way.

Wash your beard (How to straighten beard)

How to straighten beard

Before you begin doing anything it is vital to first clean your beard. Preferably use lukewarm water and wash your beard with a beard shampoo. After washing your beard don’t dry it completely. Make sure your beard is 70% dry and a bit damp.

Do not dry your hair completely as it is easy to shape the beard when it is moist. 

Apart from that, do not rub your beard hair with the towel aggressively as this can damage your beard and increase tangles.

Washing your beard will remove dead skin and any build-up of dust that has accumulated on the skin.

Apply beard oil.

How to straighten beard

Once this is done, apply the beard oil as this will protect your beard hair from the heat of the blow dryer. Beard oil will ensure that your beard is healthy and soft.

They also promote hair growth and add a natural shine to your beard. The right way to choose a beard oil is to first consider the size of your beard. 

If you have just started growing your beard you should shop for beard oils with higher contents of essential oils such as bergamot cedarwood eucalyptus and so on as it will help you get through the initial itchy phase.

If you have a longer beard you should look for carrier beard oils such as jojoba oil argan oil and the list goes on.

The best time to apply beard oil is after a bath in the morning or once you wash your beard.

The reason for this is when you wash your beard, it opens the pores of your skin. Your skin absorbs beard oil the best when the pores of your skin are opened.

Once you have applied the beard oil we can now move to the next step.

Blow-dry your beard and comb it.

Hold the blow dryer above the beard. While using the blow dryer, make sure the dryer heat levels are not too high as this could damage the beard hair and cause skin burns.

While blow-drying the hair, use a comb to shape the beard the way you wish.

It is advisable to first comb against the grain so that you get rid of any knots or tangles. Once you have done this you can slowly begin shaping the beard the way you want.

This should take you around 5-10 minutes and your beard is straightened.

If you still find your beard all over the place consider using a round brush. Round brushes are extremely useful if you have a wild untamed beard. Simply blow-dry the beard and comb in the same directions to shape it accordingly.

Use Iron or a straightener if the blow-dry doesn’t work.

Using a flat iron or hair straightener can help in straightening the beard. Nonetheless, it can damage your beard completely if not done properly. This is because of heat conditions. 

While using an iron or straightener, at no point keep the straightener at one place to straighten out the beard.

This can damage the hair follicles.

While using a straightener, move the straightener downwards while holding the beard with your two fingers. It is advisable to use a straightener only if your beard doesn’t straighten with a blow-dryer and comb.

It is advisable not to use straighteners regularly as constant exposure to heat can reduce the shine, lustre and can damage the beard.

If the beard is straightened the right way with a moderate amount of heat this method is the fastest way to straighten the beard. The reason for this is the hair strands contain a protein called keratin.

When this protein namely keratin is applied to heat, the hydrogen bonds within the chemical ingredients of the protein are broken. This makes the hair more manipulative and easy to shape.

Using an iron or straightener can straighten your beard quickly however, it’s not the ideal way to do it. 

Some Tips To Take Care Of Your Beard.

Always try to trim or maintain your uppercut. If your upper-cut is not maintained, the beard looks wild and unhygienic. Deciding the uppercut of the beard can be tricky. It solely depends on your jawline and face structure. Most importantly the beard style you like.

Trim the hair below your neckline and not your jawline. Most men make this mistake of shaving up to their jawline.

Beard oil is a must since they keep your beard hair hydrated and nourished. Beard oil keeps your beard from getting split ends. They contain vitamins which are good for your skin as well. 

They come with good fragrances. Make sure your beard contains a blend of essential oils such as bergamot cedarwood cinnamon eucalyptus and so on.

Wooden combs are preferable to use for your beard. Avoid using a plastic comb as the teeth of the comb is sharp which can cause beard hair fall, itchiness and irritation to the skin.

Use scissors to trim the excess hair which spoils the shape of the beard you desire.

While using a blow dryer for straightening your beard, never hold the blow dryer in one position as the heat will damage the beard. 

While washing your beard make sure you wash it properly. Don’t try to cut corners here. Beard hair is close to your skin and not washing it properly will lead to dirt on your beard will lead to pimples and acne.

The best practice is to rinse it with water. Beard shampoos can be used once a day.


These were the steps on how to straighten beard the right way. While straightening your curly beard make sure to take care of your beard as well. Beard preferences depend from person to person.

Some people like it clean and tidy while some prefer it nasty and untamed.

While maintaining and managing your beard try to look out for natural products and be careful while using chemicals.

Straightening your curly beard hair every day can be time-consuming. However before you run to straightening or get rid of the curls, first let the beard grow to its full potential. If it still doesn’t appeal to you, that’s when you can decide to straighten it.

If you want the beard to retain its shape throughout the day, apply a small amount of wax on your beard. This way your beard will retain its shape throughout the day.

If I have missed out certain anything on how to straighten beard then do let me know in the comment section.

It is ideal to stick to a daily routine to see long term results.

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