Dusted Stinky Sweaty Smelly was the state of my baseball cap. It reached a point where I couldn’t just avoid the stink and just wear it like the previous times. So how to clean a baseball cap.

Well, I did wash my baseball cap and once I began cleaning it regularly I realised it can be really easy if you do it right.

Now the cap I was cleaning was one of my favourites and I was afraid of using detergents or bleach that would spoil the colour or damage the cap.

The cap had travelled with me all the way from music fests to early morning hikes and midnight snack hunts.

I will share the two ways on how to clean a baseball cap or how to wash a hat quickly. Depending upon your how dirty your cap is, accordingly, you can select what would fit your requirements best.

Quick 5 Minute Wash – How To Clean A Baseball Cap Quickly

If your cap is just filled with sweat and stinks you can use this method. First, get the cap filled with water and gently remove any sweat stains.

Once the cap looks a bit clean, remove the cap and place it in water filled with a teaspoon of Oxiclean. Let it stay there for 5-10 mins. After this get the cap out and rinse it with water.

Congrats, you have just cleaned your baseball cap.

All you have to do now is let it dry. While drying it keep it under a bottle or container so that the shape of the cap does not get affected.

Once it dries you can use it and you are good to go. Avoid using bleach as it could affect the colour of the cap. Although the caps manufactured are much durable than the olden days. 

However, if your cap gets heavily stained and greased don’t worry, the next method will knock off all the greases off for you.

Complete Wash – Deep Cleaning Of Your Baseball Cap Or Hat

How To Wash A Baseball Cap

In this method to wash your cap or hat, all you will need is a toothbrush, OxiClean and dishwasher soap. If your cap is white then you can use a bit of bleach. 

Take a toothbrush and slowly rub the stains of grease and dirt of the cap with dishwasher soap. While doing so be careful near the stitching of the cap and the logo.

Brushing the cap roughly can damage the fibres of the cap, hence be gentle while doing so.

Once you complete this step, dip the cap in water and see if the stains are visible.

If the stains are still there, repeat the process.

This can take time so you will have to be patient and gentle to avoid any damage to the cap.

Now that you have completed this you can soak the cap in Oxiclean which will remove the remaining stains and stink of the cap.

White Cap/Hat

If you have a white cap and the marks and stains are still visible, you can try using bleach.

Just make sure that you use bleach in small amounts so that the colour remains intact.

These were the 2 ways on how to clean a baseball cap. Nonetheless, these were for cotton blend caps.

Although if you have a woollen cap you will have to be more careful while washing the cap as they are delicate.

Majority of the times the 5-minute quick wash should be enough unless you have some insane amounts of physical activity.

If I missed out on any tips that you would like to add, make sure to add a comment and let me know.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to wash a baseball cap.

You will never have to go out with a stinky cap again unless you’re lazy which sometimes I am as well.

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