Got your fashion style updated but something’s missing? Socks! Colorful socks to elevate your style. This must-have kept you wondering how to wear colorful socks.

Look no further gentlemen after reading this post, your doubts on how to wear colorful socks will evaporate. 

The trend of wearing colorful socks began recently and soon this trend caught traction. Bored with regular clothes and sneakers then these colorful socks will add some life to those outfits. There is no disagreeing that colorful socks do garner attention. 

If done the right way your outfit goes a notch up just by changing your socks. The patterns and designs available for colorful socks make it convenient to wear it for office wear as well. Just choosing the right pattern would be important here.

In ancient times socks were worn to protect themselves from dust dirt and sand. In medieval times socks were a luxury worn by kings and rich men of the town. However, in modern days socks have become a fashion accessory. 


A study conducted at Harvard University states that people who wear colorful socks tend to be more successful. It was named the Red Sneakers Effect. By now this must have caught you wondering  Why ? the same thought crossed my mind as well

The study states the correlation between non-conformity and success. This indicated that the person exuberated high self-esteem and high status. Although the study seems controversial, wearing colorful socks are not worn by the average man.

It indicates some amount of fashion intelligence and color co-ordination understanding. Although this a subtle fashion accessory however when paired with the right outfit places you in the spotlight.

It’s a subtle way to express yourself and the most neglected accessory.

Before we look at how to wear colorful socks, let’s look at the don’ts while wearing colorful socks.

Things to avoid while wearing colorful socks

Avoid wearing colorful socks that have superheroes, flashy logos on them. 

Stay away from colorful socks that do not coordinate with the color of your trousers.

You want to make sure that the trousers are not too long covering your colorful socks. Similarly neither too short, showing off too much of it. Keep it subtle to show enough but don’t go overboard with it.

Avoid wearing colorful socks informal environments, as people would not take you seriously. If you plan to wear, either way, go for subtle patterns such as stripes polka dots. Remember nothing flashy.

Avoid bright colors unless you’ve worn the same color outfit. 

If you find the sock colors clashing with your outfit it is advisable to avoid those colorful socks or pick a color that suits it.

Now that we know what to avoid, let’s look at how to wear colorful socks.

How to wear colorful socks for casual wear

I must say, that when it comes to casual wear you are free to experiment and try what you like. The only thing you should keep in mind while doing so is that the color should coordinate with your trousers.

As long as the color does not clash with your outfit, you’re good-to-go.

One thing to keep in mind, whenever you’re in doubt it’s best to go with classics or colors that match your trousers. 

Colorful socks go really well with sneakers. It highlights your sneakers as well.

Avoid wearing low colored socks on formal attire. This will ruin the outfit overall.

While wearing colorful socks ensure that your ankles are covered or it just makes it look like you don’t know how to buy the right sock size.

It’s advisable to pick sock colors that you have worn on your outfit.  While choosing the sock, it is advisable to look at the upper outfit contrast. If your outfit has low contrast it is advisable to opt for colorful socks with low contrast. 

How to wear colorful socks for formal wear

how to wear colorful socks

While wearing colorful socks during formal environments the scope for experimenting is less. The best bets here are stripes and polka dots. In general, stay away from high contrasting socks. Contrast basically means too much mix and match of colors on your socks.

The trick here is to stay low-key. Highlighting the sock can go for stylish to casual which is something you should avoid at formal surroundings. 

Here it is advisable to show the socks as minimum as possible. Formal environments are considered events where you want to fit and respect the purpose of the event. Not particularly to express your individual style and expression.

There is a fine line between style and tacky. Here you don’t want to come across as tacky.

In certain formal environments, people are asked to remove their shoes. If you have to remove your shoes then wearing colorful socks is a good idea. In countries like Japan, people remove their shoes before meals and sometimes even drinks.

Some Handy tips for wearing colorful socks

how to wear colorful socks

If you are not sure about the whole colorful socks concept you can start off with socks like Argyle which have been worn by men for quite some time. The pattern is somewhat like the shape of lozenges and diamonds.

Paisley patterns are traditional patterns which are also your safe bet as long as you stick with equal width simple stripes. 

You can start off with these and wear them on your outfits by matching colors. As you continue doing it, you will get a hang of mixing and matching them well. It comes with practice and some basic color mixing knowledge.

This way you will ensure that the colorful socks don’t appear all over the place. Preferably keep the contrast between your trousers and socks the same.

A simple way to build your colorful sock collections is to buy the colors that you regularly wear. Once you have done that, look at outfit ideas on the internet and model the same type of clothing. 

Colorful socks are meant to add fun and expression to your outfit. So cut yourself some slack and go experiment with these colorful socks.

Final Thoughts

These were the various ways to wear colorful socks. Although once you have mastered these principles feel free to bend them and step out of it, finding your unique expression.

Let me know your views on colorful socks in the comment section.

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