I was on my way to the office. When I enter the lift my eyes go over this sleek minimalist watch, this guy was wearing. I was not very fond of watches.

However, after looking at his minimalistic type of watch, I decided to get one for me.

The next day I did some research on minimalistic types of watches as the subtle beauty of these watches caught my attention.


The beauty of minimalism is controlling what you keep. Getting rid of the extras and using only what you need allows you to appreciate it more.

The key here is moderation.

After trying multiple watches I finally compiled a list of the top 7 minimalistic watches that you should consider before shopping for a minimalistic watch.

Daniel Wellington Petite Ashfield.

This brand is known for the minimalist watches they produce. All their watches have a basic yet subtle appearance to it. Although this is a minimalistic watch, however, the looks of it do the talking.

Apart from that, this watch contains a simple black strap which can be worn on any outfit.

This watch could be your go-to when you are unsure whether the watch would match the clothes you’re wearing.

The leather of the watch is soft against the skin. The watch has a refined premium look to it.

Timex Unisex.

Minimalist Watch

I have to confess I am blown away by the looks of this watch. It has a thin tan leather strap with premium leather quality.

The watch looks more expensive than it costs. The dial of the watch is blue which complements the strap well.

The advantage of owning this watch is that it can be worn on formal as well as casual wear. 

This watch is a timepiece. The straps of the watch can be customized. 

Apple Watch Series 5.

Minimalist Watch

The Apple Watch is known for its premium build quality and finesse. This watch can be worn on any outfit. This watch can replace your phone as it is a smartwatch.

With this watch you can make calls, text and go swimming as well.

The strap of the watch can be changed. There are different types of straps. The watch is waterproof so you can wear this comfortable in the shower as well.

This watch can get scratched easily, hence it is advisable to use a cover for the dial.

Although this watch is expensive it does offer many features as well. This smartwatch can help you monitor your fitness levels as well.

Moreover, the dial of the watch can be customized which provide you with a different dial every day.

Fossil Men’s Minimalist Watch.

Minimalist Watch

This watch can is a three-hand analogue display with Japanese quartz movement. The watch comes with a complementing brown leather bracelet. It has a stainless steel case.

Fossil watches are known in particular for their superior build quality.

The watch can be worn on formal as well as casual wear. The leather strap is a made of premium leather and has a nice stitch to it.

The watch and the band when worn together, elevate the appearance of the watch. It also provides you with an additional accessory as well.

Fizili’s Minimalist Watch

Minimalist Watch

This watch comes at an affordable price. The watch has a nice black sleek finish to it and the appearance of the watch is minimalist providing a rich look.

In addition, this watch does not look like a $20 watch. The stainless steel watch has an elegant shine to it. 

The packaging of the watch is good to avoid any damage. It has a nice black finish on the straps and the dial.

This watch can be worn on any outfit because of its solid colour.

However, it can get difficult to read the time at night because of its dark colours.

The watch will garner attention.

Michael Kors Minimalist Watch.

This watch is a premium watch. The watch is made of Japanese-quartz movement. The quality of the dial is better than that of the watch.

This is because the dial is made in Japan and the bands in China. 

The watch comes at a premium due to its build quality. The watch can seem big on the hands at the start. It has a premium gold finish to it. This watch is ideal for parties and events.

Once you wear them regularly you will get used to it. The watch comes with a 2-year warranty.  

The black on black goes well with all outfits. If you don’t mind spending a few more dollars then this is the watch for you.

Burei Classic Minimalist Watch.

Burei is, particularly famous for its quality watches. The watch is aesthetically sharp and on a timepiece. The leather quality of the watch bands is premium.

In spite of the price, this watch is worth the price it comes for.

This has a simple yet sophisticated look to it. The watch fits well and has a nice dial.

Furthermore, this watch is water-resistant up to 30 metres. Its an automatic watch. The watch self winds with the movement of your wrist.

The watch comes with a 12-month guarantee which makes it a steal for its price point.

Triwa Nevil Minimalist Watch.

This a premium watch. The watch is water and scratch-resistant. Its an ideal watch for work and play. The watch has a rich look to it.

The dial of the watch has more detail than that of a regular watch.

On the contrary, it includes superior craftsmanship and build-quality. This watch comes in 4 different colours. The watch has a stainless steel metallic colour to it.

On one side this watch is on the higher price side. Nonetheless, it has a classy and royal look to it.


These were the top 7 minimalist watches for men. If you are used to wearing flashy or digital watches, it may take some time to get used to a minimalist watch.

However, once you are used to it, you will get used to wearing them.

By removing the extras and keeping it as simple as possible, these watches are trending.

Minimalist watches are much easier to pair to your clothes because of the solid or plain colours they come with. They are ideal for formal wear because of the type of designs they come with.

In addition, these watches can equally look good on casual wear as well.

Most of these watches come with interchangeable straps enabling you to use a strap or band depending upon the occasion.

I have compiled this list considering the price features and design. If I have missed out on any of your favourites, let me know in the comment section. 

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