Back in the days if you would ask me for the most comfortable sneakers for men, I’d probably name some Nike or Adidas sneakers. Today ? Nah its not the same case. With the sneakers releasing every month from different brands it would be really difficult to rate sneakers as the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Sneaker companies engineer sneakers with refined designs and technology. From heel to forefoot support, they have all the comfort parameters checked. With all these companies creating top notch sneakers, it becomes extremely difficult to grade sneakers which can be labelled as most comfortable sneakers for men.

15 Nike WMNS Daybreak Undercover – most comfortable sneakers for men


These Nike sneakers are an undercover collaboration which have been recently re-lauched. These sneakers were introduced initially in 1979 which was designed for running during that time.

These sneakers have thick suede material on them which makes it appear premium. The sneakers are built with premium materials. The size of these sneakers are true to size and they provide a snug fit which is comfortable.

The Undercover Nike day breaks is a high profile collaboration between the famous Japanese label and Nike.

Juan takahashi, the Undercover designer has introduced these lightweight nylon- based running sneakers with a futuristic style. The sneakers do have a forward thinking re-interpretation.

The red bold nylon base university is a welcome addition to the predominantly subtle colours collection. The heel of these sneakers have an eye catchy university Red Tpu heel clip which is designed with white speckles to provide comfort while you walk or run.

The light grey suede encaps the eyelets and the toe with a black leather or Swoosh hit on the mid panel of these sneakers.

These sneakers are comfortable and provide a nice cushioning effect due to the Tpu clip present on the heel. These sneakers have a more narrow fit which makes it a snug type fit.

The sneakers are available in multiple colourways and these sneakers can be priced at a premium. However since the sneakers are not hyped as the others you may be able to get these sneakers at an affordable price during discounts or on retail.

However in terms of comfort these sneakers do justice hence they make it to the list for the most comfortable sneakers for men in 2020.

14 Under Armour HOVR Phantom – most comfortable under armour shoes


These sneakers do have a lot of thought and design that has gone into making this sneaker.

These sneakers include the Hovr technology which is encased in two layers. The first layer is Eva lightweight which encases the entire Hovr tech. The second layer is the energy foam that is added to keep the hovr material intact.

What these layers do is they keep the foam in place to maintain stability while providing superior comfort.

The HOVR technology offers low gravity feel which helps in maintaining energy and also helps in eliminating any impact caused with every step taken.

The soft knit upper provides a good fit and is breathable which avoids any chance of sweating in the sneakers.

There is a 3d mid folded panel added with laser perforations to increase the breathability of the sneakers.

Incase you do not prefer snug fit it would advisable to opt for half an inch higher to ensure a good fit. The unique knobber rubber outsole technology is designed to provide superior traction and durability.

The speed form 2.0 sockliner is added to provide extra comfort and support to your feet.

These sneakers are designed for performance which make these sneakers ideal for walking, running or jogging. However these sneakers are comfortable and therefore it makes it to the list for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

13 New Balance 990 V5 – most comfortable mens shoes for walking


These sneakers are super comfortable although they have a simplistic look to them.

These sneakers include ENCAP midsole technology which is designed to offer comfort support and maximum durability.

The upper combines premium material of mesh and suede which are visible while wearing them. These sneakers are wide foot designed, which make them ideal for users who prefer wide foot sneakers.

Since the sneakers are heavily geared towards comfort and durability these sneakers are not as visually appealing compared to the other sneakers mentioned in this post.

With regard to comfort and lifestyle these sneakers are optimal for everyday wear.

The sneakers have a softer heel part in comparison to its previous generation. The sneakers can be a bit tight due to which it would be advisable to go half a size high in case you have wide feet.

The company claims to focus mainly on stability cushioning and flexibility for this sneaker which they have managed to accomplish for these sneakers. These sneakers include dual density foam collar which helps increase the overall comfort of the sneaker.

The upper of the sneakers are highly breathable with a thin mesh making it ideal for regular wear.

The sneakers are priced a bit high. However if you are a New balance fan then this may just be the ideal sneaker for you.

Overall in terms of comfort this sneaker does make it to the list for most comfortable sneakers for men.

12 Adidas Originals Men’s Nite Jogger – most comfortable men’s casual shoes


I must say that these sneakers look amazing on daily wear. If I want comfort while still looking sharp then I would probably opt for these sneakers.

These sneakers include a “Boost” midsole which makes them comfortable without compromising on the stability of the sneakers. The sneakers have reflective elements to it which make it appear stylish.

The sneakers are easily available compared to the other sneakers mentioned in this post. These sneakers fit true to fit size. These sneakers are perfect for your daily wear providing comfort and stability throughout the day.

The sneakers are decently priced and can be available for cheap under retail.

The sneakers are the most searched Adidas sneakers on the internet recently. The sneakers are a bang for your buck. The design of the sneakers are trending with what people look for in lifestyle sneakers.

The 3m reflective hits provides that extra bounce and response while you wear them.

The sneakers include tpu plugs at the back and sides provide the boost more stability while providing ultimate comfort and stability while wearing these.

If you need a sneaker that looks more streetwear and still provides comfort, then these sneakers are ideal for you.

The sneakers are highly versatile which make them easily pairable with your outfits.

The sneakers are a great casual lifestyle sneaker and are available in multiple attractive colourways.

You can get these sneakers for dirt cheap on retail, especially during discounts.

11 Nike React Presto – most comfortable slip on shoes mens


The comfort of these sneakers are worth mentioning. The sneakers fit true to size. These sneakers

The mesh used in the sneakers is thin which is optimal for better breathability, reducing any sweating.

The outsole of the sneakers has small pods and rubber that preserve the durability of these sneakers, which increases the overall lifespan of the sneakers.The sneakers are lightweight and provide a nice bounce to them.

Although these sneakers are ideal for daily wear, these sneakers are not ideal for lifting weights or training.

The sneakers include the Nike react technology which is known for providing superior comfort which Nike uses in all its premium sneakers which are geared towards performance and comfort.

It comes with a stretchy upper mesh that provides a relaxed feel while you wear these sneakers.

The sneakers are easy to slip in and out of due to the stretchy sleeve that makes it easy to do so.

There is a Tpu cage that is included near the heel cup of the sneakers which provide a durable, bouncier and flexible foam which is designed to increase the overall comfort of the sneakers.

The sneakers are not versatile however in terms of comfort they do make it to the list for the most comfortable sneakers for men. The sneakers are available in different colourways and if you buy them from the official website,

Nike allows you to customise the sneakers as per your preference which is worth mentioning, although they charge you a premium for it.

10 Nike Cruzrone – most comfortable men’s casual shoes


This is one of those sneakers you must have not heard of but these sneakers are highly underrated for the comfort they offer.

The sneakers have immense “React” which provide soft cushioning and a bouncy feel while you take every step. The sneakers are designed for casual wear and are geared more towards comfort.

Since the sneakers are geared towards comfort, the sneakers lack stability which don’t make them optimal for lifting weights or running.

In case you need a comfortable sneaker for daily wear and walking, then these sneakers won’t disappoint you with their cushioning soft effect they provide with every step you take.

While designing this sneaker, they kept in mind people who are not particular runners but who have low physical activities, probably someone who likes brisk walking or jogging. The sneakers help you cruze through the day, hence the name cruze.

The midsole react is pretty thick.

The midsole is the first thing that would catch your eye granted the amount of react that has been introduced in these sneakers.

Although they are not necessarily light, you can feel all the React inserted in it.

The sneakers provide a snug fit and in case you prefer the fit a bit loose then it would preferable to go half an inch higher.

It is recommended to tie the laces a bit tight to ensure your feet are stable while wearing them.

The stacked nike react foam present in the heel provides that extra soft bounce and cushion while you walk or stride in them.

The sneakers are available in various colourways and can be available at a decent price during discount or sales.

9 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 – most comfortable men’s business casual shoes


These sneakers have generated much heat among sneaker fans. It’s one of the most popular sneakers available in 2020. The sneakers have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The sneakers provide a hotel slipper comfort while wearing them.The sneakers are overpriced due to the branding and hype however the sneakers are comfortable.

The upper includes a rough primeknit which is breathable allowing air circulation. The sneakers include the insoles which have “boost” in them as well. The

Most of the people who bought these sneakers are impressed with the plush materials and quality used in the making of these sneakers. The Boost outsole on this version is softer in comparison to its previous counterparts.

The sneakers are highly known for the comfort they provide. The bounce and cushioning material absorbs any impact caused during walking or running.

The sneakers are durable compared to its previous 350 version. What makes these sneakers stand out is that they can be easily paired with most outfits due to the colourways they are available in.

These sneakers can be difficult to find on retail due to the limited availability however these sneakers can be found at retail for lower price.

The sneakers provide a snug fit hence it would be advisable to buy half an inch higher for a relaxed fit.

The sneakers can be easy to slip into and it’s easy to take off the sneakers from your feet as well.

If you have the budget then this sneaker can be worth considering, however the sneakers are priced at a premium because of the hype.

8 Nike Men’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 – most comfortable men’s running shoes


The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo just can’t be avoided when we discuss the most comfortable sneakers for men. These sneakers are the updated versions and are available with a feather light upper.

The innovative foam that is included in these sneakers bring tremendous responsiveness while running long distances or training.

The synthetic upper is light and it has a lofted mesh. The translucent material makes the sneakers breathable which is ideal while running or walking to avoid any sweating.

The rubber outsole present in the sneakers absorb any impact caused while walking or running. It also provides multi surface traction and an improved grip while running.

The ultralight Nike Zoomx midsole does deliver the best bounce and response while running in these sneakers.

The heel collar has been designed to taper away from the foot to provide comfort around
your Achilles tendon to reduce any injury or pressure on it.

These sneakers have a minimal look and provide maximum comfort to the feet. These sneakers can be slipped on easily which make it easier to wear them. The sneakers do include the react and zoomx foam which create an impressive cushion to them.

The sneakers are lightweight and the react material in the midfoot of the sneakers. The inside of the sneakers have less padding compared to its predecessor.

The sneakers do come at a premium and available in many colorways making them one of the most comfortable sneakers for men. Although these sneakers are marketed as running shoes, these sneakers are however comfortable as well.

However avoid wearing these sneakers to the gym due to the comfort it provides the stability it provides is comparatively less.

7 New Balance 997h – most comfortable mens shoes for walking


Honestly, if I was on a budget but I still wanted to buy one of the most comfortable sneakers for men in 2020 then it would be these new balance 997h. These sneakers are highly underrated and under priced for what they offer.

The sneakers have been praised for its affordable pricing. These are one of the most iconic and one of the most famous sneakers of New Balance.

Inspired by the 90s these new balance sneakers are classics with the elements that have been taken from the 90s. The 90s are often known as the golden area for sneaker, these sneakers do offer some heat from the 90s with classy and elegant appearance.

The soft interior cushioning of the shoes provide added underfoot comfort and essential support. Varied materials on the upper create a stylish mix of textures and tones that gives these retro sneakers a flexible and comfortable feel.

The soles of these lifestyle sneakers are engineered from a mix of rubber and imeva which boasts about its impressive flexibility and strength without weighing your feet down.

The sneakers come with a traction pattern that are designed to keep your feet on the ground providing a better grip overall.

The comfortable and breathable mesh underlays through the upper of the sneakers.

These sneakers are engineered to provide air circulation so that you can wear these sneakers from morning to night without any sweating.

The sneakers are designed with 90s silhouettes which are combined with modern day comfort elements.

The multiple underlays and overlays add depth to the sneakers. Overall these sneakers can be your go-to sneakers for daily wear due to its attractive appearance and design., thus making it to number 5 on the list for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

These sneakers are available multiple colourways and retro style color blocks which make these sneakers popular and in demand in 2020.

Overall it’s worth every penny invested.

6 Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Mist – most comfortable mens shoes for parties


There are two versions in this pair reflective and non reflective. However the reflective ones are the sneakers we are mentioning here. These sneakers are priced at a premium and could cost a dent in your pockets depending upon the availability.

By far they are the most comfortable yeezy sneakers dropped till date. The sneakers are available in dark colours which don’t get dirty quickly.

These sneakers contain different shades of grey and beige on it.

These sneakers come with insane amounts of cushioning providing support to every step you take.

These sneakers include “Boost” in the midsole to provide comfort and bounce during walking or running. These sneakers are designed for everyday wear or are lifestyle sneakers which provide comfort and support for your daily walks.

By far the only con I have faced while wearing this sneakers is that it can be a bit difficult to put the sneakers on. Hence it would be advisable to buy half an inch higher since they would fit better.

The boost in these sneakers are more compared to any yeezys and the heel sweeps up which makes it comfortable while walking.

These sneakers come with a semi translucent outsole which provide a better grip and traction.

The only difference between the reflective and the non reflective colourways are the upper reflective uppers. These sneakers can be difficult to buy due to their limited availability, however comfort wise they do make it to number 4 on the most comfortable sneakers for men in 2020.

5 Nike Air Force 1 React – most comfortable men’s casual shoes


This shoe is basically a mixture of nikes two best selling shoes. What Nike has done here is combined The Air Force 1 appearance and the Nike React performance technology to engineer a hybrid version.

The Nike React foam provides a lightweight springy and bouncy feel. The padding around the ankle pis designed to render extra support.

An Air-sole unit present in the heel is inserted to provide a lightweight classic cushioning for the heel.

The sneakers are made of synthetic and real leather to increase the lifespan of the sneakers.

The mesh on the sides provides breathability to avoid any sweating and stretch for comfort.

The Nike Air Force 1 React comes with the original bouncy and extra soft cushioning. The Nike React foam is included with an Air Sole unit for a unique experience while wearing these sneakers.

These sneakers have the classic sneaker appearance while providing next level comfort as well making them number 3 for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

The outsole of the shoes come with the react pattern to provide better traction and grip while walking or running.

The insoles of the shoe come with thick react insoles that is the major reason for the comfort and cushioning effect which is actively felt around the heel of the sneakers.

While buying these sneakers it is ideal to go a half size down to avoid your heel slipping from the shoes.These sneakers are available in different colourways and priced at an affordable rate making them one of the most wanted comfortable sneakers in 2020.

4 Nike Epic React Flynit 2 – most comfortable mens trainers


These Nike sneakers are designed as lifestyle sneakers while providing comfort to every step you take in them.

The appearance and comfort of these sneakers have made these sneakers one of the best sneakers launched till date.

The Nike react technology that the sneaker comes with offers an extremely comfortable feel while wearing them,

The heel is molded to ensure that your feet remain stable and feels secure in them. The Bootie design of the sneakers makes them easy to take on and take off.

The contoured collar is made low cut below your ankle to provide a more snug type of comfortable fit to it.

The traction pattern on these sneakers include rubber on the heel and the forefoot to increase the traction and durability while you wear these sneakers. Since the upper of the sneakers are more stretchy the sneakers provide more breathability which avoids sweating.

These sneakers can be worn for running or jogging as well due to the soft cushion and react material that makes it insanely comfortable while running in them.

These sneakers are versatile since they can be used for running and daily wear due to the appealing looks of it.
These sneakers can be available for as low as $80 on retail in case you are patient and know where to buy them from.

The sneakers are available in some attractive colourways and the sneakers are true to size.

In case you prefer sneakers a bit loose, you can go half an inch high.

3 Nike Element React 87 – most supportive mens sneakers


These sneakers have been Nikes recent launch. These sneakers do have the React Technology in them. The sneakers are stylish and designed more towards a lifestyle sneaker.

The sneakers have an amazing cushioning experience overall. These by far could be the one of the best sneakers launched by Nike. The React technology is well felt overall on the sneakers.

The sneakers do fit true to size and provide a comfortable fit unlike the narrow fit most sneakers provide.

It is advisable to buy a snug fit with these sneakers as these sneakers attract creases pretty quick if the sneakers are big.

The outsoles of the sneakers are durable which provides better grip while walking or running. The upper mesh of the sneakers is highly breathable which avoids causing sweat while wearing these.

The insole of the sneakers are perforated all the way which is only included in these sneakers.

These sneakers include a Tpu heel counter on the heel of the sneakers which makes these sneakers extremely comfortable.

The Midsole of the sneakers feel softer than the other React sneakers launched by Nike.

In terms of the aesthetics of the sneakers and the comfort these sneakers provide they definitely are one of the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Since the upper of the sneakers is transparent, hence if styled with the right socks these sneakers will stand out.

Due to the appearance and comfort these sneakers can be hard to find since they have been selling out.

2 Adidas Ultraboost 20 – best comfortable mens shoes


If you know a thing or two about sneakers you would be expecting these ultra boost to make it the list for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Why ?

Well, to start off with, these shoes come with a 20% added boost compared to their previous version. These shoes by far are the most comfortable sneakers for men available. The prime knit upper is soft and stretchy which gives your feet a good fit.

It comes with taylor fiber protection around the edges of the toes which provides stability and comfort around those areas.

The traction that these shoes provide is impressive. The shoes come with a true to size and snug fit. The cushioning and the responsive the shoes provide are worth mentioning.

The tongue of the shoe is attached which provides a better fit and stability while wearing the shoes. It comes with an upper breathable mesh which provides air circulation while running, walking or performing any exercise.

The shoes are heavy duty and durable. The stretchable mesh and stability of the shoe provide good grip and support while running short or long miles in these shoes.

Although the shoes are highly comfortable without compromising on the stability of the shoe which makes it highly impressive.The upper Primeknit wraps the foot providing a supportive fit which enhances mobility.

The shoes are a bit heavy and premiumly priced, however in terms of comfort these shoes can be considered as the most comfortable sneakers for men. These shoes can be worn as regular lifestyle sneakers as well.

1 Nike React Infinity – most comfortable shoes for standing all day mens


These Nike React makes it to the number 1 for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

It comes with a Flyknit loft technology which is much more durable and stronger than its previous counterparts. The shoe comes with three distinctive layers to provide a better fit.

The cushioning technology used here is the nike react which feels highly responsive and soft. The “React” in the midsole is by far the most in these shoes with comparison to its previous versions. The sneakers come with improved traction which make it ideal for walking or running in these sneakers.

The shoes provide comfort but provide stability at the same time which prevent any injury that could happen due to lack of stability.

These sneakers fit true to size and the nike react material used in these sneakers is highly soft and comfortable. These sneakers are designed for everyday wear and training however the sneakers do get dirty easily.

The heel cup is designed to support your heel with a higher response and bounce while walking or running.

The shape of this Nike React foam midsole is geared to offering zonal performance, rendering support for the 3 phases every runner’s stride that is a smooth ride at mid-stance, cushioning at contact and flexibility at toes off.

The sneakers provide a snug and designed to provide maximum performance overall. The shoes are decently priced for the features they have to offer.

Apart from that, these shoes are available in four colours and are ideal as lifestyle sneakers making them the most comfortable sneakers for men till date in 2020.

Factors considered while reviewing these sneakers

Most comfortable sneakers for men we have listed are based on these four factors to rate the comfort of these sneakers. Breathability, Cushioning Technology, Stability and Support and Light weight.. Let’s look at each of them in detail and why these factors are important.



Breathability is vital by buying sneakers as they ensure proper air circulation in the sneakers.

This avoids any sweating while wearing sneakers for extended periods of time.

This makes wearing sneakers comfortable throughout the day without any sweat on your feet.

In case the sneakers dont have breathability it could lead to infection blisters and allergies. It is vital that the sneakers should have good air circulation.

To ensure your sneakers have good breathability, simply look at the upper mesh and you would be able to tell if a sneaker is breathable or not.

Apart from that sneakers that are not breathable could lead to sweat stains or bad odour. This could ruin your hygiene and your feet would start smelling every time you wear them.

Hence this was one factor that was kept in mind while considering the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Cushioning Technology


Sneakers have evolved over the years and so have the technology that is included in them.

With the recent innovations and technologies these years, most of the sneaker companies have launched some of the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Sneaker companies have designed and engineered sneakers according to the needs and activities. These sneakers are available in different cushioning and performance technologies.

Hence, while looking at the most comfortable sneakers for men, we decided to look for sneakers that have an edge to their cushioning Technology.

We have specifically looked for sneakers that have new and refined technology that is geared towards providing comfort for the everyday man to wear these sneakers.

With the cushioning technology that we have reviewed, we must say that we have seen sneakers with some of the most advanced cushioning technology.

As a general rule of thumb look while looking for comfort in sneakers, opt for sneakers that have Tpu clips or Tpu heel counters are added in most of the premium sneakers which provide added comfort while ensuring support at the same time.

Apart from that it increases the lifespan of the sneaker as well.

Stability and Support


While we look for most comfortable sneakers for men why would we consider stability right ?

Well this is the most common question people have. In general sneakers which are designed towards providing comfort, fail at providing stability and support.

Although the soft mushy cushioning effect is comfortable but if the sneakers dont have stability, the person wearing the sneakers has high chances of falling or injuring the ankle or feet due to mis balance.

While comfort is what we all want, we don’t want people getting injured. Hence while looking for comfort, it is also necessary to look for stability.

Generally avoid wearing sneakers that don’t have stability in the gym as they could

What this stability is sneakers do is, those who overpronate the sneakers will fix your form so that you don’t overpronate.

Stability ensures that while your sneakers provide your feet the adequate comfort, they also keep them in place to prevent any injuries or twisting of the ankle. Stability is vital while buying sneakers for training or exercise.

Nevertheless all the sneakers mentioned in this list have stability and provide adequate support to your feet while providing superior comfort.

Light weight


While considering the most comfortable sneakers for men we wanted to make sure that they are comfortable.

This was another important parameter as there are many sneakers that are comfortable however they are bulky and heavy.

Although heavy sneakers can provide comfort however if they are heavy, wearing them on a day to day basis can get difficult.

Lightweight sneakers are highly breathable which makes air circulation which avoids any sweating.

Walking or jogging is much easier in light weight sneakers compared to its counterparts.

It also provides you with adequate support and stability to ensure that your feet remain balanced.

It provides an enhanced grip while walking due to the weight. Lightweight sneakers are plentiful these days. Some companies are known for their light weight sneakers.

However lightweight is essentially not ideal while lifting weights, hence it really comes down to what kind of activity you need the sneakers for.

Final Thoughts

These were the 15 most comfortable sneakers for men. There were many other contenders for this list however when we considered factors such as cushioning technology, stability and support, lightweight and cushioning technology these sneakers were the top rated.

The comfort and cushioning technology used in the sneakers in this list is by far the most advanced technology.

All of the sneakers mentioned in this list are premium sneakers with superior build quality to provide the adequate traction and support for every stride.

The price range of these sneakers depend from brand to brand, however we found the sweetspot to be between $100-$150 for the most comfortable sneakers for men.

Although some sneakers such as Yeezys could be at way higher prices but it all comes down to the hype and brand value.

In case you are solely looking for comfort then the top 3 sneakers mentioned are by far the most comfortable sneakers for men released till date.

It is advisable to buy sneakers on retails as you can get some of these premium sneakers for dirt cheap.

The sneakers mentioned in this list have been personally tried and tested. Apart from that it is based on peoples review and feedback as well.

Let us know which are your most comfortable sneakers for men in the comment section.

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