Congratulations, you have got selected for the job. But before you go, make sure you come tomorrow with a maintained beard. I [...]

Whether you’re a girl or boy, leather shoes are essential to every person’s closet. When you buy leather shoes, [...]

What to wear to a funeral men. My phone beeps and I receive a text from my friend which said “My aunt passed away. The [...]

I was on my way to the office. When I enter the lift my eyes go over this sleek minimalist watch, this guy was wearing. I was [...]

Sir that will be $100. Yes, here’s my card. Sir, the card is damaged. Oh God, here’s $100 cash. My card gets [...]

Growing up as a child, I soon grew fond of shoes. Collecting sneakers soon became an obsession. I used to surf online, [...]

Going to the office every day can be boring at times but that doesn’t need to be the case with shoes.  With the [...]

Moving from weekdays to weekends with the same types of pants. While wearing the pants you are currently wearing, its time to [...]

Get out of the class and kneel down. Put your hands up for the entire class. Learn how to shine your shoes. Yes, that was me [...]

Dusted Stinky Sweaty Smelly was the state of my baseball cap. It reached a point where I couldn’t just avoid the stink and [...]