Tired of the old shoe collection or don’t know where to start. Well, we have all your needs covered. Here I am going to cover some of the 5 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own.

Shoes play an integral part is because for men they are looked down to up. Yes, you heard me right, the shoes get noticed first.

Now if you have a little bit of shoe game on clubbed with the right outfit you will be standing out from rest of the flock.

In olden day’s shoes were used to protect your feet from damage but in 2019 not only do they protect your feet but they can highlight your personality to another level.

So let’s begin with the 5 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2020.

Classic Black Shoes (Shoes Every Man Should Own)

Types Of Shoes

This is a no-brainer. Especially if you are looking for a classic black suit. Apart from the suit, these shoes can be even worn on jeans. I would suggest wearing a good pair of dark washed denim and you’re good to go.

There are different types of them but the classic oxfords are undoubtedly the pairs that will make you my friend stand out.

This shoe will go really well on black grey and navy blue suits. On casual wear, you can opt for dark washed types of denim.

I suggest go for tapered trousers or slim fit jeans with no show socks which highlights it all the more.

The Brogues

Types Of Shoes

Well, this makes it on number 2 on the list for 5 types of shoes every man should own. These pairs started out from the Scottish and Irish shops and soon hit the top list of fashion statement shoes.

The reason for this is very few people actually wear brogues. Brogues will definitely set you apart from the pack. These look really good on formals and casual wear.

When it comes to brogues I would suggest a brown or tan pair as these colours highlight their beauty.

Apart from that, these pairs will go really well on a navy blue suit and black as well. When it comes to casual they go with all kinds of jeans.

However, I would suggest sticking with a slim fit or regular jeans. While doing so, it will ensure that when you walk people can’t help but notice these bad boys you are wearing.


Chelsea boots

3rd on the list for 5 shoes every man should own. I can’t stop but admire how good these boots look.

From a gentleman to the bad boy from the hood, these boots simply don’t go unnoticed.

The hot-selling colours in these pairs are coffee brown, tan and suede. These shoes are semi-formal and look better as casual wear. The only thing to keep in mind while wearing these boots is to avoid wearing baggy pants.

Initially, these shoes were used for soldiers in the war. It was soon adopted as a fashion statement due to the looks that came along with it.



4th on the list of 5 types of shoes every man should own. Well, I can’t just stop speaking about white sneakers. Why ? because they are soo good.

White sneakers have become so adaptable that it’s difficult to ignore them.

From casual beat down jeans to suit and formal wear, these bad boys can adapt to anything.

However, I would suggest to at least keep two of these pairs in your closet. Girls will always compliment you on how good white shoes look.

Pro-tip: Probably one of the best advice I could ever give. When shopping for white shoes I would strongly recommend flat tips for the area encasing your toes. The flatter they are the better they look. If they have a curve upside they look like gym wears.

Boots (Shoes Every Man Should Own)

Shoes Every Man Should Own

5th on the list of 5 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own 2020. Well, these shoes are the epitome of manliness. The army has it, the navy has it bikers have it cowboys have it.

Wondered why? Look around, how many people you think can carry these shoes well. Very few right, but the people who do, well they never fall short of appreciation.

Whether you are a bad boy or a gentleman, these raw pairs will immensely provide you that raw rough untamed manliness which is irresistibly attractive to women.

Apart from all the other benefits, these boots will also make you look tall. This is one fashion statement which never has gone out of trend and will never go

These would be the 5 types of shoes every man should own 2020.

There are many others as well which I personally like as well. However covering all of them would not be possible, due to which I have covered the essential pairs that every man should have in his closet.

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