Moving from weekdays to weekends with the same types of pants. While wearing the pants you are currently wearing, its time to add in a bit of spice to the regular days with different pants.

After all, what is life if its just bland?

With the evolution of fashion, these days there are so many options. Gone are the days when there were just jeans and suit trousers. 


When it comes to pants, most men wear jeans on weekends trousers on weekdays and track pants to the gym.

However, there are many more types of pants you can wear and if paired with the right to wear they would garner you the spotlight every time.

When you walk people will look at you as a person with natural stylish traits. It will leave an impression that you are different. There is something you know that they don’t know.

It will attract the attention of men envying you and women staring at you.

The question that lies here is what are the different types of pants and how to wear them.

There are 7 main types of pants which every man should consider having in his closet. Let’s go over each one of them and how to wear them as well.

Chinos – Types Of Pants

Types Of Pants

Chinos are the modern man’s formal wear trousers. This type of trousers is best for office wear.

If you typically work in an office where everyone shows up in suits and formal wear, this can be the replacement for the boring suit trousers which everyone wears.

The fit that these chinos provide is much comfortable. Chinos offer a certain stretch and comfort while wearing them due to the cotton fabric they are made up of.

Chinos are available from slim fit to regular fit. 

Depending upon the type of trouser you wear, accordingly, you can make the choice.

Cargo – Types Of Pants

Types Of Pants

Cargos are not in trend these days as they were previously. Cargo pants are famous for the six pockets that come along with it. The comfort and pockets it provided was the reason why it sold so much.

These trousers are not seen on the streets frequently due to the trend of trousers moving towards body fit. However, you can still wear as casual wear on boots. 

Cargos can be worn on lose tee shirts as well. 

Nonetheless, there are many companies that are now making these pants much slimmer like narrow fit jeans.

You can wear these narrow fit cargo pants with sneakers as well. Apart from that, you can wear these pants for casual evening outings to go out relax, enjoy and move around comfortably.

These pants are comfortable to wear.

Corduroy Pants – Types Of Pants

Types Of Pants

Corduroy pants were earlier known as fustian. Fustian was named behind the city in which it was first discovered in Egypt. Later the name changed to corduroy. Back in the 80s, this fabric was considered royal. 

These pants had a dull look to them but the fabric quality was different. It was much more durable than regular fabric. 

The strands of yarn are woven and twisted together which makes it clearly visible.

If you’re tired of the regular office wear, these pants would be a symbol of the classic that you can still rock today.

Joggers – Types Of Pants

Earlier if anyone told me you could wear joggers as casual wear, id laugh and say good luck doing that.

However, with the recent evolution of joggers, they can easily replace jeans for a variety of reasons. They offer a comfortable fit due to the cotton fabric. Apart from comfort, they come in a skinny fit and slim fit.

It provides an alternative to wearing jeans. These pants may not be ideal for gym use but if you are a sneakerhead then this is your bible.

Jeans – Types Of Pants

Jeans were initially introduced in Italy in a city named Genoa. The best part of jeans is the flexibility it offers.

From suits to regular wear, jeans can be worn on any outfit. They offer a variety of fit and style. 

I have covered an entire post on the different types of jeans. Apart from this, I have also covered the complete guide to buying jeans.

You can view that post from here.

Suit Trousers

Suit trousers are formal wear which is worn mainly as office wear. These trousers can be worn as casual wear as well. Apart from that, these trousers can be dressed down and up according to the event.

Major go-to colours in suit trousers are black, navy blue, grey and off white.

These trousers go well on loafers and oxfords.

They come in a slim, regular and relaxed fit which sums to the perfect formal wear for men.

These suit trousers are essential to every man’s wardrobe.

High waist Trousers

Types Of Pants

High waist trousers have become recently popular. It is advisable to wear these trousers as formal attires. High waist trousers come with a regular fit. These trousers were in trend in the 70s and 80s.

You can wear these trousers with any formal shoes.

However, these trousers do not suit every body type. They do have a unique and freshness to them which sets you apart from the mainstream guys.

The key to wearing this trouser the right way is to get the fit and the length right. If you have these two areas covered, you’re good to go.

Wearing this can be tricky but once you get a hang of it, you can pull it off with swag.


These were the 7 types of pants you should consider buying. These pants if paired with the right top-wear can set you apart for any event.

Make sure to mix and match these so that you get comfortable wearing all these.

Once you are comfortable wearing each of them, you will then be able to pull off any look. In the start while trying pants you haven’t worn before, there could be some hiccups.

Make sure you go through them which will make you a versatile fashion beast.

Let me know your favourite trouser in the comment section. If you want me to cover a particular topic let me know in the comments. To check our recent posts click here.