What to wear to a funeral men. My phone beeps and I receive a text from my friend which said “My aunt passed away. The funeral is tomorrow at 4 pm” I call my friend and send him my condolences. 

I had to attend the funeral the next day. What should I wear? I had no clue.

I decided to ask my brother and managed to attend that event without looking stupid.

Introduction – what to wear to a funeral men.

Maybe you are in a similar situation too and you’re confused about what to wear. In case you are not comfortable asking anyone what to wear then this post is ideal for you.

In this post, you will know what to wear to a funeral men in 5 minutes.

Black Suit. (What to wear to a funeral men)

What to wear to a funeral men

Generally, in most religion, people mourn by wearing black.

These days funerals do not have a strict dress code so you can experiment a bit however it is advisable to stick to simple clothing.

The point to note here is not to appear classy but to respect and show condolences to the grieving family. 

While attending a funeral it is ideal to wear a black suit with a black tie and black shoes. It is advisable to keep it as simple as possible. Avoid wearing flashy colours.

Other suit colours you can opt for as well are grey and navy blue.

Shirts.(What to wear to a funeral men)

What to wear to a funeral men

You can wear a white or black shirt. As long as you are sticking to dark colours that should be good to go.

Before you plan your clothing make sure to check the faith and the type of clothing people generally for a funeral as dress codes differ between religions.

Before you go to the funeral, make sure you have brushed your teeth and your hair is combed well. If you have a beard, ensure it is trimmed.

In short, just make sure you have all the basic hygiene covered.

Shoes and Tie. (What to wear to a funeral men)

What to wear to a funeral men

Make sure that your shoes are well polished and clean. You can wear oxfords derby and brogue as long as they don’t draw much attention.

When it comes to ties, you can wear a black tie. Apart from that, you can try a navy blue tie as well. 

You should consider wearing a pocket square.

You may need a second handkerchief as well. There will be many people grieving so you can offer you handkerchief to the grieving showing some sympathy to the family and people you know.

It is advisable to avoid casual wear as much as possible. Make sure that the clothes you plan to wear are clean and ironed 

Key Points To Consider.

A crucial point to remember on what to wear to a funeral men is, dressing the right way shows that you care and support the family. The family who has lost someone needs your support, so make sure you don’t fail them.  

Avoid any bright socks or jewellery. It is advisable to keep accessories to a minimum as well.

If you plan to use cologne, it is recommended to stick to a subtle fragrance.

Anything that would be flashy or grab attention should be avoided. If you plan on wearing sunglasses, stick with black colour.

A simple way to note what to wear to a funeral men is to remember the funeral is not about you, you are simply there to support and show respect. 


Well, there is no perfect guide on what to wear to a funeral men. As long as you keep it simple, subtle and clean, it should be fine. 

In such occasions, it is important to take care of your near ones. It is vital to spend time with them than to worry so much as to what to wear to a funeral men. I hope these suggestions help you. Now you know what to wear to a funeral. 

If there’s anything I’ve missed out on, let me know in the comment section.

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