Light wash jeans have recently become an essential to every man’s wardrobe. They portray a rough and worn out look. While owning a light washed jeans knowing what to wear with light wash jeans is vital.

Wondering what to wear with light wash jeans ?

Keep reading and you will know exactly what to wear with light wash jeans.

Light washed jeans symbolize that the jeans have been worn to  number of places. This is because Previously light wash jeans were not available, men simply wore out their jeans with the color of their jeans eventually turning to light wash jeans.

Light wash jeans cannot be avoided since they are go-too while wearing dark textured shirts t shirts or jackets.

The look and texture that light wash jeans provide cannot be avoided. If you know what to wear with light wash jeans, you will be able to complete any outfit or look easily.


What to wear with light wash jeans

Light wash jeans were initially known as acid wash jeans.

These light wash jeans were refereed to as acid wash jeans since they were washed with water and bleach which turned the denims into a lighter colour.

They were worn by motorcyclists and outlaws. These light wash jeans when paired with biker jeans looked amaze-balls. 

Due to the dark texture of biker jackets these light wash jeans were the perfect option for bikers. These light wash jeans created the perfect contrast thereby enhancing the overall look.

When these jeans were introduced due to its adaptability these light wash jeans soon became hot selling denims.

Granted the fact that these jeans were pairable with most outfits was one of the reasons why it became so famous.

Let’s look at what to wear with light wash jeans.

What to wear with light wash jeans

What to wear with light wash jeans

When we talk about wearing light wash jeans there are different ways to do it. However, there are two types of light wash jeans. 

The first one is plain light washed jeans and the other is ripped out washed jeans.

It is advisable to wear ripped light wash jeans only when it’s a casual event as ripped jeans portray an extreme casual look. When it comes to what to wear with light wash jeans choosing the right shirts are key. 

Although most of the shirts will still look great when worn with them, however it is preferable to opt for dark colors.Light wash jeans are available from regular to skinny fit.

Depending on your choice you can buy accordingly.

However, the skinny fit or narrow fit light wash jeans look stunning with dark textured top wear.

Lets look at some outfit ideas and what to wear with light wash jeans.

Outfit Idea – 1

What to wear with light wash jeans

This casual look is an impromptu look wherein you want to dress up but at the same time do it with minimal amount of efforts.

You can create this look by pairing your light wash jeans with a sweatshirt  of any colour that you have.

This outfit is perfect for creating a go-to Autumn/winter look.

You can pair these light washed jeans with any monochromatic sneakers or shoes which will add the perfect edge to your look.

Outfit Idea – 2

This look is the one of the most elegant cocky look.

If you are attending a semi-formal event where you want to look formal but at the same time be fashionable and stand out of the regular stereotype, then you should give this a try. 

It is simple and you can easily carry it by pairing it correctly. It is advisable to pair your jeans with a printed shirt and a solid colored blazer.

You can experiment with a tie or a bow that goes well with the colour tones that you are following for this look.

If your jeans are white (like in this picture) you can go for a duller hue like olives, salmons, gray. This outfit makes you appear vibrant, because your pairing is already doing all the required talking!

Outfit Idea – 3

This is your regular day-to-day look where you want to keep it low-key. 

White looks stunning with any denim jeans. This outfit is ideal for the days you don’t want to do any thinking and comfort is your priority.

All you need to do here is,  pair your white t-shirt with your light washed jeans and you’re good to go.

Needless to say this style is here to stay.

Outfit Idea – 4

Men’s shirts have variety of options such as stripes, checks and prints.

However, in order to stand out of the crowd it is vital to know what colours and prints to choose. Similarly, choosing the correct stripes are important as well.

As a general rule of thumb it is advisable to opt for vertical stripes in order to appear taller and narrower.

Whereas horizontal stripes create a wider illusion which is not as visually appealing. In addition, colours that are earthy and from a warmer colour palette go really well with your lighter washed jeans.

If your jeans colour is darker, then you can opt for a lighter shade.

Outfit Idea – 5

This look speaks for itself and falls under the category of party or concert attires.

You can pair your basic t shirt with a black leather jacket. Black is a colour that can universally be paired with any hues or colours.

If you choose a lighter coloured t shirt then you can experiment with brown or more earthy coloured leather jackets.

Alternatively, white works beautifully as well.  And Of course we have our savior jeans to combine our look up effectively.

Outfit Idea – 6

This look is inspired by our above basic/staple look.

All you have to do is add your printed or camouflaged printed jacket to add that fashionable edge to your look.

It will instantly raise your fashion game effortlessly.

Outfit Idea – 7

What can be better than going all white and monochromatic?

It is effortless and classy. You only need to add your bomber jacket that has the right amount of colour to balance up your whole look and you’ll definitely have all the heads turn !

Although in this outfit can appear flashy if paired the right way it would look flawless.

Outfit Idea – 8

This olive green subtle jacket never falls less of appreciation.

Olive green jackets or shirts compliment light wash jeans well. This jacket with a white or black t shirt with light wash jeans are ideal for casual events.

In this picture the outfit worn is ideal for clubbing or grabbing drinks with your friends at the bar.

Outfit Idea – 9

This look is one of my personal favorites. It is subtle, classy and yet fashionable.

Here again our monochromatic staple basics are involved with a bang long blazer which includes an earthy colour tone. It creates a visually soothing impact.

This look will make you that stylish badboy wherever you go. The unique attribute about this look is that it is agile. This outfit can be considered as semiformal or casual. However, this outfit is ideal for a dinner date or  cofee at your local café.

Wearing this outfit communicates a good understanding of colours and fashion.

Not only will this boost your confidence but keep your style edgy as well.


This was an in depth post on how to wear light wash jeans what to wear with light wash jeans. If I have missed out on anything let me know in the comment section.

Needless to say, light wash jeans are an essential for men’s fashion and these are here to stay.

Let me know your view about this post in the comment section.

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